By Rachel Slavik, WCCO-TV

(WCCO) — The weekend snowstorm forced a lot of people to change their Sunday routines. Some opted to stay inside all day, while others couldn’t wait to get out in the snow.

Hundreds of shoppers braved the snow Sunday morning to run some last-minute errands. Most had no intention of staying outdoors.

“I was hoping that we’d get through the rest of the winter without more snow, but oh well, that’s OK too,” said Bonnie Mihalko, who was running last-minute errands.

Stocked with enough supplies for the next two days, many shoppers said they’ll watch the storm from the comfort of their homes.

“We’re probably going to play indoors. We have board games and stuff ready for today,” said Paul Mathers, who planned to spend Sunday relaxing.

The winter weather gave Minnesotans the perfect excuse to take it easy, or finally address those chores around the house.

“We needed a few things for a little home improvement. We have a clogged drain,” said Linda Leckner, a shopper at Home Depot.

“We’ll sit back and watch some movies today and enjoy staying at home, said Rick Lindemeier, another last-minute shopper.

And then, there are those who wouldn’t even consider spending a snowy day inside.

“It might be our last gasp of winter. It’s really important to go get it while we have it,” said Monique Mckenzie, who enjoys the snowfall.

The recent thaw made for some not-so-great conditions at ski and snowboard hills. When the snow starting falling, people started showing up.

“I would go snowboarding any day like this,” said Bobby James.

Whether you spent the day inside or out, there is one activity that almost everyone will take part in.

“Either way, I know I’ll be doing some shoveling,” said Nick Pierce, who doesn’t own a snowblower.

  1. Dawn says:

    We have at least 8 inches in Edina as of 6pm… Amazed that the news said that MSP had less than 2!

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