By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This week, Gov. Mark Dayton proposed a highest-in-the-nation tax hike on wealthy Minnesotans to balance the budget. It’s a plan Republicans say will make Minnesota ‘the king daddy’ of states.

Neither side is even waiting to vote on it — they took off across the state.

Dayton is defending his tax hikes to balance the budget and republicans are on a blitz of their own slamming the plan.

Dayton and Majority House leader Matt Dean came to the WCCO Sunday Morning Show just before the storm hit the Twin Cities. They both discussed the budget plan.

First, Dayton sat down with Esme Murphy for two segments. He talked about what the snowstorm and added precipitation could mean for flooding across the state.

He also addressed the proposed tax hike on the wealthy saying that, “95 percent of people in Minnesota will pay no higher income taxes and no higher state-imposed property taxes. So people look at the lowest number and they are really trying to hide the fact that this is about taxing people making a half-a-million dollars, $1 million, $5 million or more a year — who the department of revenue analysis shows are paying a smaller percentage of their income. … So I’m just trying to ask for basic tax fairness.”

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Interviews Gov. Mark Dayton (Part 1)

In the second segment Gov. Dayton talked about the union protests in Wisconsin and how they relate to what’s happening in our state and our state’s budget.

“There’s this movement afoot now, in this country, to pit middle-income people against one another — public sector (vs.) private sector,” said Dayton. “But in fact what’s happened is there’s been really a massive shift in wealth and income to the very top, which is one of the reasons I’m asking those who are most fortunate to pay more in taxes to help offset this deficit crisis.”

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Interviews Gov. Mark Dayton (Part 2)

In another segment, House Majority leader, Republican  Rep. Matt Dean spoke to Murphy on behalf of his party. Dean addressed the Governor’s budget proposal and spoke about labor laws in Minnesota.

“We will not need to raise taxes … we will increase our revenues by about a $1.5 billion,” said Dean. “And really we need to reform as well as just work within that additional amount of revenue that the tax payers are providing us.”

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Interviews House Majority Leader Matt Dean

Comments (16)
  1. dawn says:

    i love gov. dayton!!!

    1. John says:

      The fact that Dayton has proposed what would be the highest taxes in the nation should tell you that we are spending FAR too much in the overall budget!

      1. jeff-minneapolis says:

        Some would argue those well off have been paying far to little for far to long, and the states with higher tax rates than MN on the wealthy have seen no adverse effects from it.

  2. reagan says:


    1. jeff-minneapolis says:

      I never really agreed with that line of thought. Let’s say 10% tax on everyone. A guy making $5,000/year would pay $500. A guy making $5,000,000/year would pay $50,000…. that $500 is much more important and needed to the first guy than $50,000 is needed for a guy making $5,000,000.

      A flat tax would hurt the poor more. Progressive tax works we just need to close the loopholes.

      1. jeff-minneapolis says:

        $500,000 not $50,000. Same point.

      2. alan says:

        Taxes are insurance that ensures the government protects your property rights – your stuff. If you are rich, you have more stuff, and you need to pay much more in insurance. That, or you can starve government and wind up as food for the poor when the revolution comes.

  3. franklin says:

    Since the governor want so limit the pain, we should tax family trust funds first. How about 70% tax on the Dayton family trust funds for starters. That wouldn’t impact 99.99% of Minnesotans.

    1. jeff-minneapolis says:

      He acknowledges he would be paying higher taxes under his plan and doesn’t mind.

  4. richter says:

    MN got what they wanted, he fits very nicely in with Frank and Amy another politician when we need leadership, something that politicians are not capable

    1. jeff-minneapolis says:

      He had a clear plan and stated it while campaigning. He introduced a full balanced budget recently.Most importantly it keep property taxes down. . Republicans have not introduced a balanced budget.

      1. An average Mark says:

        Good point! None of this was a secret throughout the whole campaign. And yes, he was voted in, which means the majority wants it. Where is Mark from MN TAX WASTE? I’ve been waiting all evening for a good post!

  5. alan says:

    TALKING IS ALWAYS GOOD. That’s why the Wisc gov plan stinks so badly – the reflublicans want to make it ILLEGAL to TALK ABOUT CERTAIN THINGS.

    When fascism comes to the US, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross – Sinclair Lewis.

    Dude was a gifted prognosticator

  6. Jon says:

    reagan, you may be on to something! Maybe simplifying the tax code for starters,eliminating loop holes would generate a ton of money. And yes cut spending wisely.

  7. r. curtis says:

    Dayton stated he wanted to increase taxes on higher income individuals and families to balance our fairness. He also stated he wanted to cut some programs and scale back others. Out of that statement I got the impression that this would affect everyone regardless of political belief. Understandably so- why not? We’re all in this together. Now the republican representative stated that no tax increases are needed and if we did increase taxes that it would cost jobs and businesses to pull out of the state. A mass exodus would come. If this is the picture he paints so be it – leave. The only reason the rich and business owner stay is because of the almighty buck. It’s about time they go south, really south. I would like you to ask other questions about our business climate – big and small -about what concessions they will make to help. For what reason do the rich and famous feel that a fair tax is not right? How about our elected republican officials or other political parties beliefs? What are their concessions? How about cuts in pay or health care? What about vacations, pensions or insurance? How about giving up that gas card or food allowance? What changes are they willing to make so we, the people, can see that they really mean what thay say? I do believe that this problem has a lot to do with not enough input in our government. We, as a people, have let ourselves become victims . We have closed our eyes on business, politics, and our well- to-do neighbors. It’s time to man up, it’s time to pay their fair share or go.

  8. Ivan says:

    Why should the rich pay a lower percentage than anyone else?

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