DeBlog: Happy President’s Day

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

Kids are funny about holidays and days off school. This morning, Seth (my 5-year-old) told me that he likes to stay home on holidays. I explained that President’s Day wasn’t really that kind of day.

Yesterday, he decided that we needed to do something to celebrate. So like any normal kindergartener, he suggested that everyone in the family make a poster with our favorite President.

“It will say ‘By Seth’ or ‘By Daddy’ and then ‘My favorite president is,'” he suggested.

So we went online, pulled up images of the presidents and made posters. Then he wanted to put some facts on it. So we did that too. Pretty funny.

He also wanted it on the front door, “So everyone can see it.” That’s where it is, of course.

I picked President Teddy Roosevelt, he picked “George,” my wife picked Lincoln and 3-year-old Sammy picked Barack Obama.

So if the question is good enough for my 5-year-old, I thought its good enough for you. Who’s your favorite president and why? Share your thoughts in the comments. You don’t even have to make a poster.

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