By Adam Carter, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

BISMARCK, N.D. (WCCO) — The North Dakota House has approved a bill that would force the University of North Dakota to keep the “Fighting Sioux” nickname.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Audio: House Majority Leader Al Carlson

However, Fargo representative Kathy Hawken says this issue has been settled, and university students want to move on.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Audio: Fargo Representative Kathy Hawken

The bill also recommends that the state attorney general sue the NCAA if it attempts to penalize the school for keeping the Sioux name and logo.

The legislation now moves to the North Dakota Senate.

Comments (16)
  1. GG says:

    Its about time .Polical correctness has gone crazy and the NCAA should keep its nose out of it.

  2. PC not 4 me says:

    So glad they won’t be called the “Lay Down and Take It” Sioux.

  3. Lorna says:

    I stopped buying Gopher season tickets when the loons at the NCAA told Illinois that Chief Illiniwek (sp?) could no longer be on the field. Grow up, NCAA.

  4. IMaOnTheTake says:

    Just another case of white guys exploiting natives for their own selfish ends; and the tyranny continues..

    1. WT? says:

      So you’re saying Native Americans cannot attend the Univ. of North Dakota and only “white guys” can? Are you a racist, a moron or both? The Native Americans in North Dakota WANT to keep the name. They realize it is out of respect and honor.

      1. Mr Peabody says:

        STFU and go back to europe, you have no right to be here and never will; get off this continent.

      2. IMaOnTheTake says:

        I’m saying, moron, that the mascot image is perpetuating a neg stereotype of an entire race, idiot!! I agree with Mr Peabody, Want to help natives? Then go back to wherever you emigrated from.

  5. mike says:

    To IMaOnTheTake, it has been my understanding that the Native Americans had wanted the Fighting Sioux name to continue!!!!!! Way to go North Dakota. Some backbone on the earth.

  6. Jordan Perttu says:

    Best news of the year

  7. T says:

    The Fargo rep must be saying that Bison students want to move on. UND students and alumni generally want this to happen.

  8. Kevin says:

    Thank God….The Sioux are a great nation and should be known as the Fighting Sioux!!!!! They fought the white man as proud warriors….

  9. EdW says:

    There are TWO Sioux tribes. The Spirit Lake tribe is in favor of UND keeping the name. The Standing Rock tribe is NOT. It’s up to the Sioux to decide if it’s offensive, not us white guys.

  10. Victim Du Jour says:

    Pretending the fighting Sioux is only Pandering to nerdy white liberals who want native Americans to vote Democrat.

  11. And that's what I have to say about that says:

    This should never have been an issue in the first place. The “Fighting Sioux” is a proud, honorable, venerable, and respectful name today and it always has been.

    I am “a white guy” (not that it should matter) and I have nothing but admiration for the “Fighting Sioux.” I would be honored to share in their pride.

  12. Julie Boeser says:

    My son graduated from UND in 2010 and we are honored to have him be an Alumnae of a great university! Every aspect of the University, including the Fighting Sioux Hockey Team (which he enthusiastically supported)is a respected and admirable institution. I was humbled to visit the “Ralph” and witness first hand the foundation and tradition that the Fighting Sioux Hockey Team is based upon, and if that were my heritage I would be honored and proud to have that tradition be a legacy for all time. Minnesota Julie

  13. TJN says:

    According to the NCAA there can’t be a school with an Indian nickname. But they are ok with the Notre Dame “Fighting Irish”, San Diego State “Aztecs”, Carlow University “Celtics”, Oklahoma State AND Wyoming University “Cowboys”, Union College “Dutchmen”, Northland College “Lumberjacks” and the list goes on and on of a “group” of people being the symbol of a school or team.

    Every school selects a nickname/mascot of a symbol they feel best represents the schools spirit and heritage of the local area and they are proud of it. Rather than being honored that a University chose to honor the Sioux Nation and its heritage although some Native Americans find it offensive. I am White and Irish and I graduated from UND. Being Irish I certainly don’t find the Notre Dame Mascot offensive nor any of the other Anglo origin based mascots of any sports team be it amateur or professional.

    I find it a bit hypocritical that the Indians argument is “the mascot image is perpetuating a negative stereotype of an entire race” but you are perfectly fine with the Dakota Sioux Casino, Spirit Lake Casino, 4 Bears Casino, Dakota Magic Casino and Sky Dancer Hotel and Casino. What stereotype of the Indian should I draw from this use of Indian culture and names? Fire water? Drunks? Illicit activities?

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