4 Things: Natalie Kane

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Our morning traffic reporter Natalie Kane wears many hats. So many, in fact, that she’s sometimes referred to as the “Ryan Seacrest of the Twin Cities.”

Needless to say, there’s a lot of things you probably don’t know about Natalie. Check out some of the tidbits she shared with us.

1. Choosing a favorite restaurant is very difficult for me. For brunch, I love Cafe Victor, which is in South Minneapolis. That is a Cuban restaurant. Brunch is probably my favorite meal of the day, and they serve the most amazing Cuban brunches. I would say, for dinners, I love 112 Eatery, and honorable mention goes to Bar La Grassa.

2. My favorite spot is my apartment, because I don’t spend much time there. And i’ve set it up to be kind of a sanctuary.

3. I’m obsessed with music! I don’t just buy one song, if I hear a song I like. I buy the whole album. So I have like tons of music on my computer. iTunes loves me. I can name pretty much any song in one or two notes. It’s a little bit freaky. You can quiz me sometime.

4. I’ve been called the Ryan Seacrest of Minneapolis, which is totally false, but I do have several jobs. I work part-time with WCCO doing traffic and some entertainment stuff during the mornings. I also do sideline reporting for the Big 10 Network and I host a couple of shows on Fox Sports North. I also have an arts and entertainment radio show that’s on MyTalk 107.1, and I host that with Mike Rylander, who’s also my co-host for the Minnesota Timberwolves games. That’s the last job, I swear … for now. I love Ryan Seacrest, but I’m not that good. He’s fantastic. How about a renaissance woman?


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