DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — The Lake Superior Chippewa Fond du Lac Band has purchased on old hotel in downtown Duluth to expand its casino. But, plans to move forward with the expansion are on hold while the Fond du Lac Band fights with the city over its share of casino profits.

The Chippewa band bought the Carter Hotel for $318,000 from an estate through Wells Fargo Bank in the Twin Cities. About 20 low-income residents recently found out they will have to move by the end of next month.

Tribal chairwoman Karen Diver tells the Duluth News Tribune the Fond du Lac Band is trying to change a 1994 agreement that gives the city a third of the casino profits.

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Comments (11)
  1. Frank Furter says:

    They are trying to change an agreement that gives the city 1/3 of the profits?

    Are they Indian givers?

  2. Mike Hunt says:

    When will people stop feeling sorry for the natives? It was a war, they lost.

  3. chris J says:

    It’s called negotiation, a practice commonly used in business and government. The use of the term “indian givers” suggests ignorance from an uneducated person that breeds racism. I don’t think the people who benefit from the jobs and economic stimulation (business owner’s) that the casino has brought into the community would consider calling them “indian givers” rather indians that give. Oh and which war do u speak of…Peace out dude~

    1. Frank Furter says:

      Yeah, Indians that give. That’s what I meant. Quit breeding racism Chris J(erk)!

  4. Jim Jones says:

    Come on Chris! The proper term is “Native American”. Get off your soapbox for a moment and get that education you need.

  5. Joker of Spades says:

    You all are insensitive jerks. The Indians were here before us. We stole their land. They should be called “Americans”. We should be “European Americans”. Why is all the negative commenting necessary?

  6. Marcella Schillinger says:

    I aagree with Joker of Spades, the person who said it was a war, they lost, it should never have been a war. Indians are put on reservations , this is their land, they should be able to live where they want like everyone else, How backward is the US govt. Indians give back to the reservation and their tribes from the casino, Las Vegas owners and the Donald Trumps don’t contribue anything to the community do they? They are in it for themselves. I never knew any indians that were millionaires,, get real people.

  7. Marcella is sella-ing it, but I'm not buyin. says:

    The Indians never claimed land, so we never took it from them. The Americans just claimed it. The indians now enjoy the millions from the casinos and keep all the profits. What do they ever give back? There is one thing they gave us: Tobacco. Indians introduced tobacco to the world. Thanks to them, we now have a chronic problem of addiction and illness. I guess we should thank them for giving so much!

    1. Joker of Spades says:

      Keep all the profits? The article says they are giving 1/3 of their profits to Duluth! Learn to read! There is also nothing wrong with tobacco. Pure tobacco is fine for you, it is the additives the big tobacco companies put in it to keep you addicted that is harmfull! Well, we took from them and gave THEM what in return? Casinos and DISEASE! They taught our ancesters how to hunt and provide for themselves. You should be thanfull! In fact, isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about?!?! And now we want to take the Casino’s from them? Your land for disease. Great trade!

      1. PETA partner says:

        They taught us to hunt? That is just wrong! Killing animals is just not necessary! Fur is murder! I wish I had all my money back from the nickel slots. NICKEL SLOTS ARE MURDER!

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