Protesters Track Down Wis. Dems Hiding In Ill.

MILWAUKEE (AP) — One of the 14 Wisconsin senators who’s hiding out in Illinois with his Democratic colleagues says protesters have discovered the hotel where a number of the lawmakers meet the media.

State Sen. Chris Larson says the senators are trying to keep their locations a secret because they’re concerned for their safety. For example, he says someone e-mailed him threatening to burn down his house.

Larson was speaking to The Associated Press by cell phone on Tuesday when protesters pulled up in front of the hotel. He says they appeared peaceful, although he and his fellow Democrats will probably find a new place for their subsequent briefings.

The Democrats left the state Thursday to prevent a vote on a Republican Gov. Scott Walkers’ sweeping anti-union bill.

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  • JB



      Excatly, they doing their by NOT letting this bill happen. It is lawful & peaceful.

      • Papa K

        President Lincoln once jumped out a window to avoid casting a vote and there are several examples of Republicans doing the same. I doubt that matters though to those that disagree with Wi. This time the middle class has their back and it looks like it’s working.

      • K-Rod


        Why did they go to Illinois? To avoid Law Enforcment.

        Game. Set. Match.

  • albert

    This is just their version of the filibuster, used to extremes lately by the Reflublicans. Deal with it.

    • K-Rod

      A filibuster extends debate, leaving town prevents dabate.

      • albert

        Baloney. A filibuster ends work.

      • Alberta

        It’s called bologna. That’s what the Dems are starting to look like: low-class meat. At least your bologna shows up to be eaten.

    • Cerin

      “When fascism comes to the US, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a bible” – Sinclair Lewis

      Please explain how a government union is fascism.

      • albert

        Not the union. The republicans.


    • Randy


      Read the dictionary before giving a left wing definition to filibuster

      • albert

        I think it’s generic. As currently written, and when used by either side, the filibuster stops work.

        There’s no “wing” to it.

    • Ryan

      Filibuster is part of the process. It’s actually written into the procedural handbook. Now point to me where you find “leaving town” in the procedural handbook?

      You dems are just as stupid as the republicans you bash. You think facts only matter when its convenient for your party. Democrats are on the losing end of this party. All polls show this.

      • Riley

        Sorry but the Dems are doing nothing new. This same idea has been used in many different states over the years. I know Minnesota for one. The republicans will find out the next elections how popular they are when they are removed from office.

      • yeliR

        It’s nothing new to leave the state for which you work for to avoid losing? Tell meof the time when a political party has abandoned their work so they could get their way…

  • John

    The threats are not good, but they need to get back to work. I hope they are not getting paid to run? Who is paying for their hotels?

    • Tom

      You the tax payer…..

      • Ralph

        do not comment if you are ignorant, They are

  • Kathi Malone

    Walker was elected to a job, now he should stop being a dictator and do his job.

    • John

      He was elected to do just the job he is trying to do – balance the budget!!!! – No matter where cuts are made someone is not going to be happy. If you don’t like the way he is doing the job you are welcome to run against him in the next election

    • KM

      Considering he ran a very public campaign about what he would do if elected, he is doing the job the voters elected him to do!

    • Ryan

      So wait a second – Walker campaigns on rolling back the unions…..and then Wisconsin voters not only elect Walker but also a republican majority in their state legislature……and Walker proposes cutting back the unions just as he promised in his campaign and somehow he isnt doing his job?

      Do you democrats have any idea how hypocritical you sound right now?

  • Randy


    At least the Republicans showed up to work to filibuster! I guess Democracy only works when its in your favor. Republicans had to swallow hard on Health Care but they found a way to show up to work and cast their votes. Democrates dont want to show up unless they know they are going to win. Sorry, the US is still a Democracy in which majority rules.

    • JB

      Well said Randy! Here! Here!

      • albert

        Nope. Majority does not rule in this case. Specifically, in the senate there is the filibuster rule. Apparently, in the constitution of wisconsin and indiana at least there is a rule about a quorum for certain legislation.

        The rights of the minority in these particular cases were SPECIFICALLY PROTECTED.

        Think about it. The reflublicans are trying to pass a law making it illegal to TALK ABOUT CERTAIN THINGS during negotiations. They always lose before mediators, so they try to change the rules.

        “When fascism comes to the US, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a bible” – Sinclair Lewis

        Wow, talk about being right.

      • Ryan

        Albert – So what you are saying is that the teachers are ok with the public paying for 93% of their benefit packages while many of these SAME middle class non union folks are also on food stamps?

        You democrats act like you actually understand the definition of the word selfish.

      • albert

        No Ryan, you ignorant tampon. I never mentioned anything about benefit levels. I said they were being prevented from discussing certain topics.

    • America the Critical

      Obama ran on reforming health care. Walker did not run on a platform of busting unions and blaming public employees while passing huge tax cuts for businesses. There’s a bit of difference there. Interesting to note that the head of the Wisconsin Police Federation announced that his organization regret they endorsed Walker last year.

      • John

        Well he is free to endorse someone different next election

      • Ryan

        And there’s all kind of folks that regret endorsing Obama and many other politicians that were eventually elected into office. What’s your point?

        If we could rewind the clock Im sure most of America would like to have a redux of the elections of 2008.

      • Ryan

        Just for the record – what Obama ran on for healthcare reform in 2008 looks very different from what was actually passed. But of course – who needs context when you can repeat the same empty talking points

      • nc

        Obama ran on health care and he let the Republicans,Pharma, insurance companies etc. have months to strip out everything that would make it a good policy and then the Republicans voted against it.
        This is different, a group from DC was running ads on the radio to drum up support for the Bill before the Dems knew anything about it.
        “REPRESENTATIVE Gordon N. Hintz:
        Thank you, Mr Speaker. So, what we heard, that we may or we may not get an emergency bill, we may get a repair bill, I found out from the radio. From a Washington DC interest group. What does that have to do with Wisconsin? And then, it’s 144 pages. And then, we get briefed on Monday and I’m told we’re gonna vote on it on Thursday or Friday. And then when we ask for public hearings, well, and the public wants to speak out, you cut them off. This isn’t how we do things to each other. It’s not how things get introduced, and it’s just simply not what we do to the public. If you want to jam through a bill, you got to sit through the messy process that is democracy. Source: When we sit there in 4th grade and we learn about Wisconsin government and we learn about US government, we learn about how amazing it was that they came together. But we also learn that it was bloody, that people had to fight for it, and they wanted to make it hard to do big things. You’re supposed to be a deliberative body. You’re supposed to have discussions. And you’re supposed to be transparent, because the public matters in all of this input. And then, when we keep the hearings going and we honestly look at the bill, it’s 144 pages, we find out that there’s things like $47 million of federal aid cut. And my city writes me and said ‘yes, we will have to close our bus system.’ And when I have an honest amendment to carve that out, and I want to get it submitted, we show up here, and you guys are gonna vote without us three minutes before you told us to be here. Are you seeing a pattern here? I find out from the radio from some group I don’t even know who it is. And then when the public wants to talk you cut ‘em off. And then when we show up to vote, when we show up to vote, I am elected, I get it, I am in the minority, you’re right there’s only a bunch of us. But if you want to know why there are 35,000 people here, look at yourself in the mirror. And how about a little respect, at least to your colleagues?

        Gordon Hintz – Representative On The Budget Repair Bill. I deserve better than that. And it’s bad enough, it’s bad enough that I had to hear it from a radio ad from Washington DC, and then show up at a meeting with no details. Complete Full Script, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

        On the Complete Collection Of Accurate Speeches, Text, Words, Quotes and Lyrics.

    • Dan

      Wisconsin has an anti-filibuster law, which is why the dems left the state. As noted above, leaving is the equivalent of a filibuster because it’s giving time for the bill to actually be noticed and debated over by the public.

    • shirley

      Randy, democracy in which the majority rule, walker say’s this is how it’s going to be like it or leave. walker left the negotiating table before the democrat’s did. But you voted for him. He needs to look after the wealthy(the ones who bought him his postion as governor,) cause they’re going to bring the jobs in?? The unions are at least giving the middle class job’s.

      • Ryan

        The middle class are the ones footing the bill for the benefit packages!

        Who do you think will benefit the most from eliminating PUBLIC SECTOR collective bargaining rights? The rich? The rich dont advocate for big government. Liberals do. The middle and lower class will get the most in RETURN financially from busting up the public sector unions. My god, it amazes me how you people just repeat talking points without actually understanding their real world application.

        Public sector unions are not funded in the same way that government programs like Medicare are. I wonder how many of you liberals actually understand that?


      Majority does not rule. We found that out in the U.S. Senate only a super majority rules. You need 60 votes not 50 to pass your party pipe dreams. Our country built a slow legistration process so a simple 51-50 majority does not rule.

    • NRK

      There is no process for a filibuster in the Wisconsin state constitution or in the rules for the Wisconsin senate. The only rule they that was available for the Demacrates to use to stop the vote and force the Repulicans to reconsider what they are taking away from the people that work for them is that it takes a minimum of 20 senators to vote on anything that has to do with state spending. If they could filibuster they would have.

      The real questions is what are the Wisconsin Rebuplicans giving up as they take this away to the rest of the people that work for the state? and why is there no report about what recently happened in Wyoming? Wyoming legislators recently asked the state employees to take up to a 3% pay cut, and they gave themselves a 10% or higher pay cut. The Wisconsin Rebuplicans are taking a lot away from the people that work for them and are giving up nothing in return, instead they are spending more money on the big companies that help them buy thier offices. If they were giving up at least as much as they are taking away, the people in Wisconsin would be more willing to accept this budget solution. But since they are taking money from middle case working citizens and giving it to themselves the people of Wisconsin, and the rest of the US, should be in an uproar.

  • Dan

    These Democrats are analogous to the little kid that takes his baseball bat home because he does not like the way they are playing. It’s time these cowards return to Madison and participate in the process the way it is intended. The people of WI have issued a mandate and it is time to carry it out and stop listening to the entitled few dissenters. Stop listening to the liberal rhetoric and realize that the bill only limits increases in salary to cost of living etc. AFSCME is like a virus, it’s time they share reality with the rest of John Q. Public instead of acting like they are living on an island.

  • Ed

    Scary thing is some people believe that running away from doing the job they were elected to do is a good thing.

  • Ignorance must be bliss

    Yes they were elected to do a job, and the people who voted for these reps are the same 68,000 people that are at the capital right now protesting. So these reps are doing their jobs and working for the constituents that voted for them. How is it this hard to understand and why do you post this every time there is a story about this?

    • John

      So your saying that only the 68,000 who voted for the Democtrats are the ones who count???? How about who all the other people who voted in Wisc. Those 14 democrates represent all of the state of Wisc.not only the democrats of that state

    • Ryan

      Im not sure if you’ve noticed this or not….or if statistics even matter to people like you but there’s far more than 68,000 people in Milwaukee alone. In fact, there’s more than 68,000 people in Milwaukee that voted for Walker!

      Plus, union membership is close to 10% of the workforce nationwide. Think about it, for every 10 workers only 1 of them is in the union. And you consider this the majority? Plus, what about the other republican legislators that obviously represent their electorate who wanted them to pursue this legislation……or does that not matter in fantasyland?

      • sabrina

        Ryan, you must work in the business industry. If you were a teacher, you wouldn’t have enough time to reply endlessly throughout the day to this thread!!

      • Heidi

        Why do you think your jobs are any more important that the private sector people. Its called we all have to depend on each other. If we don’t make these cuts you all will start losing jobs and then I guess you will be like the rest of us. HOW DARE YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE IMMUNE. I’m sorry but the fact that I have to contribute to your own retirement and my own and when I finally get to retiring age I most likely won’t even see the money that I was trying to save for myself because it will go to all the government pension people who are currently GUARANTEED this by law?? WOW that is really fair isn’t. Let me bust myself for myself only to just give it away for everyone else, so I cannot take care of myself or afford my prescriptions, etc when I get older. Swallow the jagged pill – everyone needs to conceed in these times whether we like it or not. But I guess bankruptcy is the logical solution..OOPS! I must have missed that memo. This is so much bigger than the jobs of the governemnt, and the union only represents a small portion of the entire United States working class.
        Filibuster or not — get your butts back to work and fix the problems of our state.

  • fedupwithallofthem

    So this is what it comes to cowards and bullies either way no one wins. Maybe we should stage a massive protest and kick all the republicans and democrats out just like they did in egypt and start over. This is so stupid on both parts what a great choice we have cowards or bullies to choose from.

  • JS

    Unbelievable!….this group of dems hiding out when they should be back in Madison and at least representing the dems that put them in office. Accept the fact that the majority of Wisconsin tax payers are supporting Walker and his colleagues to do the right thing, and get a handle on the purse strings. When you are broke, you have to take the proper measures. And if all you dems keep calling the republicans rich and the dems are not…..what the heck do you think those hotels are costing in Chicago? Has nothing to do with rich or middle class…just conservative vs. spending liberal dems.

  • cindy

    Didn’t WI elect Walker? What’s the problem, there’s a vote / people cast their vote / now you live with what you voted for…didn’t vote? A no vote is still a vote.

    Grow up WI

    grow the H up!!!

  • travis

    why is it that when the tea party protested, it was called patriotism. When people are protesting for their actulal rights its called… well whatever you people are calling it. disgusting.

    • K-Rod

      “actulal rights”????

      Where is the right to make others pay for your retirement?

      You’ve got some homework to do, boy.

  • travis

    also… these people are not fighting for more money… they’re not fighting to keep their saleries… They have conceeded these… they agree these things need to be adjusted. The only thing they are saying is that they will not give up their rights as a union.

    • cerin218

      Why do government workers need a union?

      • K-Rod

        Imagine Medtronic bargining with a union over taxpayers paying for more benefits for Medtronic employees…

  • Glenn Anderson

    when the unions are gone you will be working 14 hours a day for 2 dollars an hour

    • John

      Thats funny. Less than 10% of the work force is in a union and I don’t see the other 90% working 14 Hr’s a day or for $2.00 a Hr. What do they do to you peole to Brainwash all of you?????????

      • nc

        The rest of us lost half our wages and all our benefits. We now work for $8 to $12 an hour and live in fear of losing our jobs if we complain. The good thing is that our taxes are much lower.

        I hope that the public workers keep their unions and that we too could be paid a living wage some day soon.

    • Matt

      There are gov’t regulations that set working conditions and minimum wage today. Public unions are a thing of the past.

      • Tuff

        I work in the private sector. I am also in danger of losing my job if I complain. Therefore, if I don’t like it I will go and find a new job.

  • Dan

    Dear Ignorance and company, it is estimated that 2,186,174 WI citizens voted in the 2010 election. Your statement that the 68,000 (assuming they all voted and are from WI) must be represented, means that you believe that 4% (rounded) of the voters should be able to hold the other 2,118,174 hostage to their demands? Check the stats: http:/ Come on now, what school system do you represent?

    • albert

      Ah, but polling says that 58% AGREE with those 68,000, so we are looking at 1,119,980 cheering them on.

      Not so clear cut now, ‘eh?

      • Hang em high

        Wrong…todays Ras poll show 48% of voters are against the Union…iwth 38% of the voters for the Union…nice spin try….

      • John

        Care to share where that Poll came from??????

    • Ignorance must be bliss

      Dear Dan
      Are all of the 2,186,174 voters that you are talking about in the same districts? If not then I would assume that the stats that you want me to check are not going to be what you think they are. Let the grownups talk now please.

  • juls

    Because it’s ok for the tea party to speak without facts. Just look who is always in the public spotlight. I guarantee that none of these people pay their fair share of taxes either. Wisconsin doesn’t pay the unions the teachers do. But it isn’t just about the teachers, they just have the biggest group so they are more in the spotlight. There is no right way to go about this. When you look at the tea party side there is always someone on the top leading that is taking all the working class and poor people’s money. On the other side the union officials they saw a way to do 2 things more or less that’s to make a quick buck while helping workers get better pay, benefits, a suitable work environment. Neither of these leaders probably pay their fair share instead we keep picking up the tab one way or another. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just try to compromise. All it does is put the private working class and poor against the public working class and poor. Yes some of them are poor. You might not think that but some of them are. What the American people should do they never will, what happened to defending the country standing by each others side? All I see is sleazy politicians on federal and state levels coating their pockets with the deals they made before they were elected or reelected, and telling the rest of us to just deal with it. Health insurance was suppose to be made more affordable and not to deny anyone, that’s not the case. Everyone will be broke when that law takes effect. The tea party ain’t going to do anything for any of us neither is the unions for that matter. Personally I think everyday people the ones struggling and living comfortably could balance the budget better than any of those fools. They are not looking out for any of us just themselves and their buddies that run insurance companies and the fat cats out on wall street. So maybe we should stand united, public and private employees are not the enemy.

    • Erica

      Wisconsin elected the gov and legislature not the tea party. This issue was well debated at election time and the people have spoken. Its over and you should get over it. Its the way the system works.

  • totellthetruth

    Who do you suppose is paying for this little trip? We may as well send some homeless people to stay in their own homes since they are not using them. Could someone post the addresses on here? I got a couple people in mind that I will drop off. Gee, you know if I could work like that, I mean get paid to do a job and then run away and hide and still get paid for doing nothing. I have heard of that kind of job before. I believe it is called Socialism…….. I wish there was a way we could dock their wages. After all, it is us they are screwing over!

  • Another Bob

    The only unions being talked about are the ones that DID NOT give money to Walker’s campaign.

    • John

      I guess they should have Gave then!!!!

  • Another Bob

    So dreaming of killing people makes you wake up happy?

    Wow, we’ve got bigger problems than the budget.

  • RW

    State Unions got started for one reason. The legislators and governor wanted to get away from giving the same pay raise to employees that they give themselves.

  • tiredandretired

    Welcome to the new “Domocracy”: American government is singling out and vilifying one group of citizens, while inciting hatred toward them from other citizens. They are acting in a hateful manner; lashing out at citizen groups that did not support them politically, taking away citizens’ rights, and threatening military action against those who exercise their right to free speech. That same government is lying to citizens, in order to gain support for their position. The media is complicit in this endeavor (i.e., delivering a steady stream of government propaganda). When this happens anywhere else in the world, this same hypocritical government screams about the violation of human rights. If we allow this government to violate our human rights, we will rapidly decline into the realm of those third world countries that we have long criticized.

    • Leslie

      What have you been listening to radio free Venezuala?

  • jon

    Don’t the protester’s have jobs?

    • John

      Yes some of them do. But they have the Union behind them and unlike most employee’s that would loose their jobs if they walked off of them for 3 days the union says go ahead – We got your Back – And union people wonder why NORMAL people think Unions are EVIL !!!!!

  • Trevor

    After what happened in Az you really are a sicko to post the BS you did..hope they track you down and lock you up…you are another sick Teapublican and we’ve had enough of your kind..

  • LizB

    No, he didn’t campaign on eliminating collection bargaining, which is exactly why he has now lost the support of both the police and the firefighters unions. Even the Chamber of Commerce has called for him to back off. Pretty bad when the Chamber goes after a Republican….

  • LizB

    Sorry, “collective.”

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