4 Things: Dick Enrico

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We’ve all seen Dick Enrico in the 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment commercials. Here’s a chance to get to know a few more things about one of the Twin Cities best-known pitchmen and CEO of 2nd Wind.

1. You know my first job out of high school — a long time ago in Chisholm, Minn. — was selling pots and pans to single working girls.

2. My favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities is Jake’s in Eden Prairie. Don’t even need the menu. Chicken chop, forget the bleu cheese and double up on the Craisinettes.

3. You know, if you were to show up in my house in Wayzata and look in my closet, what you would find an abundance of — an overabundance of — is long-sleeve monogrammed shirts. A lot more than I’d ever be able wear.

4. Being an Italian from the Iron Range, we all had nicknames. Mine was Gweedo.

  • Lotsa hairdye

    Forgot to mention he uses the same barber as Muammar Gaddafi.

    • NeedsArug

      Hillarious!!! And so funny, cause its so true!! This guy’s forehead reaches the top of his skull….creepy

      • Richard

        That Chewbacca Moustache is taking over this TOWN!!!

  • Phil

    And that he doesn’t use the stuff he sells!

  • Dougie Hairdye

    I must agree, time to start using a few of the machines you sell.

  • DeBag

    Its like Richard Simons and Denny Hecker had a kid…..super creepy!!!

  • helper

    He’s an icon of the twin cities! I think his kid was on the bachelor tv show too.

    • Really?

      Would you listen to yourself…and Icon? Really…the dude is on some cheese 2nd wind commercials, and in your mind that qualifies him as an icon?

      He is as much an icon as the lady who bagged my groceries last night.

      You sir….are a moron.

      • Chuck

        Really? What the heck kind of comment is that?!

        Please spare us your lame opinion if that is the best you can do…

  • Nuro

    His time will come…just like Denny Hecker and Tom Petters.

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