ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The state teachers union, Education Minnesota, is launching a new media campaign to support the state’s children and their schools.

It’s called “I Raise My Hand” and will appear on television, online, direct marketing and in print advertising.

Through the campaign, Minnesotans will be asked to make written pledges to support their schools through the “I Raise My Hand” website and to follow up on those pledges in their communities.

Education Minnesota President Tom Dooher says the union picked the name because raising a hand is a classic sign in a classroom that someone is willing to step forward and participate.

The campaign comes as the Legislature is working to cut a $6.2 deficit, and education accounts for more than a third of the budget.

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Comments (38)
  1. Sam I am. says:

    I will support my school directly. They have already published a video stating they have a 7 million dollar deficit next year. 77 percent of the budget goes towards salaries and benefits for teachers and administrators.

    I believe the teachers can absolutely give. If not, lay off the 86 teachers required to close the deficit gap.

  2. Bob says:

    We pay for the teachers , why are they spending our money on a media blitz. This is a waste of tax dollars!

    1. Jesse says:

      its not the teachers today i found spps down fall… i had the worst experience at the trasportation department today and I was told they have a GPS system that is flawless…. this amazed me, their laser tracking for the buses must cost over a million dollars to run 24/7 a year…. there is only 1 problem, it defies the basic laws of physics.

  3. merks says:

    Whether you like it or not people this is your tax money paying for this pan handling.
    The schools have enough money. lets see the test scores improve and drop out rates drop. Until then quit asking for money!

    1. Tea loves you says:

      AMEN merks!
      I have wanted “performance pay” for teachers for a long time!
      This just KILLS ME! They feel the heat…..and how do they handle it? By taking out AD’s?

      1. Teacher says:

        If you want performance pay for teachers then you need an effort guarantee from students and their parents. It can be difficult to teach young people who don’t care about anything, have parents who do not care, are drug addicts, or are not even around.

  4. Tea anyone? says:

    WOW! This to me is UNREAL! I am 100% for supporting our teachers….but for them to #1 have the MONEY to put an ad campaign out like this PROVES they have MONEY to BURN.
    #2- Maybe I should have taken out an ad when MY PAY was cut, asking the BANKS to LOWER my interest rates?
    I think it’s about time ALL sectors “give in” a little! And TEACHERS are NOT immune to this!
    What CRY BABIES! I am getting SO sick of this! And Dayton’s “This isn’t going to happen while I AM HERE”…..Time to move to WI!

  5. paul says:

    The ads are paid for with union dues, so stop crying about the money it costs to run a commercial. Union dues fund Education Minnesota. No taxpayer money is used.

    1. Damian Martin says:

      No taxpayer money is used? Excuse me? Who do you think paid the teachers? The tooth fairy? This is exactly why we need to eliminate all public unions.

    2. trahanaja says:

      Who pays for public school teachers’ salaries where Ed Min dues are deducted from??!?!? If you can’t connect the dots than better get another gig as I hate to believe my kids are being taught by someone like you!!!!!

  6. Kally says:

    What a bunch of cowards and fools these union people are to think they can still hide behind the “it’s for the children” BS when it is all about money for themselves. They just want to pick my pocket and rase my taxes to pay for their life time pensions and life time benefits and life time job security.
    HAY HAY, HO HO, public sector Unions got to GO!

  7. John says:

    No comment, as I am afraid for my safety if I make a comment against a union.

  8. Teachers Care says:

    Oh yeah Kally, teachers are such greedy people. Get a clue. Have you ever been in a classroom to see the compassion and empathy it takes to teach? I’m not 100% for unions, and they definitely need some changes, but to be so ignorant as to lump all teachers or “union people” into one category is ridiculous! And thank you Paul, yes, teachers pay required dues to the union, so that’s where the money is coming from. If you so bitter about teachers’ benefits, you should have become one!

    1. WhatGenius? says:

      Wow…you are the one’s educating our future huh….YIKES. Its not that he is bitter about your benefits. He is bitter that you teachers are bitter about your benefits. What the heck did you think you were getting when you said, “mmm…i think i’ll declare K-12 education as my college major.” So….maybe just shut up, huh!?!

      1. Adam says:

        We’re not all in the same boat. Some of us just work and get the big decisions made for us. Yes, we vote , but that doesn’t mean we’re going to get our way. I love my job, and absolutely would not do anything else. I don’t care how much I make, I am doing my dream job. Just because some teachers are bitter and fed up with their jobs doesn’t mean we all are.

    2. Heidi says:

      Do you know what kind of empathy it takes for me to help people in my job in healthcare and I am not a union worker and I am a hard working mother of four children. You became a teacher to hopefully be empathetic and teach children because you love for them to learn. Quit using this stuff as a crutch. If teaching children is such a horrible job don’t do it then. My job is stressful as a mother but I love my children more than anything in this world — I don’t go using it as a crutch as to why I can or cannot do things. I made a choice to have lots of kids because I love kids and teaching them and watching them learn and doing fun things with them. Thats all its about and thats all it should be about for children. Spare me your sympathies.

  9. Adam says:

    It’s amazing how many people are misinformaed as to the state of education in this country. To say that the schools have money to burn is absolutely false. I teach four different classes, and in each one I have more students than textbooks. Additionally, the Social Studies books are from 1992. We are forced on a daily basis to make due with what we have. Some people should spend one day in a public school classroom and see if their opinion is the same.

  10. Tea again? says:

    Teachers some DO care! (Again…SOME of them anyway!!!) And if they DID care…they WOULD agree to work WITH the Govt to fix this issue! Think of it this way….with teacher pay reform, it would allow the schools to poss HIRE MORE teachers and allow our kids a BETTER education as the teacher/student ratio would be better! SO…..if this is NOT about greed….what is it about?
    So….again…you have NO argument!

  11. why not be one!!! says:

    Paul: Yes, how about 4 years of college at about 25000 per year, then you can get a job in WI that pays about 24000 per year. Oh, by the way, you probably will be laid off and not know if your job will be there for the first 5 years. Sounds like a real jackpot job to me!!!! NOT!!

    1. I will be two. says:

      First, $25,000 per year sounds like a private school. Obtaining an undergraduate degree in education from a private post-secondary school is ridiculous, especially if you are going to work for a union.

      Second, if you work for a union why do you assume you will be laid off? Aren’t unions supposed to protect your job?

    2. KM says:

      $24000 per year?????????? I don’t know any teachers who are making that!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Tea says.... says:

        PEOPLE! It’s not ONLY about YEARLY PAY!!! It’s about the retirement plan and the benefits they receive while working and WELL AFTER they QUIT working! So..I guess I would be OK making 24k a year with YOUR benefits and retirement program…..

      2. Heidi says:

        The median salary for a teacher…..not private, not a professor, etc is $46,390 dollars in the State of WI. I would love to make that much a year and hardly pay a dime for health insurance and my retirement. Maybe if you are a substitute or part time teacher???

  12. Lizbethu says:

    I take it none of those commenting on this article have children that they want to help or schools in their community that could use assistance. I have worked in the private sector my entire career – yes, I had to take a paycut from the financial institution I worked for in 2009, but in 2010 merit increases were reinstated, and in 2011 both merit increases AND bonuses were reinstated. We had one year without pay increases. I have left the financial industry and the company I now work for is handing out merit increases and bonuses. Most of my professional peers at other companies are also seeing merit increases and bonuses reinstated. My husband, who is a teacher, has not had a raise in three years. They’ve been taking it on the chin much longer than the rest of us. Why can’t we reduce the number of tax breaks big companies and corporations get to help with the deficit? The government was THROWING money at the financial instutions and airlines, yet our children don’t rate??? And for the record, Minnesota teachers are paid less than the national average for salary, yet consistently teach to kids that perform in the top 6 states for national tests for math and reading. Visit the following government website for data on how MN does compared to its peers. Based on the hard facts, we are getting a bargain from our teachers for the performance of our students…

  13. Carl says:

    Jesus hates teachers.

    1. Tea says says:

      Shut up Carl… are an IDIOT!

  14. Teachers Care says:

    Oh my gosh, people! Get your facts straight before you blog! Teachers at my school (and most) have to go through a rigorous process of evaluation for years before they are assured a permanent position at a school. Just because you are a member of a union as a teacher doesn’t mean that you automatically are guaranteed a job for life.
    AND this is not about pay reform. The teachers have already agreed to that. Of course we want the best for the students which really does mean lower class sizes. That’s not really the issue We can’t work “with the gov’t” since the bill was already created and was set to pass immediately.This is much more about the fact that this bill was quickly drawn up and suggested before there was time for anyone else to have input into it.

    1. Realissue says:

      Really?? When a family loses its income….what do they have to do? Tighten their belts right. Everyone included, husband, wife and children all must go with less or without. Why is it different for the State. There is a reason they call it a deficit….THERE IS NO MORE MONEY. And guess what…when the money runs out, its gonna suck. But you dont get that money back by spending more or giving wage/beneift increases. No, you go with less or without. As a public employee, why do you think you are immune from having to tighten your belt when the state is BROKE!?!

    2. mark from says:

      @Teachers Care Let me ask you a question. If these teachers are so good why are the students of the USA coming in last with students from other countries?

      1. Adam says:

        Teachers are with a student 6-7 hours per day, 5 days per week, and not at all during breaks. How are parents not made partly responsible for the educational process? It’s a team effort. If we don’t get the parents on board, students will continue to fail, period. Teachers can only do so much on their own, and many times that is what we are: alone. Don’t believe me? Come to a parent-teacher conference and check out the attendance, especially among the students that are underachieving.

      2. Victim Du Jour says:

        Public Schools have to focus on Math, Science, Writing, and biology.

        Activism doesn’t belong in school, just like Religion.

    3. Also a Teacher says:

      Get your facts straight!

  15. JB says:

    Same district (Minneapolis) that overpaid their retied tachers pensions and we all picked up all of their pension obligations. I think they need a math lesson before they try to give us one.

  16. Kay Hatfield says:

    I am not a teacher. However, I stand 100% with them because they give a lot to prepare the next generation who will have to take over the mess we gave them. In addition to instructing the gifted and those who came from good homes, they have to instruct those who are not as fortunate.

  17. juls says:

    Wow we pay the public employees with our tax dollars!? So would you like someone to tell you what you can and cannot spend your money on? It’s the same thing isn’t. People post on paying for this ad, but they don’t stop to think that they are telling other people how to spend their money. It’s nobodys business on how someone else spends their money. Yes teachers should have some kind of performance, but exactly how do you do that if kids have no one at home willing to help? You can only base it on performance so much. Maybe the best thing to do is put cameras in classrooms this way someone can see at will if a teacher is doing a great job or not. If a teacher is giving their all trying but there is no help at home well how is that fair. I have had teachers that should of been paid based on performance. Some teachers only teach the few that can keep up while the rest fall behind or drop out of that class, that would tell you they aren’t doing a very good job.

  18. queequeg says:

    I am a high school teacher and last week we had parent teacher conferences on two different nights. The attendance was pathetic. How do you expect students to care when their parents will not take the time to check in on how their students are doing. If our government wants to save money, how about this. No more tax breaks for parents who do not do their responsibility of raising their children. Take the time to raise your child.

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