How High Will Gas Prices Go?

By Steve Murphy, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — How high will local gas prices go? A veteran dealer says it’s getting harder to predict.

Ted Brausen owns a station in Arden Hills and is a past president of the Minnesota Service Station Association.

“It’s really not a supply and demand situation anymore” says Brausen. “I dunno — it’s a crazy business.”

Brausen says gas prices are now driven by oil futures and subject to the volatility in such places as Libya. But there’s at least a drop of optimism.

“I still think the price is going to come down a little bit before summer. But I think it has a lot to do with what goes on over in the Middle East.”

The website puts the average price in the metro area at around $3.30 a gallon. That compares with $3.16 just a week ago.

AUDIO: NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

  • Kim K

    Perfect opportunity to start supporting Ethenol again!!!!

    • mark from MNTAXWASTE.COM

      And have it ruin my engine? No way!! Its also subsidized so the tax payers lose.

      • Mike

        Besides it being subsidized it usses more natural resources than what it produces a total waste of money. Only ones that have it down pat is Brazil. We need to get are heads out of are %^% when it comes to corn based Ethenol. Instead of listening to the Green Idiots people should do some research on thier own.

  • mark from MNTAXWASTE.COM


    • Tom

      Mark from

      “DRILL BABY DRILL” wouldn’t accomplish anything right now. Even they decided too drill you are looking at years out before you would see anything. It wouldn’t help in the current situation.

      • Matt

        Your right, but the Obama administration has had the new drilling ban in place for 6 months, that’s 6 more months before we could get domestic oil and a whole lot of unemployment.

    • soapboxgod

      And then what turn it over to a cartel?

  • Blowitallup

    Get rid of the market as it cant do the job it was developed for. Supply and demand should be the only factor in determining price, not hyperbalies and fantasys.

  • MarksAfraud

    Nice website there Mark from “”.

    How bout its some GoDaddy website with NO information.

    Basically you sir…are a FRAUD. You and old Denny should bunk up together.

  • Don't Mess With Me

    BUSH got the price to drop when he pulled some of the drilling restrictions.

    Ohh-Bum-Bhoo is adding more restrictions !

    Yes Sir Drill Baby Drill – Explore for more – and – More Off Shore Drilling !

    We are losing our place in the world !

    • Feb Up

      When bush went into into office gas was $1.30. Yeah he did a great job. Now we would love 2.60. But at least we are getting more for our money… oh wait…. When O and the D’s got in office there was a short respite. It went down some granted not enough. Now Rs are back in, are business friendly and they have nothing to fear. Does anyone remember the oil companies being called to Wash by the Dems. That is when the prices retreated and stabilized until when? Anyone, that’s right the elections. What is amazing is that the raping of citizens by the oil companies dwarfs anything on wall street and everyone is quiet. I say no more.

  • Easy on the take down tiger

    You are losing cuz you are friggen wasteful pigs. Even the dumbest see that you moron.

  • Shamby

    Like Donald Trump said. How long is it going to take before they figure out that the cost of oil is directly tied to our economy and it’s recovery?

  • Elaine

    Why don’t we just uncap some of our wells? And don’t send any of it over seas.

    • soapboxgod

      That’s only half the solution. The oil’s got to be then be refined. I believe we are behind the curve in that regard as well.

      • Matt

        Because of the ridiculous government restrictions put in place by the EPA.

  • ray

    what recovery

  • whatever

    I would guess maybe 3.65 or so at current oil prices. $4 a gallon should come around the time we hit almost $150 a barrel of oil if it is like last time.

    Either way it is only a few more bucks to fill up a tank for a week or two. Much cheaper than buying an over priced electric vehicle or whatever other tree hugger ideas are out there.

    • Richard Weber

      $4 a gallon won’t come when we hit $150 a barrel for oil, it’s going to come a whole lot sooner. Today the cost of refined gasoline on the markets is at $2.72 a gallon but the April contract kicks in tomorrow and that automatically jumps it up to $2.89 a golon. Now that’s not $2.89 a gallon at the pumps, you have to add in all the state, local and federal taxes. Then when the summer blend is put into production that will add another 25 cents to a gallon of gas. Oh, and don’t forget what Obama said last Wednesday, he said that he would like to raise the federal gas tax by $1. Is he fricking crazy.

  • I'm Quitting

    By the end of this year I will no longer stop at any gas station.

    I’ve put a $99 deposit to reserve a place to order a Nissan LEAF all-electric car. Nissan says they’ll be offered for sale in MN this December.

    Plug it in overnight and next morning I have 100 miles of quiet, efficient and clean transportation. The martyrs in the Middle East can now realize their dreams.

    • hmm

      Your break even point makes buying an electric vehicle pointless if you are trying to save money. It would be much, much cheaper for you to buy a Hinda civic and pay $3.50 a gallon in gas than to buy a Leaf. By the time you break even on the price you will probably have to change the batteries which is thousands of dollars and like 10 years out. To get ahead money wise will never happen with today’s electric vehicles. Charging it isn’t free either.

      If you are going to buy an electric vehicle do it for reasons other than saving money because that is not a good reason.

      • I'm Quitting

        How about saving the planet? Being able to keep our sons and daughters stateside rather than continually sending them halfway around the planet to defend dwindling supplies of Arab light crude? Helping out the trade deficit a bit?

        Perhaps I simply want to make a political statement? Two of my current vehicles are 19 and 20 years old so they’re due for replacement. With my driving/commute needs, the 100 mile range LEAF makes perfect sense. Battery technology is rapidly improving. Within 5 years Nissan says they’ll achieve an EV with a 300 mile range.

        A full charge on a LEAF @ 6¢ per KW will cost about $3. That’s less than a gallon of 87 octane gas now and I don’t see anyone out there who can zip around for 100 miles (or even 75 miles) on a $3 “fill-up”. Nissan warrants the battery pack for 8 years and 100,000 miles.

    • Matt

      You enjoy that, and let me know how the battery is doing when it’s -30…

      Electric cars absolutely might be the future, but they are not the present. Until battery technology can adequately handle the demand of an electric car, it’s internal combustion for me.

      • I'm Quitting

        Our hybrid car with nickle metal hydride batteries works just fine at ‘-30. The Nissan’s laminated-cell lithium ion battery pack is insulated and yes, they’ve developed a cold weather package for it. Any battery, once you start drawing current from it, will get warm.

        But, don’t trust me or the engineers who designed this technology. Simply drive one yourself once they become available here. Or, ask the hundreds of owners in one of the 7 original launch state who already own one. I think they’ll unanamously agree EVs are here today. Affordable and practical.

    • Forrest Churchill

      that doesn’t make sense… they will raise electric bills then… oil is how we generate electricity

  • Backpackrap

    Gas goes up, gas goes down. If you don’t like it. How about using mass trans or biking. But what goes up must come down.

  • hi-5?

    gas: $300+/mo
    insurance: <$100
    payment: $0(paid off)
    Hemi AWD @ 12/mpg: priceless!

    • jon

      Cheaper than buying a new car.

  • Tom

    The price of oil and the price at the pump are going up because of what is going on in Libya because investors are basing it on “what if” the oil supply gets cut off. Well as far I know that “what if” prospect has not happended. And usually 99.999 % of the time the “what if” never happens. I think everybody on wall street and investors should be on HIGH dose of xanax to stay calm

  • mn shutterbug


    Like Donald Trump said. How long is it going to take before they figure out that the cost of oil is directly tied to our economy and it’s recovery?”

    This was the best post so far. Also, I’ve always believed this.

  • Murph

    They will rise until the majority of people stop buying it! Why aren’t sweatshirts traded on the commodity market? Gasoline is a manufactered product too and should not be subject to wild speculation! The oil companies have got us all by the curlies and until you complain it will go on and on!

  • Shogun

    Yes the gas is super expensive, but don’t go wasting money on a hybrid or leaf car it’s useless. okay it’s cheap but why spend thousands for it? why even wasted money for the batteries and what if the car turns out a failure. Go buy a cheap for cylinder on craigslist for 1k and don’t complain about gas. I’m sure it’ll drop again someday and that useless leaf won’t do you no good. and Obama.. just leave office.

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