ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A Minnesota lawmaker sees an export market for medical marijuana — even though the state has never allowed its use.

Rep. Phyllis Kahn introduced the Medical Marijuana Production and Export Act in the House on Thursday.

The bill from the long-serving Minneapolis Democrat would authorize the cultivation and processing of marijuana for export to states and countries where its medical use is legal.

Kahn proposes a system regulated by the state agriculture commissioner, where growers would have to pass background checks and account each year for all the marijuana they cultivated.

The proposal says such an industry would strengthen Minnesota’s economy and agriculture.

The bill would shield authorized marijuana growers from penalties for possessing the drug, but there would be no legal protection for unauthorized possession or consumption of medical marijuana.

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Comments (28)
  1. john doe says:

    If you thought it was hard to keep raccoons and deer out of your apple orchard, how in the world will you keep the stoners out of your pot field? They will smoke up all the profits before harvest.

  2. Another Bob says:

    Less government control!!

    Legalize, tax, enjoy!

    You know, a couple of tokes would help you to mellow out. Sounds like you need it.

  3. Stoner says:

    I’ve smoked Weed for over 30 yrs…my health is perfect…i’m a retired 47 yr old male…don’t believe the Gov. BS…weed is very usefull

  4. Libertarian>Authoritarian says:

    So the plan is to grow it then export it legally while Canadian and Californian marijuana is continually imported illegally into Minnesota? Give me a break!

    1. ChinchaGirl says:

      Baby steps, Libertarian, baby steps. Minnesota is very conservative when it comes to changing laws. We are the follower, not the leader. But I agree that this makes no sense.

  5. John says:

    I see you havent did any study on the subject its better then tobacco and liqure. I bet you drink dont you.

    1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      I do not think that you have done any studies either, just saying that because of the way you post there. “I see you havent did any study”, does not sound like someone who hits the books too hard so to speak.

  6. Mike says:

    Sorry to hear about your experince with the ‘evil weed’. It’s not for everybody. The other day I took a sip of water from a glass and swallowed it too quickly, causing a choking response. I didn’t think about running around telling people to avoid water.

  7. Jealous Guy says:

    wrong not nearly as addictive

  8. donjuan says:

    Kahn hire me! hire me!

  9. Another victim says:

    The main reason it’s not legal is there is no way for them to profit from it. If it were legal everyone would grow it and there would be no way for them to regulate it.
    Ever notice how everything is taxed, licensed and regulated these days? Letting us have fun is lucrative business!

    1. WHAT????? says:

      Another victim
      That is the same reason they said that making booze legal was a bad idea when prohibition started, that everyone would brew their own. Don’t know about you but I only know a handful of people that do this and it is not even enough to have 1 party with. This goes back to the “war on drugs” that our “most conservative” president ever put into effect and since then has cost this country more money than anything else has ever cost to maintain a losing battle. Ask a police officer (without a camera on them) and they will tell you this is a waste of time, money, and has been crowding our jails since it was put in place. There is no place for aging laws yet our politicians drag their feet on everything so this has taken a back seat for the last 3 decades.

  10. mngrwr says:

    minnesota already has a tax stamp for marijuana and they should be using it…to get us out of debt…free the weed!

  11. Robert says:

    Legalize marijuana in Minnesota. Tax it at 20%. Use half the proceeds to fund drug treatment programs. Use the other half to pay for a new Vikings stadium. Cops could fight real crime. The Vikings could stay in Minnesota. After we had the new Vikings stadium paid off, we could use the tax stream to buy a bunch of really fancy water fountains or reduce income taxes. Win. Win. Win.

  12. Victim Du Jour says:

    The United States used to be the best of everything. Then Baby Boomers started using Marijuana at Woodstock, and now everyone is overweight, on the welfare and food stamps.

    1. WHAT????? says:

      Victim Du Jour
      And the facts behind your claim are? Where (other than your a$$) did you pull this from?

    2. ChinchaGirl says:

      Are you frigging serious? Marijuana goes back a lot further than Woodstock you idiot. We didn’t have problems with obesity until fast food and instant meals. It isn’t the weed that caused that. And as for the welfare and the food stamps, maybe if the conservative right wing would leave the issue of abortion alone, we might not have so many people on welfare. Does it ever occur to them that most people who can afford to have a child don’t choose to have abortions. You can’t try to ban abortion and prevent insurance from paying for them and then complain about welfare.

    3. Victim Du Jour says:

      Marijuana causes paranoid delusions, that is among reasons why it’s so cool to be worried about “Global Warming”

      Kids are getting fat because potheads like snacks, and potheads invent new snacks. Like chocolate dipped potato chips.

    4. WHAT????? says:

      Victim Du Jour
      Another failed post from another failed person. Do you have anything that has any substance to add or are you going to continue to just be a smart ass?

  13. Victim Du Jour says:

    Full transcript

    You got people like this around you? Country is full of them now! People walking around all day long, every minute of the day — worried about EVERYTHING! Worried about the air, worried about the water, worried about the soil. Worried about insecticides, pesticides, food additives, carcinogens; worried about radon gas; worried about asbestos; sex offenders and axe murderers Worried about saving endangered

    Baby boomers smoked pot and used LSD at Woodstock. Draft Dodgers with Rich parents using anti-American Universities to get out of the Vietnam war.

    1. WHAT????? says:

      Victim Du Jour
      WHAT IS YOUR POINT? You post the same thing over and over again and it has no meaning. What the hell does Woodstock or “being worried” have to do with this story? Do you have anything else that you could be doing. Like talking to a wall or something? The way you are posting here it seems that you are high as you do not keep a point or seem to notice what the point is.

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        You keep replying to my post, because you know I have a point.

        The United States was steaming along good, up until someone normalized Marijuana.

        John Lennon promoted Marijuana and LSD, and then some drug addict shot him.

        Poetic Justice!

  14. todd says:

    How can growers export cross states around minnesota still
    illlegal marijuana. And why be greedy export them and still not
    let illness people reach need medical propose? Let legalize
    it for any use! and tax it!

  15. Chris K says:

    Why not take it a step further & legalize it for adults. There have been many studies that show cannabis is less harmful than tobacco or alcohol. There is no link to cancer from it, it has even been found to fight carcinogens. Both medical and government funded studies arrived at these conclusions. Use google if you dont want to take my word for it. Further, from a true Libertarian perspective the war on drugs as it currently is waged should be ended. Consenting adults should not have interference from the government in their personal matters. Very curious to what the Republicans who say they want to end the nanny state will say about this. Likely government is only bad when it interferes with their interests, we will be curiously watching.

  16. todd says:

    Victim Du Jour, you are idiot. if you not like it shut up then!

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      Potheads make up greedy paranoid conspiracies about big tobacco.

      Now potheads don’t like how easy it is to shed the same light on “Big Marijuana” and “Big Marijuana advocacy”

      It’s easy to pay a scientist with big marijuana money to say marijuana isn’t a bad thing too.

      Potheads made the bed, now they have to lay in it with big tobacco.

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