Judge Throws Out Rowan’s Plea Deal, New Charges Possible

By Holly Wagner, WCCO-TV and Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Christi Rowan was in tears as she was lead away by U.S. Marshals Thursday morning.

The girlfriend of former auto mogul Denny Hecker will remain in jail, after making an unexpected court appearance Thursday — a day before she was scheduled to be sentenced for fraud.

Rowan was arrested Wednesday night by federal agents after she went to visit Hecker in jail. Prosecutors say she violated the terms of her pre-sentencing release and discovered she had taken out more than $9,000 in December from a previously undisclosed Hecker bank account at U.S. Bank.

Rowan’s attorneys are expected to ask the judge to let her go so she can take care of her two children, ages 6 and 14. They also want the judge to delay the sentencing for another two weeks.

Rowan pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud for helping Hecker in his fraud scheme last year.

She was arrested Wednesday night in what prosecutors described as “outrageous” conduct in court documents. The documents allege Rowan got access to stock Hecker owned and hid from the government and then cashed checks worth thousands of dollars.

On Thursday, Judge Joan Ericksen expressed anger that Rowan continued to charge items on American Express gift cards, even after the cards were turned over to the FBI.

Court documents say Rowan used the cards to charge a $400 hair appointment, purchase $750 in items from Nordstrom and more than $660 in items from J. Crew.

Prosecutors are asking the judge to up her sentence and send her to prison for a year instead of six months, which was the previous terms under the plea agreement.

Rowan’s attorney had planned to ask the judge for probation on Friday. She said Rowan was “shocked” and experienced a “wake-up call” after she was arrested visiting Hecker in jail.

Ericksen said before the court appearance that Rowan’s latest stunt could put her in more trouble than she was already facing — adding that the arrest and allegations have swamped the plea agreement she made on the fraud charges. She said she could not let Rowan out of jail because she could not be trusted.

There will be a hearing next Wednesday to discuss the allegations that Rowan cashed the stock checks, which the judge said are far more serious than the plea she made with the federal government.

Rowan could face new, more serious charges, in light of the current allegations. She will remain in jail until a sentencing date can be set.

Exclusive Interview with Christi Rowan (Nov. 18, 2010)

  • D

    She looks scarey. What kind of drug is she on?

    • Samantha

      Heckoin. LOL.

      • Paul Choi


  • Milkman

    I am fasinated by this woman! Hecker I can understand, he’s a used car saleman and seems comfortable twisting the truth. But this woman; has there ever been her equal? ‘CCO get an in depth interview please.

  • Tom

    well she is better then what Denny is snuggling up with now –Bubba.

  • Dave Campbell

    WOW! Very photogenic! No wonder Denny was so smitten with her.,

  • pingstanton

    Can’t… stop… staring… into… her… eyes…

  • chump

    dennys going to a country club min security, there are no bubbas for the wealthy thieves

    • they trying to make nice

      guards….guards ….. bubba time

  • maylow

    Those of you out there that think his decisions have anything to do with being a used car salesman should think again. There are many used car salespeople out there that are very trusting people. If he would have stuck to being a used car salesman he wouldn’t be in this situation if you ask me.

    • Car Buyer

      Used car salespeople are all sneaky. So are new car salespeople.

      • c

        I have heard more lies and seen more rude behavior from customers than I have ever heard from any car salesmen new or used.

  • Ron

    This woman is making a mockery of the court system and the laws by which the rest of us must and are willing to live by. I would think that her background would give you some idea of how trustworthy she is. One year prison term is way to short. How about 5 years. That will lgive her time to buy some makeup also. Ron

    • Sheryl Aukes

      I agree. This is totally crazy.This woman need to be in jail longer then 1 year. That is a slap on the hand.

    • J

      Ron are you typing about L. Lohan?

      • Ron in Stillwater2

        some say I’d eat it sober? I’m not 100% sure about this

  • lisa

    Lets Line all the WAll street idiots up, the attorney’s shap and ziel, hsbc, jp morgan, etc. and LOCK THEM ALL UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY BACK. This little piddly crime is taking away from the real issues at hand., all the fraud in the housing market, banks stealing and etc.

  • Tim P

    I’m responsible too. And I get how it could happen. I don’t leash my kid to my waist and they can be absent minded. The dummy left it there – maybe borrowed his dad’s truck. Chit like this happens all the time. A rifle. Not a handgun.
    NRA member here and have 3 safes. Yet it has happened twice in my life also. 7 kids. They don’t always do things perfect like you must evidently.
    Actually – you somewhat are an embarrassement to us NRA’ers
    with that last sentence. I’ll just call you Mr. Perfecto. lmfao

  • Ron in Stillwater

    these eyes…. yessss yessssss yesssss .oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    fun and done.
    C-ya Ms. Rowan

  • Dewey, Cheatum & Howe

    She’s as big of a loser as Dennis. A cute loser, yes, but still a loser. She had a pretty good sized bag of dirty tricks even before she met the master. Since meeting Hecker she’s learned how to further hone her skills of lying, cheating, stealing, covering up, etc.

    I still don’t understand how either of them could get such short sentences for all the money they stole, all the people they took advantage of, and all the damage they’ve done to so many individuals and businesses.

    At least Petters used a little lube on his victims, Hecker and Rowan didn’t even take time to grease the skids.

    • stupid knows no distinction

      no need to for her. She’s 36 and juicy

  • I'll consider it now

    Worked at KARE

    Rowan took a job as a sales executive at KARE-TV in March 2007. She left the station in July 2008. While at KARE, Rowan handled at least part of the Denny Hecker account.

    Do ya think this maybe has bearing on the coverage?

  • young at heart and disliking Hecker more every day

    naaaaaaaa …. she’s a smokin’ sexbomb and they can’t get enough.
    It’s the fur stealing biggun’s that get the day 1 and done treatment.
    Right now there’s a lottery going on for night watch

  • Ted

    She’s hideous

    • Ted

      ya blind

    • Yikes

      ya blind?

  • they trying to rear end her?

    seems the judge didn’t get what he wanted lol

  • why you don't you?

    I still love her

  • yessssirrrrreeeeeeeee

    Christi, fret not. I got yer rear ;-)

  • John J

    It is never a good idea to annoy the federal judge who is going to sentence you.

  • Daryl

    Okay, she knowingly breaks a plea agreement and uses monies that have been fraudulently gained, and she thinks she is doing nothing wrong? Wow, she should be in politics!

  • Nancy Aleshire

    “Don’t cry for me, Ms Golddigger”. You reap what you sow. I guarantee you wouldn’t be interested in an almost sixty year old man had he not have money. I feel bad for your kids, not you.l

  • what a fool believes

    Has she not heard of Fantastic Sam’s? So much cheaper.

  • Kevin

    Let those who have never done anything wrong continue throwing stones.

    It does no good to put this woman in prison.

  • sandy

    Wow is she dumb!

  • Ruth

    Why are Christi Rowan and Denny Hecker news? They’re both crooks who deserve to be locked up and made to pay for their crimes. No country-club prisons for them or anyone else for that matter.

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