Warrant Issued For Fugitive Level 3 Sex Offender

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Authorities are looking for a Level 3 predatory sex offender who left a halfway house earlier this week.

Eugene Glaraton, 42, was on intensive supervised release and was previously convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections reports that Glaraton was last seen on Feb. 20 when he left his halfway house placement. He was released from the Lino Lakes Correctional Facility just five days earlier.

According to his level 3 profile, Glaraton forced a 15-year-old boy into sexual contact with him.  Glaraton did not know the victim.

Glaraton is described as white, 5 feet, 11 inches tall, weighing 222 pounds. He has blue eyes and gray hair but was last seen with a shaved head and a gray mustache/goatee.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts should call 911 or the Department of Corrections 24-hour tipline at 651-603-0026.

  • Del B.

    wow…. lets get this guy off the streets… :-(

  • Terry

    Better yet, lets keep him locked up…………..what a piece of garbage, a filthy pig.

    • TL

      he has been in and out of prison for this crime for the last 30 years………being as i know him i still think he needs to be behind bars and stay there…..better yet i think they should have fried him

      • TL

        I apolagize i was wrong its been 25 years…..he was 17 when the crime was committed and he has been in and out of prison since than….there was absolutely no excuse for him to do this to the teenage boy or anyone else for that matter…..however my feelings are still the same that he should be locked up

    • Niki

      Does he go by the name toby

      • be careful out there

        Yes, According to the DOC website, hi does go by Toby Waldo, too.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Releasing sex offenders is unusual punishment, it must be amusing to some people to think they will find a job and live a normal life.

    The sex offender registry is making criminals more dangerous, and in some cases it is easier to re-offend to go back to prison.

    I don’t get what makes sex offenders worse than murderers.

    • MN MOM

      Really, you don’t get what makes sex offenders worse than murderers?? Ask that 15 year old boy…

      • Victim Du Jour

        Sorry, but if this kid had been murdered, it would have been a much bigger impact on his loved ones.

      • Aurora

        Victim Du Jour has been leaving his/her asinine remarks on several stories today and should be ignored. Anyone with anything of substance in their skulls would realize that in many cases sex offenders are worse than murderers because their victims have to live with what was done to them. Death isn’t always the worst thing that can happen to a person.

  • Count Temecula

    Warrant is spelled wrong.

  • Americans2nd

    It’s simple – they are just as bad a murderers and then they continue to re-offend. Murderers steal life, sex offends steal spirits.

  • Pat

    These guys will get your kids if given half a chance. Keep them locked up.

  • Ignorance must be bliss

    This is why having a “half way house” for these freaks is the dumbest idea the justice system has EVER had. Thank T Paw for sticking a bunch of the state money into this and then giving these people the chance to do just what this guy did. If they cannot be trusted (as these people have already proven they cannot be) then why let them out of prison?

  • KS

    I personally believe that sex offenders should get punishment equal to if not greater than murderers do. Their victims have to live the rest of their lives with the shame, guilt, memories and other feelings. Why the heck should sex offenders ever get to move on with life or have the chance to reoffend?

  • Victim Du Jour

    My brother had been attacked and injured by someone with a weapon, he wakes up screaming.

    What elevates sex offenses above other violent crimes?

    • Big Top Drama From Head To Toe

      Well, if the perp had stuck the weapon in your bro’s nether orfice, you’d both know.

  • gma

    WHERE is the halfway house??? My 15 year old grandson would like to know.

    • TL

      the halfway house he was in was in st. paul i believe

  • donjuan

    another White rapist when will you people stop

  • Kelly wilson

    Like the site

  • sue

    It is not just the Whites that commit these God awefull crimes, it’s all nationalities . it is not right NO MATTER WHAT. they should never be released back into the community; because 9 out of 10 recommit the crime.

    • Mia

      Most of the offenders in Minneapolis are black….offenders are everywhere and could be anybody. Anger and sickness has no color. My daughter was offended by a black man, and I am African American myself and he was very very close….the least expected

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