Civil Suit Filed Against Minneapolis, 5 Cops In 2008 Death

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A civil suit has been filed against five police officers and the city of Minneapolis. It centers on the death of former DJ “Q” the Blacksmith, who used to work at KMOJ radio.

Quincy Smith died in 2008 after he was chased and Tasered by five police officers.

The five cops were later cleared of wrongdoing by the Minneapolis Police Department’s internal affairs unit and a Hennepin County grand jury. However, Smith’s family says the officers used excessive force and they should pay for what they did.

Smith’s mother, Betty Smith, says her life has been awful, and that she lost her son and best friend.

In December 2008, police went to her son’s home after they got a domestic abuse call about a man threatening his girlfriend with a rifle.

“There was no rifle. No one ever saw him with a rifle. No one ever saw him with a weapon at all,” said Betty.

According to court papers, officers ordered Smith to the ground, but he refused and ran. When they caught up with him, police allegedly punched him, kicked him in the ribs, hit him with a rifle and Tasered him at least seven times.

This is what police said back then:

“They found a man outside, attempted to arrest him. He actively resisted the officers. Somewhere in the struggle, a Taser was used to subdue him,” said Minneapolis Police’s William Palmer.

“That’s excessive force. It does not take five people to arrest anyone,” said Betty. “He was taken so unnecessarily, so brutally.”

Smith died on the way to the hospital and the Hennepin County Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide.

At the time of Smith’s death, he had a lawsuit against Timothy Devick, one of the arresting officers. That suit centered on Smith’s arrest in 2005 after he was Tasered in another confrontation with police.

Smith died before a final decision in that lawsuit.

  • LoveItOrLeaveIt

    His mother says ” It does not take five people to arrest anyone,” That’s NOT TRUE! It took 5 men to arrest my father and they were struggling, at that! When a man’s adrenalin is going, (or a woman’s, for tht matter) the amount of strength they have is truly unbelievable! I’ve experienced that myself in a situation where I had to defend myself against a person who was much bigger than I. But it was only because of adrenalin that I won that battle and am here today to tell about it.

    I’m truly sorry Mrs. Smith is suffering from the loss of her son. However, his running from the police aggravated the circumstances. Things could have turned out VERY differently had he not CHOSEN to run!

  • LoveItOrLeaveIt

    The person who called in and said he was threatening his girlfriend with a rifle certainly has culpability in this incident if “No one ever saw him with a rifle or firearm of any kind.”, as his mother’s attorney says. Obviously, SOMEONE saw him with the rifle, or the person making the call outright lied!

    Innocent people don’t run! Please don’t give me that “A Black man can’t trust the cops.” speal! We’re not in the 50’s, nor is this the South! If he wouldn’t have run, the situation would have had a very different ending, for sure.

    thug1, your moniker says it all!

  • Shane G

    What a way for the mother to work the system and get money. Although it’s sad that he died, he is the one who ran from cops and resisted arrest. And another incident in 2005?? He was obviously trouble. He looks like a big guy to me, so it certainly would take five cops to arrest him. If I was running or anybody else for that sake, they would send as many cops after me as needed to catch me. They’re not gonna say..”Okay..only you two guys go chase after him and us three cops will stay behind and watch from a distance keeping our fingers crossed hoping that you can handle him yourself.” HAAA What a joke. This case will clearly be thrown out.

    • onthefence

      shame on you,you dont know this mother or the deceades! !! someone should throw you out.ifyou survived the beating,tasering,punching, and end up a vegetable or with brain damage laying in a nursing home,WOULD THIS TYPE OF BRUTAILITY ON A PERSON BE A JOKE TO YOU OR OR MOTHER..

  • thug1

    Criminals in a uniform

  • LoveItOrLeaveIt

    By the way, it took 5 deputy sheriffs to arrest my father when my father was in his early 30’s. When a man’s (and for that matter, a woman’s) adrenalin gets going, the amount of strength that can be summoned is astronomical! It happened to me when a man who was much larger than myself attacked me! I won that attack and got away, only because the adrenalin kicked in and gave me strength I ordinarily don’t have.

    If nothing can “fill that hole” for the mother, perhaps she should just accept that (as many people who have lost a child need to do) and get some counselling. It’s been three years already. She needs to move on with her life.

    The money she’s looking for won’t “fill that hole” either. Perhaps she should be asking herself why someone would call the police and report that her son was threatening his girlfriend with a rifle if it wasn’t true, and why her son would not have obeyed a police command. I guess for some people it’s always easier to look outside themselves for blame rather than take a look at the role they may have played in the tragedy.

    • onthefence

      YES LOVEITORLEAVEIT , it is easier to look outside ourselves for blame.just as it is easier to form an blind opinion.we were not there.people do lie.unless you have walked in the shoes of this mother and others,who have lost their children ,how dare you say she needs to move moves on.she seems to moving in the right direction.her son’s death was a does not take a homicide to arrest a person.if a officers had been killed in this ordeal,the deceased would be in jail or on trial by now,three years later.

      • LoveItOrLeaveIt

        A Grand Jury refused to indict these officers. Clearly, they did not believe a homicide occurred. I did not form a blind opinion and you have no knowledge whether or not I have or have not lost a lchild. I may know very well what this mother is experiencing. Yes, she does need to move on and stop taking the easier route of trying to place blame, especially after two legal bodies have exonerated the officers. Only until she understands and accepts the role her son played in his own death will she be able to begin to heal. Mothers who have lost children who were driving while drinking or speeding must do the same thing, you know. Sometimes it’s very hard to admit that our children did something wrong, much less contributed to their own death. But that can be the start of true healing of the heart.

  • thug1

    Loveitorleaveit if someomes going to kill me i would run too but you will probably stand there like a deer in headlights
    News flash police are best known for killing blacks Our skin makes us guilty to you racist

    • LoveItOrLeaveIt

      thug1, you obviously didn’t read my post of 8:19 p.m. of Feb. 25. If you’d only read the first paragraph, you have the answer to whether or not I’d “stand there like a deer in headlights!” I repeat: This is NOT the old South or the 1950’s. NEWS FLASH TO YOU: There is not now, nor was there then, any evidence that anyone responded to the call with the intention to harm the perpetrator, much less kill him.

      If no one saw him with a rifle, then obviously there were people around who saw him (without a rifle) when the police came. The police couldn’t have killed him if they would have WANTED to with people around so the smart and law abiding thing for him to have done would have been to obey the police commands, rather than run.

      If you want to continue to live your life using the race card whenever a black man or woman is injured during an arrest, then so be it. The only one you are hurting is yourself but you are stuck in the ’50’s so hard that you can’t even so that reality.

      Laws are made for all Americans to follow. If I believe they apply equally to Black Americans, too, and if that makes me a racist, then so be it — I’m a racist. However, your sarcasm and personal attacks makes you a bully. Why should I not be surprised, though, with the moniker you choose to use??!!

    • PAUL

      thug1 police don’t randomly pick out and kill people weather there black,white,yellow,or red NOT everyone is a rasist like you! if you have something to hide then YOU have the problem. If a Police Officer gives a commmand follow the command and YOU WON’T SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. heres a clue for you DON’T BE STUPID FOLLOW THE LAW!!

  • Thugluv

    This mother should be jailed for a frivolous lawsuit. What a joke. A substantial drain on the system.

    thug1 – You are so thug for being on these message boards.

  • Truth is All

    I think you need a real education there thug1, the white man isn’t out to keep you down, they don’t want to kill you, they would like for you to realize that only you and the so called Black Leaders like Jackson and Sharpton are the only ones keeping you down.

    If you would pay attention in school, get a good education and stop listening to the idiots that call you a traitor for wanting to better your life then you would find that everyone is actually equal regardless of skin color.

    The ball is in your court man, take the bull by the horns and think for yourself and not follow like a sheep to the slaughter by your own people.

  • AReasonableMan

    There’s no way I’ll ever believe these cops, or anytime it’s 5 trained and armed men against one unarmed, and they can’t take him into custody without killing him??? Never. No way. How can you condone that ever???

    They murdered him, pure and simple. I hope I’ll on the jury.

    • LoveItOrLeaveIt

      You should take note that your life threatening comments left earlier have been removed. It is illegal to threaten people, you know. And it’s not very smart to do it on a public comment board! You managed to tone your anger down a bit with this comment. If I were you, I’d expect a knock on the door in the near future. Just saying.

  • Not a proud American

    Why does it alwayz got to be a Asian man or a black man??? How come we don’t hear any incidents in any other city but Minneapolis. Smells like kkk to me.

  • Sam I am

    You are a pathetic street ape. Your thuggary is not wanted or needed in a civilized world.

    Quick playing the victim in everything you do. The race card gets really old after a while. Eventually YOU, yes YOU black people are going to realize you pushed the race card to far. Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama are NOT your friend.

    Black people are the most racist people I have ever seen.

    • Not a proud American

      Who’s fault was it to bring them here in the first place? Pointing finger points back to you. Dont assume that all blacks are low lifes. Check out our NBA and NFL Teams. They make more money that you can ever imagine.

    • LoveItOrLeaveIt

      Sam I am, I fear we are just wasting our time trying to cnvince people to take resonsibility for their own actions. Some Blacks listen to other Blacks that perpetuate the victim mentality rather than listen to people like Bill Cosby who has laid it out before them that they have no one to blame for their failures than themselves. It’s always easier to blame someone or something outside ourselves than to to look at our ourselves and see what role we played in our own misfortunes. I’m choosing to allow the whiners to continue to whine like little girls who don’t get their way. I’ll continue to help and support those who educate themselves and do their best to make something out of their lives. I don’t have to waste on those who won’t help themselves!

  • thug1

    if you white people would only take off your hoods long enough to see your racial hatred

    • PAUL

      thug1 you are the only rasist on this comment board……………QUIT WINNING THAT ALL WHITES ARE RASIST WE ARE NOT this is not the 60’s we all see in colored now except for you ……………………GROWUP YOU ARE A WHIMP!!!!!!

  • onthefence

    where in the police job description does it say homicides are exempt?(free).other wise it is a execution. if it takes five to arrest someone so be it.that is not what these five did.these five are involved in a awfully heartless of you to even think that money could replace a person.what does that say about you?

  • Chris K

    Cops kill then get cleared. I always laugh & find solace when I see the tables turned & hear about police getting killed on the job. I really hate law enforcement & have no trust for them.

  • Proud American

    Yea Not a proud American you know it was black people themselves that started selling other blk people. Maybe you should of paid attention in history class instead of being out smoking dope. Chris K you are a worthless POS and don’t deserve the money i pay out for welfare, Thug1 maybe your family should get off welfare and make something of themselves too.

  • John

    Why did he run?

  • Nancy Aleshire

    One has a greater chance on getting a settlement as a result of being killed or injured due to actions by the police. I have been battling for settlement against the MN DHS. My 27 year old developmentally disabled son was killed as a result of being restrained in his DHS run workplace. I am battling just finding lawyers to represent me. Even ARC tells me it is hard to sue DHS. I stand behind Mrs. Smith and all other victims of murdered children.

  • Chris K

    @”Proud” American you are the POS, just like daddy I guess. Your momma was on welfare & we used to call her jawbone.

  • Chris K

    @ Proud American: by the way maybe you should have paid attention in history class as Portugual & Spain were the most significant slave traders. True there were African tribes & Arabs involved but they were not trafficking these humans overseas into chattel slavery. In most prior civilizations slaves could earn their freedom. A good portion of American, the so called land of the free, wealth was derived by stolen labor. Further, I am college educated & make enough money to pay income taxes not just payroll taxes. I hate the police & trust my Glock & myself to protect my family over those cowards. If you are such a tough guy I dare you to burn a cross in my yard smirk.

    • PAUL

      chris I hope you are glock meet someone else with a bigger glock and then we won’t need to here you garbage that spues from you mouth

  • PAUL

    do you know what PIG stands for thug1 …………………………PRIDE….INTEGRITY…….GUTS……….. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT …………………….o by the way when are you suppost to be back at BOYS TOWN

  • Tell It like it is

    I hate cops that hurt or kill people, that is why I don’t have any feelings when one of them gets hurt or killed. There families need to feel the real pain like we do. (You Know)

    • PAUL

      you are an IDIOT the police that have had to take a life in the line of duty have to feel the pain every day of their lives they don’t enjoy that part of their job as you all suggest. remember you just may need their help some day and if they aren’t there right now you will also be the one yelling the loudest GROWUP AND GET REAL OR GO BACK TO JAIL OR PRISON My brother is a police officer and if he needs to pull his gun he is trained to shot to kill !!! remember that is how they are trained

  • Just Me

    I live in North Minneapolis and have noted that cops come in all sorts of skin colors and have rarely had any encounters with them but then again, I obey the laws and try to get along with everyone. Based on my personal experiences, I’d say that if there were five cops trying to deal with this person there were at least people from several ethnic groups there in uniform. It is also quite likely there is dash cam video (or at least audio) that helps to tell the story. I also understand that some tasers record video when they are deployed. I sincerely doubt that anything that the cops did was racially motivated.

    • racism n 2011

      You gotta be joking rite?

  • Chris K

    Paul, hooked on phonics worked for me. Maybe you can learn basic spelling some day too.

  • thug1

    all white cops are either redneck, racist, skinhead or klansman

  • Man1

    Give me a break…white ppl do have it easier then blacks. Thats just a proven fact..

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