Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Your Good Questions

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Jason DeRusha hits “reply all” to viewer’s good questions.

• How do the Wisconsin State Senators pay for their escape to Illinois?

According to the Associated Press, the Senators have said they are not using any taxpayer dollars to pay for living expenses, nor are they accepting the Wisconsin Senate per diem payment they’d be entitled to if they were in Madison.

The Wisconsin Senate Democratic Campaign Committee reportedly has picked up some of the expenses.

The 14 Senators are still accepting their pay, however, arguing that they are still doing work for their constituents while they’re in Illinois. A weekly salary for a Wisconsin State Senator is around $960.

• Why aren’t all fire hydrants red? – Mollie from Shakopee

“Why are the fire hydrants in Shakopee yellow and green instead of red,” e-mailed Mollie Ferrel, a ten-year-old girl from Shakopee.

The National Fire Protection Association has a color code for hydrants, where different colors indicate different strengths of water pressure. The hydrants in Shakopee are green on top, that’s because the water pressure is really strong. In Shakopee, it can be up to 2500 gallons per minute, according to the fire department.

In Minneapolis, the red hydrants typically pump out 1000 gallons per minute, but hydrants with white caps indicate that the hydrant is on a water main, and they pump out around 2000 gallons per minute.

• Ashley Strobel, will you marry me? – Cliff Nations from Sartell

Cliff asked us to ask Ashley to marry him. Everyone at WCCO hopes she says yes.

Watch Ashley’s Response:

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