ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota is getting a $1 million health care grant that former Gov. Tim Pawlenty spurned and new Gov. Mark Dayton sought.

The grant announced Friday by Dayton and the state Department of Commerce will pay to plan for a health insurance exchange required by the federal health care overhaul.

State officials say the exchange will be a web site where consumers can shop for health insurance, similar to travel web sites that sell flights and hotel bookings. Dayton’s administration is expected to unveil more details in the near future.

The Democratic governor sought the money after reversing a Pawlenty directive that ordered state agencies to decline discretionary participation in the health care law. Pawlenty is a likely GOP presidential candidate who aimed to limit Minnesota’s participation in that law.

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Comments (12)
  1. th says:

    That is what a Governor should do. Work for the working class people. Kudos

    1. brian says:

      sweet ya grants are free thank god this money came out of nowhere for us, oh wait it’s tax payers money oh ya tax me than give it back to us smart so smart

  2. Smile Markie says:

    Markie is such a looser and I can’t believe he really got elected to be our guv for four years without the influence of fraud. Why would we elect Markie when we flipped the house and senate?

    Markie is a fool to believe that Obummercare will survive past the next election. He accepts this bait gift of $1Million which, in effect, commits Minnesota to compliance with the structure of Obummercare that will cost MN taxpayers MUCH more than $1Million in years to come. Markie has no clue when it comes to matters of money cuz he has never had to earn a buck through hard work or intellegence. Worst Senetor ever…. Worst governor ever.

    1. MN MOM says:

      Tend to disagree with you. I think Pawlenty was an absolute horrible govenor.

    2. LoeItOrLeaveIt says:

      You lost me as a reader of your comment when you so brazenly disrespected our governor in the firt word you choose to use. You don’t have to like the man but you certainly should give him the respect he deserves as the top elected official in our state. Then you go on and disrespect the President of the United States! Why would you think anyone would show you respect when you don’t show our elected leaders any? Hypocrisy runs rampant in people like you!

      1. SmileMarkie says:

        People get the respect they deserve from the people that respect them (yourself) as well as the people that do not respect them (ME). Dollars to donuts says you would not respect some of my friends, and I respect your right to do so. What makes you think I would respect a man just because he holds a high office in our corrupt political system? People must earn respect, or not.

        Obummer is the worst president in history and Dayton was the worst senator and will likely be the worst MN governor… In my so humble opinion. Quite frankly, I could care less what you think of my opinion either so bugger off and go have another tall glass of Kool-Aid. Moron…

  3. mnturnred says:

    Already being done well by the private sector. Throw some more taxpayer money down the toilet.

    1. albert says:

      Being done well?!? Denying health care insurance because you have a corn on your foot? Because you daughter has asthma?

      Explain to me, please, why you think there should be someone with a profit motive between me and my healthcare?

      I’ll wait.

      I sure hope some day you lose your health insurance and you have the ethics to refuse Medicaid and Medicare.

      1. MM Profits says:

        Yup Albert the healthcare system in this country is a scam but keep in mind, It is the “profit motive” that you speak badly of that brought you all of the fancy new medical equipment and bionic body parts that you want.

        A capitalist free market economy and our natural resources made America the best and biggest economy in the world. Corrupt and selfish politicians have destroyed what once was and only the profit motive and a free capitalist economy will bring it back.

        If health insurance isn’t working for you, drop it. You would be surprised at how reasonable health services can be when you are paying cash to your providers and how much freedom you have to shop around. We all have a cross to bear in life and many difficulties. Your challenge is to overcome them and figure out the best way to provide for your needs.

      2. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

        MMProfits, it was our greedy corporations with no sense of patriotism that got us to where we are today! The amount of profit they feel entitled to is unlimited, in their eyes. There is no amount that is enough. They exported the jobs of the American worker to make more for the bottom line, and continue to take advantage of poor countries for their profit gain. It’s no different than hiring children in the factories so they wouldn’t have to pay them as much as adults. Shame on American Business — but, unfortunately, they have no shame!

  4. richard says:

    This shows what a bozo pawlenty was/is and that the Gov. is working for the people, not a spot on the repub presidential ticket.

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