By Susie Jones, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Five students were reportedly sent home from a school in the Edina School District after it was found they had head lice.

“Sandy” is the mother of four children. She says her children have had the bugs more than once.

“So if you miss one of the eggs, it hatches and lays another 100 eggs — which is disgusting,” she said.

WCCO’s Susie Jones Interviews ‘Sandy’

Rachel Knutson is the co-owner of LadiBugs Inc., a company that treats the lice.

She says over the counter remedies don’t work.

“Unfortunately the studies out there are showing that these bugs, these lice, are becoming resistant,” said Knutson.

WCCO’s Susie Jones Interviews Rachel Knutson

Knutson said they use a treatment that includes blowing extremely hot air onto the head of the patient. She says the cost runs between $40 to $175.

Comments (9)
  1. they trying to make nice to lice says:

    this is sooooooooooo itchy

  2. me says:

    Over the counter remedies work if they are used properly

  3. John says:

    Oh NO, Not in EDINA ( Every Day I Need Attention )

    1. Ann says:

      Ha Ha Ha, That’s funny 🙂

  4. MAJ says:

    These professionals do a great job. Some people do not have the time or energy it takes to get rid of these little critters. My granddaughter was treated for them and they did not return. (So far) Previous to that my daughter was not aware there was such a service available.

  5. Maria L says:

    Lice is Nice _______ when they dead

    I know people who have and have not had success in the drug store treatment method. Quite possibly some were more thorough and attended to the job better.
    If it works for some there is no reason it won’t work for everyone. There is no “super louse” so far despite that comment.
    Nice niche business to be in I suspect. People freak out when it comes to these pests.
    Fleas are worse … ask me about them at a later date. 😦

  6. DaveM says:

    I thought the liberals put out a declaration that from now on, lice infestations were to be considered “normal”. I presume this is in deference to our burgeoning immigrant population. Seriously. This was in the press a month or two ago.

  7. Phil says:

    The best remedy I ever found when my kids were growing up was to color their hair with commercial hair color. That killed those nice lice dead once and for all. ~Then they go back to school and get ’em again.

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