By Bruce Hagevik, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis officers are investigating the death of a man whose body was found in a south Minneapolis alley early Saturday morning.

“About 3:45 a.m. our officers in the 3rd precinct got a 911 call about some shots being fired,” said police spokesman, Sgt. Bill Palmer.

The man found dead has been identified as 32-year-old Jeremee Kraskey, of Walker, Minn.

Neighbors had called authorities after hearing gunshots in the area. At first police could not locate a victim but after additional information came in they found the body in an alley in the 3500 block of 14th Ave. South.

“Officers went into that alley and did find an adult male, what appears to be an adult male, (dead of) apparent gunshot wounds,” said Sgt. Palmer.

WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Interviews Sgt. Bill Palmer

Comments (18)
  1. Murph says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to live in an area where shots fired means your neighbor just got some meat for the table.Where the air is fit to breathe! Murderapolis sucks!

  2. Webb says:

    Minneapolis is great. Criminals suck!

  3. Concerned for Powderhorn says:

    When I was a kid (early 70’s) this is a block from where we lived. We lived at 3535 15th. Yikes.

    1. Hastingsgurl says:

      @ Concerned….I feel the same, I grew up same time on 38th and 15th. I miss my old house, but not the neighborhood now days. 😦

    2. Nancy says:

      I lived in the area in the 60’s and 70’s. Lived at 3621 14th av.

      I also agree with Webb. Minneapolis is great…it’s the criminals that are bad.

  4. Linda says:

    shat ‘appears to be’ ?????

  5. Dave Seavy says:

    Just like the North side. I lived at the Malone Funeral Home on Lowry and Fremont N. in the 70’s while in college. It was a beautiful area. The scourge of the earth has taken it over and it’s not fit to go up there even in the daytime.

  6. citydweller says:

    Hea Murph, it’s 2010, in case you haven’t checked your sundial lately. People live in cities, eat only vegetables, men marry men, and women marry women. Deal with it you cretin.

  7. citydweller says:

    Woops, it’s actually 2011. Time flies when one is shop-lifting, making meth, and stealing purses.

  8. Tea has a GUN! says:

    If it was gang related….I am just find with it…as long as gang bangers are kinning each other….works for me!
    Three words…

  9. Tru-Native says:

    Tha Guy Who Was Shot’s Name Is Jeremey John Kraskey He’s My Uncle:'(

    1. mandym says:

      I went to schhol with your uncle…he was a great guy and always made me laugh! I am so sorry for your loss and hope for peace for Jeremee, his beautiful children, and for you and your loved ones.

  10. Aaron Fitch says:

    I live over there NOW, I love it and I feel extremely safe…. When I say safe I mean, not afraid…. If your afraid, your presence is harmful. It is sad that this man was killed. Have respect, this shouldn’t be a moment to express political sentiments

  11. Ralph says:

    It isn’t always the gangster type (actually little punk bullies) that get killed. Sometimes their are victims of our society alowances. Their was a shooting in North Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago where a young woman was shot in the back at a house party. I hear later from one person that they quit going to these parties because of all the guns that are carried by nearly every male attendee. Sounds like a very common thing. Then I ask if so well know, where are the police. Are they that ignorant to these paries. Start busting them and remove the weapons. Unless one has a permit I do believe that it is still illegal to carry. Those that break the law go straight to jail. There pictures published publically on a regular basis. Maybe even abuse those people a little. RIGHTS. If you break the law like that you have no rights. That is what it should be.

  12. Jay Holgate says:

    i can’t speak to what’s happening on the North side, but this happened right across the street from me, in a neighborhood in which i’ve lived for 20 years.
    i see no scourge of the earth around here. i see dedicated neighbors who take pride in a diverse neighborhood. with diversity, sometimes, comes the unsavory.
    to Tru-Native: in addition to being saddened for our neighborhood, please know
    that i also feel deeply for your loss. by all indications he was a great person.
    i’m so sorry.

  13. Anitra Rose says:

    Jeremee was a great man and will be missed dearly! He was a great father and someone the kids looked up to. If anyone was in need he was there with a helping hand even if he didn’t have what you need, he sure would go out and get it for you. This man was a single father and did anything for them kids. And he always could make someone laugh if they were down. He had a great smile that would make you want to smile. My only question is why did they have to take him??? His babies need him, he was their sole provider, as a family member I will miss the MAN THAT LOVED HARD!!!

  14. kelly jackson says:

    jeremee was a great friend of mine. A true true fren and a excellent father to his children. This shouldnt have happened to a person like him. He will be missed and never forgotten…. RIP Jeremee!

  15. Daniel H says:

    R.I.P. bro.i put out tabacco and prayed for you and yours, the creator will embrace you and look over your family, see you on the otherside, until my journey peace.

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