By Rachel Slavik, WCCO-TV

HUDSON, Wis. (WCCO)– Nearly two weeks since the first protest in Madison, Wis., union supporters, angry about the bill to end collective bargaining rights, continue to rally around the state.

On Sunday, hundreds carried their message through the streets of downtown Hudson, and Gov. Scott Walker was no longer the only target.

“Its frustration, because no one is listening,” said Shelly Moore, a Wisconsin teacher.

The names of Republican lawmakers like Sen. Sheila Harsdorf made their way into rally chants and slogans.

Ramona Gunter, a union supporter, said, “She won’t talk to her constituents. She’s not representing her constituents and she has to go.”

Union members said they are constantly trying to get in contact with their representatives, but they believe they are being ignored.

“This isn’t democracy,” Moore said. “In democracy people have the right to speak, but it also requires listening on the part of our elected officials and people are frustrated.”

The protests are the people’s way of speaking out. Their plea was a little louder Sunday, thanks to the help of union member from Minnesota

“We want to make sure they know we are with them, and we’re standing with workers across America,” said Tom Dooher, the president of Education Minnesota.

Republican lawmakers may have control of the Wisconsin Legislature, but protesters argue they will not have the final say on this bill.

“This is by no means over and even if this bill passes, this isn’t going to end,” said Chris Danou, of the 91st Assembly District.

Calls to Harsdorf were not answered. Walker said the bill will help the state cope with a $3.6 billion budget shortfall. Walker supporters did not show up to today’s rally.

Comments (18)
  1. GN says:

    It has alway fascinated me that the only ones that get paid to demonstrate are government employees. Add union, you get overpaid, underworked, dead weight.

  2. franco says:

    Why don’t they work this hard all the time? State employees are over paid and under worked!

  3. Sheifa says:

    These people running in streets are fat cats and lazy. Go back to your job because you have one that gives you much to much.

  4. Robert says:

    hey union people …take a hint .. take a walk. it’s over for you. what part of “broke” don’t you understand?

  5. To work we must go says:

    Big mouth union people…… go to work!!

  6. Hazle CainJohnson says:

    The protests have ceased to be about the money and are all about workers’ rights! Scott Walker and his republican cohorts are trying to strip the American workers of their civil rights. From the comments I read, I can see that many people are listening to “talk radio” where ideas and concepts are blasted out over the airways, with no thought to truth or honesty. How pathetic! What is really pathetic is American workers supporting this dictator. Look at Egypt etc. and take a lesson!

  7. Cathy(Teamsters) says:

    Amen Hazle CainJohnson, some of the people that have made cooments on here need to educate themselves on unions, what they stand for and why unions were created.

  8. Kieth says:

    Reward for performance is better than bullying the company. UNION members are just lazy, they want more pay for less work, that is why companies are outsourcing to other countries. UNION is similar to a mob or gang control of the company

    1. Kieth hates America says:

      Why do the non union jobs get outsourced to other countries? Are you claiming that all American workers are lazy?

    2. PAUL says:

      Keith you have NO clue as to what Union are about and what they do maybe you need to read up on Unions and what they have done for ALL workers in the FREE WORLD …………………UNION PROUD, AFSCME MEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. the hard working man says:

    all i am going to say is cost of living raise wouldnt that be nice

  10. the hard working says:

    i fight for paid holidays and vacation you need a more money cash in your vacation then complain

  11. Mike says:

    I like the idea of a group of employees joining together in a union to work as a group to persuade their employer. What I don’t like is public employees extracting payment from the taxpayers when we can no longer afford their excessive demands. Work your union magic against private enterprise. If you take too much, the company will be forced out of business and you’ll be out looking elsewhere for work. The public can no longer afford you. Let’s make public service mandatory for all young people like Israel does with their soldiers. Pay is minimal. After 2 or 3 years, move on into the private sector and let someone else have a chance at public service. You have decided to make a lifetime career out of your profession. Please ‘do’ something with your life, teachers!

    1. jimmy says:

      Why is it we are broke? It’s because the top 1% continue to take more and more of the income and refuse to pay taxes on it. Then the rich use corporate money to elect their stooges like walker to do their bidding.

    2. these people are morons says:

      “The public can no longer afford you. Let’s make public service mandatory for all young people”
      I like this Mike not only does he demonize state workers and teachers for making a honest wage. Now he wants to enslave the young to preform these services for him. If Mike has his way we will have high school drop outs teaching school.

    3. PAUL says:

      Mike tell me why we should give up our jobs with the state or as teachers after 2 or 3 years ? We do our jobs because we like our jobs ! Everyone has a chance to get public sector jobs it’s not a right of only some for your last comment “please ‘do’ something with your life,teachers” stupid they are doing something useful they are teaching and training your kids and sometimes they are the ONLY adult that they can talk to, they are sometimes MORE of a parent to these kids that their real parents ! I graduated 30 years ago from high school and to this day I have more respect for my teachers and parents than ever.

  12. John says:

    Walker for Pfesident 2012.

  13. RLG says:

    It is very sad how uninformed so many are. State employees are undercompensated … this is a fact. I myself get paid very little to do my job (it prob works out to 10 dollars an hour and I have a BS, 2 MS degrees and a PhD.) I like what I do and as long as I don’t lose my house and can pay my bills, I will continue to work hard and get paid little. Unions have been negotiating and as a result, over the last 6 to 10 years (MORE?) union members have taken less in salary, paid more in benefits, and have received different insurance plans that offer less coverage (while they pay more — and Walker lies and tells the media that unions require WEA insurance. HE LIES.) FOLKS… don’t let Walker divide and conquer the laborers while he does business with his billionaire supporters. You are falling into his trap. He’s not doing any of us any good. PLEASE be more informed before you start saying that state employees are lazy and living off of your taxes. This is so untrue and it serves Walker’s goals.

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