By James Schugel, WCCO-TV

APPLE VALLEY, Minn. (WCCO) — The owners of a Twin Cities massage parlor have been busted for prostitution and other illegal activities.

Apple Valley Police said iMassage owner Andy Ming-Lueng Kor admitted to them that he knew sexual activities were happening in his parlor, which is located in a strip mall off 149th Street.

Kor and his wife, Yin Hsin Chu, face three misdemeanor offenses, including prostitution.

Police said massages at iMassage weren’t just therapeutic. They were erotic, where women were massage therapists and men their willing customers.

The criminal complaint from Dakota County details a customer’s experience on Jan. 19. The customer that said he was inappropriately touched when he went for a massage.

He said that he paid upfront for a one hour massage, and “during the massage, the female began touching his testicles and penis,” the complaint detailed.

The customer reported the situation to Apple Valley Police.

Officers started investigating the business the next day and said they found reviews of sexual services that customers posted online at Erotic Massage Review.

Two weeks ago, a licensed Apple Valley police officer made a massage appointment with a female therapist at iMassage. The complaint states that during that massage, “the officer indicated by rubbing the female’s lower calf that he was interested in sexual services.”

The complaint goes on to say that “the female brushed against the officer’s testicles and buttocks area” and then “touched the area around the officer’s penis and began to masturbate him,” before the officer told the female to stop.

Apple Valley Police shut down the business.

In the meantime, the city wants to better-regulate massage parlors. A new ordinance would require more than 20 massage businesses to have a license. The therapists who work at the parlors would also need a license and a background check.

“We want to make certain those businesses are operating in a way that is appropriate in our community,” said Tom Lawell, Apple Valley’s city adminstrator. “It will be intended to make certain the storefronts in our community that operate under the guise of massage are operating under legitimate massage services.”

The hope is to cut down on illegal activity, like the alleged activity that happened at iMassage.

Comments (34)
  1. Bob O says:

    Asked her to stop…after how long? And how do I get assigned to that detail?…And since when does masturbating include two people?….just saying.

    1. James says:

      Love it!!! Good catch, perhaps the officer was taking part in the whole plan and was unwilling to pay any extra fees.

    2. Victim Du Jour says:

      Sounds much better than having to listen to people go poop in airport bathrooms.

    3. WHAT????? says:

      WHERE IS MY HAPPY ENDING???? I always hear about this stuff way too late….haha

    4. Jonathan Wong says:

      “MASSAGE” : manually manipulate (someone’s body), usually for medicinal or relaxation purposes. I dont think the owner did anything wrong. If the client doesnt want it he or she should say it. Just like a going to doctor for cancer check both rectal for colon cancer(finger in the ass) or testicle for prostate cancer(feeling someone balls). Doctor have to touch those area because doctor suppose to make sure we are healthy hence a happy ending at MASSAGE PARLOR is relaxing (relaxation purposes).

  2. M B says:

    Is this the only case of this happening in Apple Valley? Does any other twin cities communities make massage parlors jump through such hoops?

    If this is a isolated case and other cities don’t have such regulation, I would say that the Apple Valley City Council is WAY overreacting to this. There’s no point in punishing a whole group just because of the actions of one shop. But, overreaction seems to be the norm in cities these days.

    1. A C says:

      All other surrounding cities regulate massage therapy in the proposed way to prevent such things from happening. As a professional therapist it is frustrating to try to run a professional business with integrity when people out there are making massage known under these terms.

  3. Mark says:

    Who cares! People are being murdered and other serious crimes and Apple Valley is looking into men getting happy endings after their massage?? The guys needed relief and the women involved made more money than they would with a regular massage. Win win for all parties involved.

    1. Aaron says:

      Unless the woman there are being forced. Human Trafficking is a serious crime and if there were underage girls in this parlor than this is a much bigger deal which needs to be addressed. Minneapolis ranks 13th when it comes to human trafficking in the United States. The average age that a girl is brought in to prostitution is between 11-14. If this is going on, this bust is less about these guys and more about the girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking.

  4. scott says:

    Whoa whoa whoa! This business owner needs to get a good lawyer and fire back at that cop and the force for sexual haresment! He rubbed her thigh??? That is not what a “normal” customer does! I have had many massages and that is something you do not do! Never ever no reason! Second, if these massues want to jerk guys off for extra money so be it! They are doing it behind closed doors! What is so bad about it having happy people walk our streets? I guess its not okay to be happy and pay to be happy. This is going to far with the whole “undercover” thing. The cop was jerking his meat infront of the lady??? Lol! What a tool! He is going to arrange an act that others are going to jail over? Come on! This is so wrong in every way. I hope the owners are smart and go back at the cop for what they did. Yes it will cost tax dollars but iwould rather see it spent on that than spent on undercover toe tappers and thigh rubbers! Game over!

    1. Sad friend says:

      FYI commenters: Owner A.K. committed suicide Monday night. The “wife” in the article is NOT really his wife!!!! He led a secret 2nd life I think. WCCO, please report this acurately (do your homework). RIP Andy.

  5. Victim Du Jour says:

    Yeah, the cops should be tackling drugs before prostitution.

    Drugs lead people into prostitution, and drugs revolve around the bad prostitutes who spread STD’s or end up getting hurt or being infected by Johns who are under the influence of drugs.

    Drug dealers are much worse than this woman who was purposely asked to touch a police officer

  6. Devoided says:

    The officer only could make the arrest after he started inappropriately grabbing at the young lady giving him the massage…and I quote “The complaint states that during that massage, “the officer indicated by rubbing the female’s lower calf that he was interested in sexual services.” (Be warned all shoe salespeople…YOU ARE SOLICTING) Sounds like the AV PD are guilty of entrapment (yes I know, it doesn’t apply in America anymore). Must be nice to be in a town where there is no major crime happening.

  7. Devoided says:

    On another note…I see I new BEST OF category for the crack blogging team at WCCO to report on (don’t think you can steal this from the City Pages, Minnesota Monthly or MPLS/St. Paul Magazine, unlike every other best of your team has done)

  8. Spencer says:

    Dakota county is the worst county in the state, always looking to go after someone for the benefit of the county! That guy could have told her he wasn’t interested! Now again the county gets more money from someone that didn’t deserve to fork it out! Court system, Child Support system, Jailing system all get money under the table…thumbs down on the county!!!!!

  9. Lisa says:

    He stroked her calf?? If that isn’t a crime, then her stroking his rod shouldn’t be either! Afterwards I’m sure the cop went home & finished the job on himself!

    1. Jonathan Wong says:

      Nah he was happy with the service but have to report it because its his job.

  10. Entrapment. Case dismissed. says:

    Two consenting adults. Leave ’em alone! Do you think it’s any different at a bar when a guy and gal barter for sex with drinks?

    I would think the cops could find something better to do.

  11. Frustrated says:

    I think this news article was is too explicit. WCCO didn’t have to go into so much detail. This isn’t a playboy article. What if a child had a current events assignment and read this article?! Very irresponsible, WCCO!

    1. lameasse says:

      sounds like you need a happy ending…..

    2. Ed says:

      FRUSTRATED?!?!?! Ha Perfect name! I agree, sounds like it’s been a while maybe time for a massage with a happy ending. Be careful though, I don’t know how that cop got away with stroking her leg first. Sound like maybe he forced her to do something more than a massage.
      Bummer to hear about the owner.

  12. anon says:

    I wish I would have gotten in on this before it was busted. Darn.

  13. That's the ticket! says:

    Hey Frustrated. How’s a kid supposed to learn? Oh, yeah right. He can go over to Wisconsin where the teachers specialize in setting good examples.

    1. Frustrated says:

      From his parents, not the news. You think it would be appropriate for a 7 year old girl to read this?!

      1. Ed says:

        Why would a 7 year old be reading a story like this in the first place?
        I doubt the headline is a real attention grabber for a 7 year old.

  14. Christina says:

    After hearing of this story last night, my first question was about the women; were they working there against their wills? It is very likely that they are human trafficking victims.As a volunteer with Not For Sale MN, after reading the other comments on this article, it is easy to see how much work there is to do raising awareness and informing the general public on these issues.

  15. Jonathan Wong says:

    Think the owner die (Andy Ming) according to the Apple Valley news. Found dead in house. I think this is a good opportunity for the wife to blame everything on the husband and get off clean.

    1. Friend says:

      I would have thought WCCO would do their homework before copying off other news articles with wrong information.
      Jonathan, Yin Chu is not the owner’s wife. Yin Chu was an employee. The owner’s wife has nothing to do with this case. RIP Andy.

  16. T B says:

    I can only hope they do regulate massage therapy in Apple Valley, they are about the only city in the metro that does not. These types of operations need to be referred to by what it is, prostitution, and not massage therapy. Some of us practice professional massage for a living and it’s always frustrating when people get the two mixed up. As for the part about “massaging the buttocks,” it should be noted that that is part of a professional massage, provided that the therapist is using proper draping techniques, glute muscle work is very common to relieve sciatic pain especially.

  17. Getoverit says:

    Set up – the gentlemen who claims he was inappropiatley touched. This one convient complaint to the county initiates an investigation? Of course, police needed something to set up that bust.
    Contradiction- the oficer said he initiated the touching by “brushing her calf”. My question What exactly did the customer do to initiate his contact?
    How can the county regulate a business for which they require no occupational license?
    Massage involves muscle and tissue being touched, and duing the session toxins, emotions and stress can be released. Why should it be anyones business govt or civil they anyone releases in any form? Stimulating muscle and tissue and releasing is not prostitution. Layin on my back and spreadin my legs selling my vajay jay, not thats another story. Why dont you do more child abuse stings? I sure hope the gentleman who initiated this has a clear conscious, because a life was allegedly lost here. Was the complaint really worth it.?

  18. zhalo says:

    What about the other place on Eriotic review name “Method Massag”? I think this place is worse than Imassage. I think they pay the right guys to look away. That’s why they can do full service for so long.
    Imassage is nothing compared to Method Massage. Check all dirty details on What the cops in Minneapolis been doing?

  19. Ihategovernment says:

    We have much better things to do with our tax dollars than to have a cop bust a massage parlor like this. Couple things that stick out in this. 1, like most massages, the cop was probably naked, and hence exposed himself. 2, he started it. This is pure and simple entrapment.
    We do not have the tax dollars to support this kind of nonsense.

    Most of the comments on here are in support of the massage parlor, and in support of leaving them alone.

    I suggest you write or call your local congressman and/or other city or town government and tell them this. Tell them you don’t want your tax dollars spent this way, and what happens behind closed doors, and doesn’t hurt anyone, is none of their business.

  20. SillyMe says:

    Even though the city requires business license or CMT, it does not matter. A certified massage therapy with still do the same thing if he or she chooses to do those obnoxious stuff behind doors. They just need to punish the bad people.

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