CHICAGO (AP) — A new poll finds that Americans oppose efforts to weaken public employee unions’ collective bargaining rights by an almost two to one margin.

A New York Times/CBS poll released Monday finds that 60 percent of adults surveyed oppose efforts to weaken public employee union members’ rights to collectively negotiate the terms of their employment. Thirty-three percent of those surveyed support such efforts.

The poll comes as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker seeks to push through legislation that would strip most public employees of their collective bargaining rights and require them to contribute more to their pension and benefit plans.

The nationwide telephone poll of 984 adults was conducted Feb. 24-27. It had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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Comments (9)
  1. lib says:

    a poll like this out of Chicago!! Who are you kidding cco, nobody asked me. What a joke,

    1. jimmy says:

      lib did you miss the part where it said they asked adults?

  2. Mr T says:

    Another rigged poll in an attempt to shape people’s opinion. The media knows that most people will spew what they see or hear on the “news” as being factual, when it’s not.
    Here’s some stats for your poll, most Americans think politicians are crooks, that the unions are corrupt and the media distorts it all.

  3. 3M CEO says:

    Oh my did you hear the whining that the 3M CEO about our president? Who’s buying your products (post it notes, sand paper, furnace filters, etc.) … Remember 95% of us are not wealthy. It’s pretty easy to boycott companies like 3M, Target, etc. if you mix too much politics with business.

    Fun Useless Comical Kids … You Ought2 Understand

  4. JMoriarty says:

    It depends on how you ask the question….. it would be telling if they actually wrote out the question for us to see what the “poll” was really asking…. if they don’t reveal the question the poll is meaningless.

  5. ro says:

    this spin is old news! What was the percentage of union and non-union workers polled. no mention of that information! and I totally agree, a poll coming out of Chicago! Yeah right!

  6. Peter says:

    It really doesn’t matter what people think. The states must adopt a system similiar to fed workers allowing for some collective bargaining but not others. You cannot have collective bargaining for benefits in the public sector, it just does not work and thats the way it is. It is totally unsustainable and has proven to be so over and over again in state and city. The debate is over.

    1. irv says:

      How do you figure. Locals negotiate with their local unions to buy their services. If the local feels they want to pay a certain amount then they do. If not they don’t. I work in a school district and we have recieved nothing for the past four years through our negotiations. Don’t tell me it doesn’t work when I’m getting more in cuts than most of the privatge sector. And yes I pay 55% of my health and 50% of my pension. My take home, 10% less than four years agp. Gather facts before from others than Rush and Glenn.

  7. Blondie says:

    They only polled Democrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Minnesota is mosly Demo’s
    On the poll I saw they were for them to pay into there pensions!
    why not? they can retire at 55 if they want, they sould pay in,
    My brother is a teacher and He’s set and retired early in the great state of Minnesota!!!!!!!!!!!
    no one is paying me ?
    and one more the thing! Kick there butts back to work and the same with the Democrates…I hope there proud of them selfs skipping work and losing the vote!

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