MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Staff members of the 14 Wisconsin Senate Democrats who skipped town 11 days ago rather than vote on an anti-union bill will now have to get their pay authorized by the Republican leader.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Monday that he would take over the duties of reviewing and approving Democratic staff members’ timesheets.

The Senate’s organizational committee run by Republicans approved the change giving Fitzgerald the authority rather than the Democratic senators.

Fitzgerald is also not allowing Democratic lawmakers or their staff members to use Capitol copiers, saying there has been some “highly unusual usage” of the machines in recent days.

Fitzgerald is also no longer allowing senators’ paychecks to be directly deposited. Instead, they are being held at the Capitol.

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Comments (35)
  1. Love it says:

    It’s about time. Good!

  2. Mr T says:

    Obviously we don’t need them. Even when they were here they accomlished nothing.

  3. PS says:

    another rebublican ploy to get their way ………………..IMPEACH WALKER

    1. Kyle says:

      FINALLY, The voice of reason!!!!!

    2. PSS says:

      another Democrat ploy to get their way………….IMPEACH THE WISCONSID DEMOCRATS

  4. william says:

    The checks should be held then for all legislators. Lost in all of this is that the legislators themselves get retirement from the state and not one peep was how they were affecting themselves.
    Would that be the same for health care?

    1. dmc says:

      Good for you – it is likely that their pensions are safe and secure.

  5. David Gerard says:

    Open your eye walker you will not win !!!!

  6. RIII says:

    They should not get paid if they did not show up for work.

    1. WI resident being heard by the Democrats says:

      On the contrary, they are working. They are working for me, a resident of WI that stands with hundreds of thousands of other WI residents that are AGAINST this bill. They are doing exactly what they should be and I thank them for that!

  7. Jim says:

    Woo hoo! Nice work!

  8. Cartman says:

    Hello, Kyle.

    Respect My Authority!

  9. dmc says:

    you know I’m watching the Triangle Factory issue and fire on PBS right now – people should watch and see just what unions accomplished and the vindictiveness of the ‘leadership.

  10. THE REAL WORLD says:

    In the real world, if you do my show up for work you get fired. What’s they hold their breath til they get their way. Jackwagons.

  11. DenFern says:

    Can Walker be recalled?

    1. Norge says:

      Yes, but it looks like a couple of AWOL senators are going to be recalled first, as the petitions are already be signed and filed, besides 61% of Wis. support what Gov. Walker is doing, so good luck with htat notion!

      1. tiredandretired says:

        Not true. In fact, 74% of Wisconsinites DISAPPROVE of Walker’s illegal power grab.

  12. Norge says:

    It is to bad they cannot just be fired as anyone else who refuses to show up for work, just because they might not “get their way”. So childish and immature, but thats how the liberals operate, if they can’t have their way they will do their best to make sure the majority doesn’t get their way either. 14 state senators trying to overturn the results of an election by going AWOL. Typical liberal lack of class and brains. Those who feed at the public-trough have not right to demand that the taxpayer keep the trough full to their satisfaction. Obviously Kyle is a trough feeder, or simply is ignorant of the facts, as so many liberals seem to be. As Ronald Reagan said: “it’s not that liberals are stupid, it’s just that they ‘know’ so much that just isn’t true!”

  13. Mike says:

    Fire those lazy democrats

  14. THE REAL WORLD says:

    See how good my grammar be. Just like a lot of other lain brain government educated idots who think they know what’s going on. Go back to watching American idol.

    1. Norge says:

      Don’t worry about the grammer, bravest man I ever knew stuttered so bad he could make himself sick. When the shooting started his orders and his actions were as clear as a bell, keep a good steady thought process, communication will come, and dam_ the grammer!

  15. Mike says:

    You hit it on the head Norge

  16. Stephen Marris says:

    Since it was the Demo’s that did all that protesting can we assume that the y will be paying for the cleanup of the Capital Bldg????? I could not protest, I have to work for a living and it really6 ticked me off to know my tax dollars had to pay to clean up a mess I diid not help create!!!

    1. Norge says:

      Your tax-dollars also paid their wages while they were conducting ‘union-business’ ie; protesting. How you like them apples? They get paid to protest and not work to demand the ‘right’ to protest and not work! If this isn’t proof that the ‘left-wing’ has not totally gone off the rails I don’t know what else could possibly convince any American with an IQ higher then a turnip that the public-unions need to die…period. AND A BIG THANK-YOU, MIKE!

    2. Former Republican says:

      You think they don’t clean that building every day?? You pay for people to clean there 365 days a year. You even pay for those fancy metal plates on each door that are formed with ornate decorations. You pay for a library that is supposed to be open to the public all year long, not locked because the Republicans’ offices are behind the library. You’ll be paying for all those laid off and fired from this… they will be getting unemployment from the state of WI and go on Badge Care and collect food stamps. Open your pocket book! You see all those people at the capital each day. Add up the total and get an idea of what it is going to cost you.

  17. hmmm says:

    I hope they stay Rockford where they belong they act like spoiled little kids

  18. DAVE says:


  19. scott says:

    If you skip town on the armed forces you can be sent to prison. These people chose to run for these positions! Why in the world is there even time wasted on this??? They all need to be tried in a federal court system and punished with ten year prision terms. I don’t think anyone should be paid for these kind of positions. You are serving the country. Not the other way around. If you like it so much then you will have not problem doing it for free! I would trade places with anyone of them and do it for free! Where do I sign up????

  20. get over it says:

    Democrats, when will you see you can not hold the state hostage anymore! Tax dollars being paid out on a daily basis and nothing is getting accomplished. Seems to me the dems are adding to the budget deficit because it is easier for them to act like defiant children at tax payers expense. Get over it, you are not the majority in Wisconsin, majority will rule in this case.

    1. New Dem in NW WI says:

      Keep it up WI 14! Keep standing up for those who elected you and for those that wish that they didn’t vote for Rivard and friends. Thank you!! Take all the time we need to defeat this bill.

  21. tiredandretired says:

    Hidden in this bill is a provision that allows the Governor’s appointed director of health and human services the power to cut medicare and medicaid to whatever degree they want, without legislative approval. Thanks for killing off Grandma and Grandpa.

  22. sickofpoliticalliars says:

    Union busting in Packer country…..weren’t the Packers named after the Meat Packing Plants that were one of the Union Central organizations??? This is disgusting and thie Gov. should be impeached for his role. This is a sheer powere play on his part, REPUBLICANS SELL SOME MORE OF AMERICA!!! Then see what you have left to work with you fools!!!!!

  23. rob is right says:

    Democrats are disgusting pigs. Go Home. You Lost. get over it

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