MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Two Minnesota congresswomen are at odds over a proposal to build a new bridge over the St. Croix river.

The $700 million, four-lane bridge connecting Minnesota and Wisconsin to replace the aging Stillwater lift bridge has long been a source of conflict because of environmental concerns.

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann introduced a bill Tuesday that would allow the bridge to be built, despite a ruling from the National Park Service that it would violate the U.S. Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

The bill drew the ire of Democratic Rep. Betty McCollum who serves a bordering district. McCollum says Bachmann’s proposal amounts to an exemption from existing law on a protected river. McCollum tells the Star Tribune she plans to do everything in her power to defeat the proposal.

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Comments (16)
  1. Sara says:

    seriously wonder if Bachmann actually has a brain

    1. Ginger Shepla says:

      She’s trying to get a bridge built before the old one collapses and kills people. I wonder if McCollum has a brain and understands the dangers of not building this bridge.

      1. Anita Newhouse says:

        WHy do people live there? It’s like the airport-people move into areas under flight paths and then they complain about the noise! It’s the same thing with all of those living along the river the bridge crosses-couldn’t they see the bridge was old and crumbling when they moved there? Why do we allow people to move into flood planes and then have to fix everything when it floods?? So much for “taking care of one’s selves”!!

  2. BUZZCUT says:

    Cut spending theme lady goes for this waste of YOUR money to the tune of $700 million. We already have I-94 to get from Minneosta/Wisconsin. To think this will lessen traffic issues in Stillwater is Bachman crazy. Sounds like a Pallin bridge to nowhere.

    Something smells fishy…she must know the winner of the bid for this project, that is even if there is any bids for the project.

  3. MSTSMN says:

    There should be a $2.00 toll for commuters ((M-F) and traffic on the Stillwater bridge should be limited to cars only. No trucks should be allowed. All commercial traffic can easily use the I-94 bridge. As far as the new bridge, we don’t need one. The St. Croix River is too beautiful and a new bridge would destroy it.

    1. Caretakers says:

      I live in Stillwater and 1-94 is just minutes away.

      If Minnesotans let Bachmann destroy the law that protects a National Scenic Waterway in America we should all be ashamed.

  4. Jim says:

    What a bunch of idiots. A new bridge is needed to reduce residents who work on either side of the river from a longer and more costly commute. Truck traffic allowed to use a new bridge would keep cost of goods from increasing.

    Over time a new bridge would more than pay for itself.

    Get past the partisan politics folks, a new bridge is about the people that use the bridge daily, weekly and monthly, not about the politicians in DC.

  5. Steve says:

    Jim, I disagree. The river is protected in that location for a reason. By your argument, it’s OK to destroy protected natural areas if it saves a few people some time and money. That kind of thinking is destroying the planet, IMO — but not in your lifetime, so that makes it OK?

    Mondale has said that he considers the protection of that piece of river to be his greatest accomplishment. Bachmann has said “building the new bridge in this location is the easy thing to do.” Who is more intelligent? Apparently, you think Bachmann. So the easiest solution is the best, by definition?

    When Roosevelt protected Yellowstone National Park, there were detractors who wanted to exploit the area’s natural resources — for money. Apparently you think Roosevelt was an idiot, because it’s the same reasoning you’re using to recommend the bridge: money. Have you ever been to Yellowstone?

  6. Richard isn't buying it Michelle says:

    Have to agree with Steve also Jim for reasons stated PLUS the fact this is an over the top bidge she wants in terms of costs.
    Bachmann – whaere is that so-called conservative side in you. Have you gone Charlie Sheen like nuts?
    If the pther side of the aisle proposed this you would be calling out a lynch mob and chanting “we are broke – we are broke. pork -pork-pork. we are broke”
    This one makes me think twice now about some other things I was somewhat on board with. Now I need to wonder once again about the reasoning

  7. Mark calls out Bachmann again says:

    just more hypocritical bullchit from the woman who really wants to be a saint in her teeny tiny mind.
    Has she reached the point she is so desperate for more tv face time that she’s willing to show the world how full up she really is? Seems so
    Talk about tossing ammo to the enemy Michelle_ you keep succeeding in ACES

    1. shine says:

      Follow the money. Land speculators who own property on the Wisconsin side of the proposed new bridge are big contributors to Bachman and would be the biggest winners. This self-described fiscal hawk looks more like a Trojan horse. I-94 connects Minnesota and Wisconsin quite adequately and is just five minutes to the south of Stillwater.

  8. Wallys sipping a java2 says:

    Garbage in – Garbage out
    You expect anything different honestly?
    Pork’s good when it’s you cooking it. lol
    I can’t defend her on this one if I try

  9. Sunrise says:

    Wake up! Are we going to be a generation that our children blames for destroying their future. We want more green jobs that will preserve and protect our national rivers and way of life not destroy it for our children!


    “Rebecca Wodder, president of American Rivers, which named the Lower St. Croix National Scenic Riverway one of “America’s Most Endangered Rivers” in 2009, said Bachmann’s bill “creates a loophole that strips the Lower St. Croix National Scenic Riverway of its Wild and Scenic River protections.”

    In addition, Wodder said the legislation would set a dangerous precedent for other federally protected Wild and Scenic rivers nationwide. “

  10. Nose plugs required again says:

    Has there ever been a headline with Michelle Bachmann’s name in it that has not been a form of conflict or bickering or badgering? That’s what she is – no wonder the old man wants her out and gone.

  11. Victim Du Jour says:

    Building a bridge puts people to work. Betty wants everyone on the welfare and food stamps.

  12. bill van vugt says:

    Why don’t we follow the Bachman advice on health care, “let the market decide”
    When Minnesotans are willing to come up with the money to build the bridge we do so but not before.

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