MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Six flight attendants for Delta Air Lines Inc. are suing the airline because their profit-sharing checks were smaller because of a union dispute.

The flight attendants used to work for Northwest Airlines, which Delta bought in 2008. The combined work force voted to get rid of several former Northwest unions. The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA is disputing the election, which it lost narrowly.

Delta has said it can’t change the pay and work rules of former Northwest flight attendants until the dispute is settled. That included smaller profit-sharing checks last month.

The federal lawsuit in Minneapolis claims Delta is discriminating against its workers because they used to be in a union.

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Comments (6)
  1. Bob says:

    They should be happy they got anything!

    1. Bubba says:

      Right Bob. Why don’t you bend over and I’ll give you yours?

  2. jenny says:

    they earned it they should get it

  3. Jake says:

    A good example of what will happen when your collective bargaining is taken away. You will earn less money!

  4. Bob Baker says:

    No Jake,
    The rate of pay and the size of profit sharing is what they negotiated and voted for under their collective bargaining agreement. This is what collective bargaining got them.

    (Pre-merger) Delta always had it better without a CBA. The higher salary and profits sharing comes from NOT having a CBA.

    1. maddog3 says:

      Hey Bob–your only partially correct. Although the Delta profit sharing check may now be larger, that hardly makes up the diffrence between Delta now and the previous CBA negotiated NWA agreements that offered sick leave, OJI time, better vacation time, and a HUGE deal is Delta took away pensions, CBA negotiated medical coverage after retirement and better medical during employment. So–the small check and the PAYDAY CANDY BAR that we received on Tuesday–hardly makes up for the diffrence. Get your facts correct before you spout off!

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