ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota’s jobless rate fell to 6.7 percent in January, its lowest point since December 2008.

Preliminary January unemployment figures released Wednesday by the Department of Employment and Economic Development showed an improvement over December’s revised 6.9 percent rate.

Minnesota’s job market remains significantly healthier than the national market, with national unemployment at 9 percent in January.

State officials say hiring picked up in the month, with employers adding a net 2,000 jobs. DEED Commissioner Mark Phillips says the state’s labor market is undergoing “slow but steady improvement.”

Job growth was strongest in the education and health and leisure and hospitality sectors.

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  1. St Paul says:

    What happens to folks who fall off the unemployment benefits role and still don’t have a job. Are these folks included in the unemployed numbers? Doesn’t seem so. My roommate has been unemployed for over 2 years now and doesn’t receive any help at all. But I think that when she “fell off” the unemployment roles she was gone from the unemployed figures. So folks the unemployed numbers don’t go far enough.

    1. SAS says:

      That is SO true! Our son (35) is doing odd jobs for people. He exhausted his unemployment several years ago…

    2. Anon says:

      Yep, that is why 9% unemployment or whatever is false. The real unemployment I have heard is in the higher teens but of course the government doesn’t want it reported that way.

    3. Tom says:

      you are so right she is off the polls so the numbers they are telling everybody are not the true numbers.

    4. Bub says:

      No the folks that have exausted their unemployment benifits are NOT consideredin the calculation. I know “It sucks”.

  2. jon says:

    Do we really need an article warning us that another article will be coming?

  3. N says:

    Numbers come from a household survey, not unemployment insurance payments.

    1. Saywhat? says:

      They do not take a monthly survey. The numbers come from those receiving benefits – period. If you’re no longer receiving you aren’t counted. This is false information.

    2. Been there, done that says:

      No jon they do not, they are a simple grind ot the unemplpoyment insurance numbers (that we pay for). If a unemployed (collecting unemployment/ finds a job, any job it is counted as employed and effects the cakculation accordingly. This is only a gauge that assumes the exrecepiants do about proportionally. No consideration is given to “under employed” or not. Leave it to the employed bean counters.

  4. ccm says:

    Why are the food shevles in the State helping a record number of people ?These numbers are joke .

    1. Dan says:

      The numbers are bogus and do NOT reflect the true dire situation at hand here in Minnesota. I know of many talented people personally that have been laidng off or been the victims of downsizing who are now facing the last couple weeks of thier unemployment benefits. They have been rigorously looking for work and are unable to get hired. I am among those who have nothing coming in and I am facing losing everything.

  5. Tom says:

    and Med-tronics is planing a 2000 lay-off that was in sundays paper

  6. fitswell says:

    lies lies lies and more lies they just can’t tell the truth

  7. MN-Fail says:

    read the last paragraph: jobs in hospitality: provided by money gulping obama-care. go figure they have jobs available. they will die in a few years anyways. then you have education, they dont count lay offs for all the districts that are down sizing teachers but keeping board admin jobs. they are on benifits too. then what the hell is liesure? anyone? they probably counted the people paid 10 bucks to shovel snow at TCF for a few days and call it liesure. hmmmm

  8. MN-Fail says:

    oh and I guess my first comment didnt get put up because i said a naughty word… the rest was all factual. not going to type it twice…

  9. ninzong says:

    thanks to Mr. president create job for this country to make this country a place live able

  10. unemployed_in_greenland says:

    You got to be kidding?! The bureau of labor and statistics shows unemployment at 17.3% – but you never hear that number in the press! All this number reflects is the number of folks receiving unemployment benefits. So, if your benefits run out, you no longer are counted! Also, if you are self-employed – and can no longer find any business, then you don’t count either. Lastly, if you used to make $30 an hour, and now you are making $8 an hour at a fast food shop – the government says you are employed. When you count all these you are closer to 22%. Check shadowstats for the data. Nice try ‘cco. How about some real truth here?

    1. Been there, done that says:

      Atta boy unemployed_in_greenland
      You understand it perfectly……………………..

  11. Milorad Paunovic says:

    MN lost about 150,000 jobs and gained about 14,000, so how can unemployment rate go down from 9.5% to 6.7% a 30% decline but the new jobs are only 10% of total lost jobs. Simple, those who lost their UI benefits are not counted as unemployed. I am 4 years out of work and no one count me as an unemployed (now I am starting a new career as an insurance agent). I would like to ask all of you in the situation like mine to contact me via my web page to form a list of REALY UNEMPLOYED Minnesotans.

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