Gov. Dayton Gets New Dog

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Gov. Mark Dayton will welcome a new resident to his house on Sunday — a German Shepherd puppy.

Dayton met the dog for the first time on Friday.

The dog’s name is Wanamingo, but his nickname is Mingo.

Dayton’s dog Dakota died from cancer in January. Dakota was also a German Shepherd.

Mingo will be welcomed by Dayton’s other dog, Mesabi, which was a brother to Dakota.

  • Victim Du Jour

    German Shepards are my favorite dog. I wonder if he has a kitty?

  • sl

    This is the first time I have seen the Gov REALLY smile….happy puppy
    days from another GSD lover. Would be interested in hearing
    who the breeder is.

    • swmn

      It probably came from a puppy mill breeder or pet store which is the same. Why don’t people adopt canines from rescues. There is no lacking of dogs & puppies that need homes. Another politician thats gets something for nothing while others have to pay for what they need or want.

      I agree a very slow news day.

  • bob

    he got a friend thats not a liberal wow

    • Matt

      I rather be liberal than a heartless republican that lays off employees just to make their wallet thicker

  • DogLover

    @bob: Dogs ARE liberal. Snakes are conservative. Hiss off!

  • Flanders

    Slow news day.

    • Skeezer

      No.. It’s a no news day.

  • RK

    Are dogs allowed in the gov. state residence?????????

  • Google Eyes

    Want to guess who pee’s on the floor the most??????

    • Google boo

      Google eyes, no need to brag about your problem with peeing on the floor here onthe wcco website.

  • rjwolf

    The breeder is not a puppy mill . it was purchased from a family from Clara City MN. They have both parents and they are their pets.

  • Kevin

    Who will pee on the floor more??? Puppy or Dayton?? My money is on Mr Depends Dayton….

  • the gringo from wanamingo

    How in the world did he get that name ? Of course, I think it’s the best ever.

    My home town !

  • Wanamingo Class of 86

    Mine too. :) Heard he might visit the town of Wanamingo.

  • k9rocky

    Love that a respected leader is a GSD owner. Leaders own GSD’s because they have something to learn from them, they are similar. GSD’s traits are loyalty, hard work ethic and patience. This is why shepherd owners are often driven to the breed. They are very high maintenance, high drive and take a huge personal investment of the owners training and time. At least we have a gov that is not afraid to be seen as human. A shepherd household is a happy household!

  • Mittteness

    I think the third puppy should be named, “Miss Issippi!”

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