LA CROSSE, Wis. (AP) — A National Weather Service hydrologist says he can almost guarantee there will be flooding along the Mississippi River.

Mike Welvaert tells the La Crosse Tribune that western Minnesota has the highest snow and water content on record and that water drains into the Mississippi.

Also, temperatures in the first two weeks of March are predicted to be below normal, while precipitation is expected to be above normal.

That means more water that will need to be drained.

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The weather service predicts there is a high probability the river will reach at least moderate flood stage next month at La Crosse.

And major flooding is very possible with record snow cover in eastern Minnesota.

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  1. kyle says:


    1. SW_MN says:

      I agree with Kyle_DUH. Someone actually gets paid to say ignorant things like that. I know I could do that job.

  2. Skeezer says:

    Perfect place to build a house !!! Let’s build in the flood plain !!

  3. Jack Wad says:

    yep, and those idiots that build/buy in the flood plain and make ginormous insurance claims after this, affects everyones insurance rate in the end…

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