By Reg Chapman

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A newborn was cared for in a hospital Saturday night after witnesses said the mother threw the baby in the snow.

The baby was only wearing a T-shirt and was wrapped in a blanket.

The mother, 21-year-old Ashley Couch, is accused of throwing her infant in a snow bank near Chicago Avenue and 18th Street Saturday morning.

Eddie is one of the men who witnessed what happened.

Eddie said he was walking from Minneapolis at around 8 a.m., crossing the Chicago Avenue Bridge when he noticed the young woman.

“Like a major league baseball player in a windup – that’s how hard she threw the child,” Eddie said.

Eddie said he and another man named Keith were on the bridge. It was Keith who first noticed Ashley Couch as he got off the bus.

He was the one who told Eddie to watch and make sure the mother did not throw the child over the rail and into on-coming traffic below.

“She had already thrown her child down hard on the hard compacted ice. She then picked it up and walked around 18th and threw it down again about a hundred feed down the sidewalk. And this time she turned her back and walked away, abandoned her child,” Eddie said.

That was when Keith picked the child up, held her in his arms and called police, Eddie said.

Eddie said Couch walked back towards them and tried to pry the child from Keith’s arms.

She gave both men an explanation for throwing her 18-day-old child in the snow.

Eddie said that Couch was angry because there was no milk in the house, and her boyfriend would not go out and get any.

Police said Couch had just gotten in a fight with her boyfriend, Deontae Thurmond, at their home a few blocks away.

Officers said Thurmond ran off and Couch was trying to follow him when she abandoned her daughter in the snow.

The baby girl was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC). Couch and Thurmond were taken to jail.

Thurmond was arrested for domestic assault, Couch for child neglect.

The baby girl was taken to HCMC in critical condition. She is expected to survive.

Comments (110)
  1. Dano says:

    Make these two pukes remain outside with nothing on till they are gone. period

    1. Mike says:

      Perpetuating the problem leads to more of the same. Think about it.

      1. tdj says:

        If they can’t reproduce again, it won’t lead to more of the same.

      2. Dina says:

        I agree with you 100%

    2. Zee says:

      I live in the Minneapolis/St.Paul metro, and it abounds with these types. She doesn’t need to add to the cesspool of animals in people clothes this city is rife with. She has no child raising skills, and if she lives around 18th and Chicago, she’s on some type welfare. Period. She hasn’t the financial means, let alone the heart, or a good partner, for having kids. I’ll be nice and say forcible sterilization, but I really think she should be shot

  2. Rebecca A. Fore says:

    Sounds like the Parents need to be thrown in a snowbank in the middle of antartica and left for dead.

    1. Felisa Calderon says:

      i agree!!!

  3. Meg Davis says:

    yea who could do that to a baby they deserve to rot in jail that poor baby girl! i couldn’t amagine ever doing that to my daughter or son love them both!

  4. KayH says:

    There is no excuse for this to happen. That baby could have dropped off at any hospital, fire station, etc with no questions asked.

    1. Tami Fairbanks says:

      exactly How dumb are people. No questions ask and the baby could have a new home with people that love her.

    2. Sarah says:

      That law only applies if the baby is less than 72 hours old.

      1. Sarah in outstate MN says:

        I think that law should change to 1 week or 2 weeks of age. At 72 hours old, many women are still in the hospital.

      2. Marie says:

        It’s 30days in our state-no questions asked you can drop a baby off at a hospital.

  5. Amy L. Miller says:

    I feel that if the father hit the mother for throwing the baby , she should consider
    herself lucky not to have been thrown out a window and the father should NOT be charged with domestic abuse.

    1. Transcender says:

      The baby daddy did NOT hit her AFTER she threw the baby. He hit her BEFORE she threw the baby girl. She threw the baby twice! Once down on the ice, then again into the hard-packed snow. I’ll bet she had broken bones and internal bleeding.

  6. lib says:

    Don’t worry everyone our great social service folks will decide the mother just had a bad day and will return the baby to her deadly arms in no time.

    1. Callie from Canby says:

      Totally agree- THere is a lady where I used to live in Canby, who everyone knows is a terrible mother. SHe moved here from New York. Well, in a small town you can see what a terrible mother she is. Her daughter is still living with her. I’m sure this woman will just be found “mentally ill” and suggested counseling, but who knows-maybe social services MIGHT pull their head out of their asses.

    2. lopes says:

      I totally agree with your comment. I am so sick of hearing story after story. We need to allow the babies to be taken by services prior to leaving the hospital This makes me so sick. Young people having babies and they can’t or wont take care of themselves. And this may be a stupid question but where are the families in all this. If I would have shown one ounce of inabililty in taking care of my four children, my mother would have slapped me silly and raised them herself. These are different times we are living in. Too liberal of times for me

      1. sam says:

        the parents spent their money on crack…

    3. Becca says:

      You’re exactly right, lib. I hope there is a follow up to this story.

  7. Kim says:

    Seriously what is this world coming to- parents throwing babies out like garbage. Little girl, you don’t deserve to be treated like this. May you be given to parents who will love and treasure you for the gift you are to this world.

    1. Stacy says:

      there are so many people out there that cant have children and than you have people that do this stuff time and time again! WTH it makes me cry everytime I hear about it. She should not be aloud to have her kid and should be fixed so she can never have children again! You can leave a baby on my doorstep anytime and I wont ask any questions and I will raise him or her. I love children!

  8. Rach says:

    I would love to take this little girl into my home. Unreal how low people are these days.

  9. pepperguy says:

    Phillips is the North side of the South side.

  10. TAI BUNG says:

    What culture are these people from???

    1. Drae says:

      A culture of codependency. It’s a sick, twisted psychological condition that I think has infested the majority of the country.

    2. Paula says:

      Does it really matter? If they were a certain culture, woud that excuse what they did?

  11. Cache says:

    No personal responsibility in society today…They all want to play but when the booby prize shows up they say “Hey I did’t know”…Hooey?! If your going to play you must pay… either upfront or in the end….birth control is cheap and easy…these two dirtbags are just he tip of the proverbial dirtbag iceberg! Welfare is full of them!

    1. Drae says:

      Yep – there is no personal responsibility in a codependent society.

      I blame Natalie Portman. [sarc]

  12. Drae says:

    The silver lining is this innocent child got out of this messed up family so very early that she might stand a chance with a new family instead of turning into a codependent degenerate like her mother clearly is.

    I hope to Heaven her father was returning to the scene out of love for his child. Sometimes it’s the dad who is the more loving parent. Regardless, I hope this baby girl ends up in a loving home.

  13. Shannon says:

    WHAT??? You should be shot to to post a comment like that after a baby whether 19 days old or 19 was thrown in the snow exposed to this weather!! Jerk

    1. Karla says:

      Shannon, i think you misinterpreted the comment..i think you thought Meg was siding with the mom who threw the baby, when she is actually siding with the baby.. i had to read it twice myself, thought she was siding with the mom who threw the baby, she was talking about she wouldn’t do that (throw her kids) into the snow the way that mother did..just sayin

    1. Fredia Ratney says:

      I know this young lady, she needs help she once came over my house in the mist of the winter of Dec 2010 on a bike with house shoes on i took her in and feed her thats before she had a baby, she also was admitted in the mental hospital her in ST. Paul before we judge check her history out. You Need to pray for her instead of throwing her in jail get her some help i’m not saying that she wasn’t wrong she was very wrong we need the state to step up and help this young girl.

      1. swmnguy says:

        This comment makes sense.

      2. Paula says:

        Sorry but I have to respectfully disagree. I know a few mentally ill people with all kinds of emotional problems. My own brother is schizo and thinks people are trying to kill him but none of them have ever hurt a child. No matter how crazy and delusional my brother is, he has never hurt any of our children. It gives the mentally ill a really bad name to excuse this girl’s behavior because of her mental illness bc the mentally ill are still completely capable of humanity and obviously Ms Couch had none. Assuming her boyfriend is the baby’s dad, it sounds like she got mad at him and couldn’t punish him because she couldn’t catch up to him, so she took it out on his baby instead. That’ll show him I guess….

      3. hates the world says:

        if you believe that you yourself need mental help also

  14. Bryson Powers says:

    Contraceptives are really easy to acquire folks! Hello? If you don’t want a child don’t have one,losers.

  15. Victim Du Jour says:

    The Music and Entertainment industry goes out of the way to make sex look so important to have to be cool.

    Then you have a child and reality sets in.

    “booty booty booty rock’n everywhere” turns into child abuse.

  16. lil'rex says:

    I can only assume from the area this took place that they tunneled in from the north
    take the baby away and keep the parents locked up !!!!!

  17. me says:

    The parents were fighting prior to the baby being thrown. The woman was chasing the man and hitting him; he ran away. The baby was thrown during all the chaos. This baby needs new parents and these people need to have their welfare taken away !

  18. Smithy says:

    A good reason why abortions should be made available freely…

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      In many cases women have kids on purpose to trap a loser into being a dad.

      Throwing a baby into a snow bank is really messed up, it has nothing to do with free abortion.

    2. mark says:

      oh that’s intelligent….blame the baby. NOT!!!!!

      1. Becca says:

        Right on, Mark. For Smithy to say that this baby would be better off dead is absurd!

    3. Guy says:

      These two need to be on PERMANENT contraception – SPAY her and NEUTER him.

  19. Gumdrop says:

    this is no excuse, but maybe the mother was running for her life, and threw the baby there, so she wouldn’t be hurt. I have been in those abusive situations, but not with my grown adult children now. I hope the baby will find a good home for now and hopefully she will get back with mom after she gets her life straight.

    1. julie says:

      She threw the baby twice.
      It wasn’t as you suggest, from how I read the article.
      She is one sick momma…

    2. A REAL MOTHER says:


    3. Becca says:

      Gumdrop, this baby should NEVER be returned that woman. Out of disgust, I can’t even fathom calling her a mother. If someone were abusing me and I was running for my life, I would run while holding my child as tightly as possible. There is no way I would toss my baby away just so I could “run for my life”.

    4. Marge Gunderson says:

      Read the story; she was chasing him! She told the men who rescued her helpless daughter that she threw her barely dressed baby away into the snow and ice so she could catch up to him easier and continue their fight.

    5. Zee says:

      Really? Throwing a newborn (inherently fragile) onto packed snow in subfreezing weather is a safer option than the dad catching Mom? I live in the Twin Cities and I have kids and I was once in an abusive relationship and I can tell you with certainty that throwing the baby was not about protecting her. Don’t make excuses for these scumbags – Minneapolis/St.Paul is rife with them – the inner city is now a cesspool of low animals in people clothes. I’m overjoyed that I’m moving 30 miles out to a suburb in two weeks.

  20. Gregg says:

    I hope to god these parents don’t get that child back for the sake of the child. This makes me sick to know there are people like this out there. I thank god that there was a person that was strong enough to get the child and call the police. Give that person a award for that. A 1 month old will be able to recover and get a chance to live life in a decent home. I hope the state grows a pair and makes sure they don’t get this child back.

  21. Kim says:


    At least the baby has a chance to a normal life, Parent’s like that should never have the chance to get there baby daughter back, That is sick to throw the baby in a snow bank & no clothe’s on her, That baby could have froze if it were not for the person who picked up the baby and kept her from being hurt.
    Children don’t need parent’s like that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Allah says:

    Shoot them both…and give me the baby……

  23. Askyrdad says:

    Wow… totally different story posted in the ST. At least both ended up being arrested and the child is ok… for now.

  24. Bob says:

    I bet she was white from the suburbs! Lol

  25. TKs says:

    Spay and Neuter…

  26. Jean in St. Paul says:

    SO Glad that someone stepped up for that baby. MORE people need to do that these days!

  27. Kaci says:

    This just makes me sick!! I don’t understand how ANYONE could do this to someone so helpless. What the heck is this world coming to?!?!?

  28. Kevin says:

    30 X 30 round…..$1.79…..memories of her head exploding……..priceless….

  29. Kevin says:

    Diversity….aint it grand????

  30. george says:

    The people who post those awful comments~are just as sick as the women who threw her baby into the snowbank~everybody has a sick opinions and feed on social sickness~yes you know who you are~your sick selfworth~makes you comment~look around it’s a sick world and you and I are part of it~sorry..

    1. Fredia Ratney says:

      I like your comment George, this young really do have a mental problem and the state need to step in and get that young lady help!!!!!!!!!

    2. Marge Gunderson says:

      Instead of babbling nonsensically on Internet forums, maybe you should have been teaching your daughter Ashley how to be a parent. Preferably by example, but if she’s 21 that ship has sailed.
      So, for now at least teach her about birth control now for the sake of any other children she might bring into the world to neglect and leave for dead.

  31. Amy says:

    I feel sorry for this woman. There must be something very wrong with a person who would do that to a baby. Even if you don’t want to be a mother, babies are so helpless…I can’t imagine any feeling that would make me throw an infant. I hope they both get the help they need.



  33. carol says:

    I am pleased the two men stood up and did what they could do to help a baby who had nobody to help it.

    Thank you fellas for helping.

  34. LISA says:


    1. Allah says:

      Did you mean to say “as stupid as the woman”……Moron

      1. grammadee94 says:

        God’s last name is NOT “DAM” or “DAMN”

    2. Marge Gunderson says:

      Maybe if you stop screeching at the top of your lungs like a 5-year-old, and perhaps learn to respect yourself and your thoughts enough to write in complete sentences and learn how to use punctuation, we just might have a clue what you’re squealing and babbling about.

      Right now, all we see is a squalling wall-o-text that doesn’t come close to forming a sentence, much less an intelligent thought. You’ve got a lot of growing up to do, kiddo; I suggest you get after it.

      1. Karla says:

        WAY TO GO MARGE! Great comeback for that idiot! Sounds like it needs a lot of counseling, very angry for some reason! Then I would suggest Hooked on Phonics once ‘it’ gets its temper down.

  35. dude to u says:

    Well at least she did try and sell the baby for some crack to support her and her main mans habit. At least the baby is alive and in good hands now.

  36. Fred G. says:

    I know both as well and even though she has mental issues is still no excuse for her behavior. She’s rude to everyone who isn’t kissing her ass. I feel sorry for the father of her child because she tries to control and manipulate him as well. If you know the family like I do then you know the father has never strike her as she claimed to police. I’ve seen where she attacked him for not getting her a damn fork and I had to restrain her off of him. She told the cops he hit her because she knew that would land him in jail cause she’s admitted to doing to past boyfriends and use that to keep him where she wants him. She just told him on Thursday she was leaving him for someone else she’s been seeing and he told her that’s fine just leave his daughter with him. Since that had no effect on him she then tells him he’s not the father of the baby and his reply was “I still love her and she’s mine in my eyes.” When asked to do a DNA test she told him no. Anyone who knows them knows that the father is a lovable guy who would give his shirt for anyone who needs it. The mother she cool if she’s smoking weed but if not she’s a trip. But I still pray for them both and hope their daughter is ok. I hope cps don’t give their daughter to the grandmother that’s another sad story.

  37. Ray says:

    Thank you Frieda and Fred G for trying to understand. I know how twisted things can get when personality disorders/ mental illness/ alcohol or drugs are involved. It’s hard to help a sick mind get well. Iits enraging watching them self-distruct and take other loved ones with them.
    Either way, this young lady is not well and should NOT be responsible for a child, or any other living creature. She should not even be around children.
    Peace upon her tattered self-image. The ego poisons the goddess within.

  38. steve says:

    Wow I hope they get the help they need. They have problems we cannot even comprehend.

  39. Diane says:

    My heart hurts when I read articles like this. Parents dont deserve a second chance when they abuse their children. I hope and pray that this girl gets the loving family she deserves.

  40. Al says:

    IT’S ALL THE FAULT OF THE RACISTS!!! Any time an “oppressed person” gains any notoriety, we’re all expected to cowtow to the greatness of “the black culture”. But when something like this surfaces, suddenly blacks are all under the total control of “the oppressors”, who are solely responsible for their actions. All the rights, and none of the resposibilites: what a deal!!!!

    1. grammadee94 says:

      You’re a JERK!

    2. Marge Gunderson says:

      Table ready for Bitter, party of ONE!

      Wow, you are one angry little boy; who made you eat a Brussels sprout before you got dessert?

      Why are you quoting other people instead of forming your own thoughts and opinions? If you’re going to parrot other people’s viewpoints, you really need to say whom you are quoting; otherwise it’s just fiction.

      Time to man up, son, and take responsibility for your choices and your actions. Sniveling and whining about people you’ve never even met and deciding in your own tiny little mind that anyone who’s worked harder and gained more than you in life must have had special privileges is just sad and pathetic.

      1. Paula says:

        HaHa Al, she told you.

  41. Ash says:

    People hurting babies and other like me wanting to be able to be a mother very sad

  42. Jake says:

    I’m just so sick and tired of reading stories like this. I won’t say anymore,
    except that I hope that the judge who presides over this case is ‘old school’,
    and not some PC bleeding heart liberal who wears a pin that says “WWJD?”.

  43. DowMan5744 says:

    You know how the US legal system works, she’ll just tell the judge that her MAN got her upset, and therefore she was forced to throw her baby on the ground twice because of emotional distress. He’ll then be charged with the crime, and she will go on OPRAH (w/baby in hand) and cry about the way he’d raise his voice at her. She will be a hero, the husband will get blamed for her craziness.

  44. Summer819 says:

    God was watching over that baby to make those men notice the mother’s behavior. So thankful that they kept an eye on her and picked that baby girl up. God bless the baby girl and the men who came to her rescue.

    If she’s mentally ill, I pray she gets the help she needs. However, after doing something like this, she should never be trusted to care for a child again.

  45. TH says:

    That is absolutely sickening! That poor innocent baby!!!!! Why the heck did the stupid fool woman not take the baby to a safe place like a hospital if she felt like she couldn’t take care of her??? I hope somebody puts this poor little baby with someone who will love her!!!

  46. Jenny says:

    That mother is a mean mother

  47. ManBearPig666 says:


    1. ManBearPig666 says:

      It’s not like anyone here is going to remember in the next month anyways. Word…

  48. Itsjustmysickmind says:

    My cousin just lost her baby, at full term, I cant figure why god would let someone have a child like this, and take a child away from a caring loving family, it makes me sick, i would love to rip that ladies intestines out and feed them to her, at the same time as i’m bashing her face into a snow bank after each bite. then rip her teeth out and jam them in her skin one by one, this girl deserves to DIE and ROT with Satan.

  49. laura says:

    PLEASE social services do something right before this baby ends up back in the news after she is given back to these 2 unworthy people because she ends up dead next time, don’t give her back. People need to realize it is a previlage and right to have a child and just because you can push a baby out of you doesn’t make you a parent! Obviously these people have no regard to this little baby, if they did they would make sure it had food and clothing before they brought her home. Who puts just a t shirt on a baby in the middle of winter even if you are in a house, where is the babies sleeper???? Please don’t give this baby back and make the man get a vase and the woman get her tubes tide!

  50. EdB says:

    How about attempted murder for the ‘mom’?

    Why not?

  51. Karla says:

    I really don’t think it’s a mental issue, I believe the girl is not only very young, but incapable of being responsible for having a baby, sounds like her upbringing was that of probably abuse, or being sheltered in some way, fact of the matter is she does not know better, this is what she saw growing up, this is ok to her, when in a person’s right mind, this is NOT ok. The girl definately needs alot of guidance, and a lot of supervision & education before she could ever bear any more children. I hope for a baby’s sake, she does NOT have any more!! I commend those 2 men who saw & stepped in to save the baby after being thrown.

    1. Zee says:

      You’re too kind to the mother. I live in the Minneapolis/St.Paul metro, and it abounds with these types. She doesn’t need to add to the cesspool of animals in people clothes this city is rife with. She has no child raising skills, and if she lives around 18th and Chicago, she’s on some type welfare. Period. She hasn’t the financial means, let alone the heart, or a good partner, for having kids. I’ll be nice and say forcible sterilization, but I really think she should be shot.

  52. Bill Rowlands says:

    That’s exactly what I do everytime I run out of millk!


    Seriously, can anyone honestly call this human behavior?

  53. The Rev Dr. Leroy says:

    As long as ” they ” do it to themselves its all comedy.

  54. RIII says:

    This animals behavior is a direct result of our welfare state. We have removed personal responsibility and replaced it with EBT cards. Instead of instilling any morals on their kids this 3rd and 4th generation of welfare parent stick their kids in front of the TV to watch shows about how great it is to be a single parent and other shows about real life trash while they spend their EBT benefits on getting their hair done. Educators have become more concerned with their pay and benefits, instead of teaching the 3 R’s they teach entitlement thru action. Politicians only care about getting elected while throwing out catch phrases like “it’s for the children” or “it takes a village”. We need to bring back poor farms to send people like this mother so they can learn a real lesson, no work no eat.

    1. Laketha Monique Bonds says:

      i think you are on the wrong subject caus there was no ebt hair do nor tv in this subject

  55. Laketha Monique Bonds says:

    Its just sooo sad that these young women are having kids just to keep a man the baby not having milk story sounds like a lie to me thats why they have wic and other resources. lt seems like the father was trying to get him and his daughter to safety she should do time and he should be realeased due to him and the baby going thru domestic asault from the mother….

  56. Scott Schroeder says:

    Meanwhile the rich pay less taxes the poor pay more and education has been whittled away to nothing. These stories are of no surprise to me.

  57. Mrs. Combs says:

    I swear, some of these “monique” people have no business trying to comment on parenting you’ve failed at that task a many years ago!

  58. und losverdienen says:

    I do consider all of the ideas you’ve presented on your post. They are really convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are too brief for starters. Could you please lengthen them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.

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