By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV and Bruce Hagevik, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota State Patrol says a crash that killed two people was caused by a man who had a history of drinking and driving.

The accident happened on Highway 100 and 57th Avenue North in Brooklyn Center just before 10:30 Saturday night.

Witnesses said they saw a speeding car blow through a red light and hit the other car broadside.

Jessica Vallis, 21, of Minneapolis was driving that car and George Kaffey, 22, of Bloomington was her passenger. Both died at the scene.

The State Patrol says 21-year-old Yeng Vue of Minneapolis was behind the wheel of the car that crashed into them. Vue and his passenger were not seriously hurt.

Authorities said Vue was allegedly impaired by alcohol and his passenger, 28-year-old Choua Yang, of Brooklyn Center, also was suspected of being impaired. Both were arrested at the scene.

The witnesses of this deadly crash say when they close their eyes they see the accident happening over and over again.

For the families of the two who lost their lives, there are no words to give them comfort. They had to come back to where their nightmare began.

For Meyer Warren, Sr. and Nancy Athanasselis, they say what they saw at the intersection of Highway 100 and 57th Avenue North will forever be a part of them.

“It looks a lot different in the daylight … but I can still see it happening,” said Athanasselis.

They were waiting for the light to change at that intersection when they saw a car come speeding through the light, broadsiding another car.

“Before you could even blink your eye, that car came through that intersection so fast,” Meyer said.

The impact sent the cars into the median, sparking fire under the hood of both cars.

“I ducked down because the debris flew right up into the front of my van,” said Meyer.

Athanasselis got out of the van and ran to help the two men in the car.

“I opened the door and I pulled the driver out and I asked the passenger to help me get him out and he was kind of stunned,” said Athanasselis.

Meyer tried to help the young man and woman who were hit.

“The girl and the guy were just laying there. The guy had his mouth open and the girl was propped up against the door,” said Meyer.

The victims, Vallis and Kaffey, died at the scene.

“We did the only thing we could do after that, you know, we said a prayer for them,” Meyer said.

The driver of the car that hit them, Vue, should not have been behind the wheel of a car, because his license was revoking and there was a warrant out for his arrest. He also had a previous drunken driving conviction.

Vue is being held in the Hennepin County Jail on probable cause criminal vehicular operation and three previous warrants. Yang was released from the jail.

The grieving families believe this tragedy could have been avoided if Vue had just not driven that night.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Reports

Comments (75)
  1. Mariam Mpls says:

    Another sad and tragic story … my heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones.

    As for the perp, and any and all whom ever put a key into an ignition and drive under the influence of anything … I pray to God you rot in jail or hell. I truly do – you people just continue to cause pain time and time again and it has to stop

  2. jim says:

    Sad and Tragic true. Kids make mistakes. I feel horrible for all involved

    1. DaveM says:

      21 and 28 years old are not “kids”.

      1. Steve says:

        nor were they apparently “adults”…”kids” fits better in this situation.

      2. laura says:

        why dont you have some heart george was a good guy.

    2. James T, Darius says:

      Are you nuts? A mistake is stepping on someones foot on a bus, or forgetting to file a paper at work. This is murder. The driver knew that driving under after drinking is wrong. It is beaten into every drivers head. And with good reason. They knew the risk but still decided to drive while impaired. And to make matters worse. Decided to race while drunk. And they knew that they had done wrong being as they tried to flee from the scene. The ONLY people that deserve anyone feeling bad for them are the ones that died because someone else decided to make a “mistake”. The driver was not a “kid” the driver was 21 years old for crying out loud. Old enough to know right from wrong.

    3. MARK from says:

      @jim In this case Drunks made the mistake of drinking

  3. Sue You says:

    I was going to go out around that time, I live less than a block away from that cross section… I fell asleep 30 minutes prior to this carp taking place… I guess in life it has to be the right person who would actually do something after staying alive, in order to go after the loosers in this World…

  4. plimpton says:

    Why can’t anyone spell “loser” correctly?

  5. swmnguy says:

    Adding a second “o” makes “loser” more “loosery.”

  6. Clint Make My Day starting right now says:

    Sure kids make mistakes. So do adults.
    The difference and defining moment is when they take that mistake (using in the first place) and get behind a wheel. Now it’s no longer a mistake.
    Until this society gets with it and says ZERO tolerance to use and drive by mandatory prison time on 1st offense it’s a joke to all as they know they get nada even if caught on a DWI. So they keep maiming and killing on the roads. I hope 99 years he gets with no walk ever on the outside. None

    My thoughts and prayers extended to the families of the victims.

  7. pablopayne says:

    Both Yeng and Yang were released at the scene? What??

    1. Jeepneasy says:

      Treated and released by medical personal. Then they WERE arrested.



    1. insignificnat says:

      c’mon,read the article,drunk had warrents and is held,the passenger was released

  9. whatever says:

    This site sucks. Thanks for not posting my comment.

    1. insignificant says:

      thats cause it refreshes too much

  10. sac 77 dimension says:

    I feel so sorry for the family for there lose..why didn’t this happen in mpls, mpls will sent jason anderson and problem solved…i hope these two low life thugs rot in jail and hell…

  11. commonsense says:

    I’m very sorry for the victims in this terrible accident. Definitely the perps should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  12. OSMOSIS says:

    Billy. You are freaking dumb and a loser for mentioning immigrant into this issue. You were born in The United States does not give you the impunity of being the best being on earth freak. You racist…

  13. Dude to U says:

    Another couple of Gang bangers off the streete at the expense of the inocent.

    1. Dude is dumb says:

      Funny. I didn’t see the word “Gang” anywhere in this article? Pretty stereotypical of you to think they’re “Gang bangers” just from reading this article? What was it if not race? Age?

      -Anyway, my heart goes out to the victims and their families.

  14. Billy says:

    Both Yeng and Yang were released at the scene? What?? That has to be a mistake.

    That cant be true.

  15. Milton B. says:

    The native tribes stole the land from, slaughter and enslaved each other for 1,000s of years before the white man came. By saying “you caucasians” (although you spelled it incorrectly) you are showing yourself as a racist.

    1. EzeL says:

      I’m only racist towards ppl that is racist amongst each other….so I guess I am in that term…the comment that I replied to has been deleted…

      1. Ralph bets EzeL says:

        LMFAO at EzeL
        you likely toss trash at your own mirror

    2. FlippIn crazy Milton says:

      And the whites showed they can do a double up by stealing the land via swindle, theft and sleight of hand …. your point Milton is?

      I’m white and not afraid to admit he did this to the native Americans. Why are you hiding under a skirt? lmao

  16. EzeL says:

    I agree to this…although I’m not Hmong but I have family that is married to a Hmong person…unfortunately there family disagree there ways to marry another person outside there culture and because of that…most of there family end up disowning them…..There was also a time where a Hmong rep. tried to pass a law where 13 yrs old females that are Hmong can marry at that age…Only thinking about themselves but not society as a whole

    1. EzeL says:

      CBS is F up for deleting all the comments I have responded too…Trying to make it seems like Minority are the racist ones only…therefore this will be my last comment making it like racist ppl are the most perfect ppl in the world and minorities are just hating on each other.

      1. Rachael -EP parent says:

        No – we white types are racists too. Spend an hour at an Eden Prairie HS athletic even. They excel there with the racist remarks. Taught well by their parents. I live dead center in EP and have raised 4 kids in the system. Racism was and is today even larger than life. Most just cannot stand a person not snow white to be part of the city. Oops – if you are a star athlete they will accept you into the mix, but not the circle.
        Ask Melissa Krull, the EP School Superintendent where all the opposite to boundaries comes from. 😉

        1. Norm De Plume says:

          I also live and work in EP. I couldn’t disagree with you more. Most every family on my street is a minority. My kids were friends with anyone, of any color when they attended EP schools. The only person I ever hear making racist comments is that loud, obnxious Hispanic that lives on my street. Calls me gringa every day. I guess I shouldn’t have married him.

      2. Kyle's laughing aloud at Eze's ignorance says:

        you smoke how much of that rock stuff?

  17. lol says:

    Why do white people always bring up race when a minority makes the news? White ppl are always in the news and we could care less to bring up your damn race. stupid white ppl

    1. Mr T says:

      Looks like you are playing the race card here….

    2. James T. Darius says:

      Weak minded people, I’m white, but I call out stupidity on any race (without the need to actually make a race reference lol)

  18. Truth says:

    Mark Dayton, bring the death penalty to Minnesota please… You out of all people should know the difference between KILL, and MURDER…

  19. Chris K says:

    Racism thrives here… Go back to bloody Europe

  20. red says:

    they were treated and released from the hospital not the scene

  21. Mr T says:

    I wouldn’t call this a mistake! It was the consequence of a real idiot having to do a lot of different things without any respect for anyone else, probably not even himself. Did someone force him to drive that night? Did someone force him to drink that night? Did someone force him to speed that night? Did someone force him to run a red light that night? Did someone force him to flee after what he did? That last one tells me a lot about the kind of person this worm is or should I say is not….

  22. Tbuck says:

    white black purple pink who cares these 2 people took someones lives its not about race its about 2 people being held accountable for there actions cause drinking and driving is killing more people these days and no matter what your color if you get behind the wheel drunk you should be held accountable. MY heart goes out to the 2 people that had to die cause someone thought drinking and driving was ok

  23. JOHN says:


  24. Softy says:

    White, black, hispanic, asians or whatever people are these days shouldn’t matter. What should matter is that two people died because of someone’s poor judgement and they should be punished by the court of law accordingly.

    People need to get over the race card cause in the end, people kill people regardless of race, religion or creed.

    Ignorane is bliss my friends.

  25. jOHN says:

    / \
    | |
    M (.) (.)
    G —- _)
    | | _ |
    | \___/
    / _______ \

  26. Allah says:

    More diversity please!!!!

  27. john pierson says:

    The ‘Race Card’ is a bad deal. The thing that many times brings it out is the ‘Gang Card’. My people are Scandinavian-1000 yrs ago we were very nasty ‘Gang’-even now some of us are barbaric. There is no innocence by group. The human animal can be very dangerous. John

  28. Mr.Clean says:

    Bald whites mostly molest young people…

    1. MARK from says:

      @Mr Stupid What does that mean? Are you drunk?

      1. EzeL says:

        MARK from get out of here…if u want to advertise ur BS stuff do it else where.

    2. Allah Is Coming To Town says:

      Hmmm…come over for coffee????

  29. ONV says:

    Wow…Really you guys? Black, white, Asian or Hispanics…we’re all human and we all sin, we all do stupid things and we all deserve to be punish for whatever crimes we commit. This isn’t about race, but about two lives that were lost because of some drunk idiots.

  30. Zeph says:

    The man who died was 22 years old not 28.

  31. Jesus Christ says:

    Minnesota is a very ignorant state, it may not be “RACIST” in the traditional sense-but since this it is a largely WHITE state, there seems to be some abrasiveness to minorities. You have to have some sympathy for the white communities throughout Minnesota, and the US for that matter….they will and are becoming the MINORITY of the country that they “believe they built”. They are losing grasp of what is very precious to them….but that’s too bad….Minorities have STAKED their FLAGS on this land and continue to set precedent and change laws and the fabric that once ruled this land.

  32. J. Connolly says:

    What unbridled, bigoted nonsense – couched in typically self-righteous comments. Shame on you!

    1. Allah Is Coming ToTown says:

      Ouch…..thats not nice J. Connolly….we need to all get along…..FREE WHILLIE!!!

  33. MARK from says:

    Ezel whats with your racist remarks

  34. Poppies says:

    Can you argue about race else where, please?

  35. Kally says:

    It will take 2 or 3 years for this to get to court and then the drunk driver may get 2 to 4 years at most and only do 18 months. Really just a slap on the wrist. Happens all the time. What a joke.

  36. laura says:

    i cant believe you people at all

  37. insignificant says:

    perhaps the state of our union ,economically and politically,is the reason for all the obvious tensions in the posts,eh?…divide and conquer is the only way this once great nation can fall…the article is about drunk drivers killing yet more innocent people,and is done by all races,eh?…god knows i coulda done the same thing,many times,especially in my rum swilling days,but two DUI’s taught me ,no more drinking and driving….

  38. Jackie L says:

    It’s really too bad that all of the comments have turned away from the topic at hand. There are 2 innocent young adults that have been murdered and all you people care about is fighting about racism. Back to the subject.

    I feel very sorry for the families and friends of 2 that lives were taken too soon. and unjustly. My Heart goes out to all of you. and I hope that justice is served.

  39. Mr. Yang says:

    I am hmong myself and this just saddens me to see accidents like this. Our culture has to many events that involves alcohol but some people takes this to far. I feel sorry for both families. In the hmong culture, the parents will “lose face” in our society for what there son has done. Prayers be with the victims

  40. Jodi says:

    @ Laura… “George was a good guy” I’m sure he was, but if you read the comments above yours, no one is saying he wasn’t! He was the victim, the comments made are regarding the drunken idiots that caused George and Jessica’s death.

  41. Common cents says:

    As much as I love living in Minnesota, it’s far, far more lax about drunk driving than other states. People act like it’s a rite of passage to get a DUI.

  42. 2confused says:

    Why is it that the drunks always ends up surviving these situations and the victims do not? I don’t get it…

    1. Working mom says:

      I believe it is so they have to live with the guilt and other consequences of their actions.

  43. Denni says:

    All of you who are making racist comments are so dumb. This in no way has anything to do with race. An innocent girl was killed and an innocent boy was killed. They were killed by an intentional act. The driver had a revoked license for a previous DWI and was drinking. It could have been 100% avoided. No one should be allowed to make a comment unless they are mourning or sending sympathy to the victim and their families. Those of you supporting the driver by calling this an act of racism are just as guilty as the driver. Their families should not have to deal with your ignorance. This is not racism. The driver should be convicted of murder and put away for life, he obviously didn’t learn his lesson the firs time around, and likely will not learn this time or the next…God forbid next time it be your child. Let the families mourn in peace. My heart goes out to the victims – Jessica and George, who lost their lives in a senseless act and their families – may peace find you and the comfort of good memories help you heal.

  44. LK says:

    Drunk Driving is unforgivable. I lost a brother to a drunk driver in CA about 3 years ago and our lives will never be the same. I pray that the families and friends of the two young adults that were killed find strength in each other. I also hope that the courts will enforce stricter sentencing on individuals who choose, yes choose to drink and drive. There are so many people dying needlessly because individuals that drink and drive only think of them selves. Let all please stay on topic here and remember these two young victims and their families.

  45. Ignorance and Justice says:

    Everyone here posting hypocritical post need to stop, Yes it was wrong and my heart goes out to the ones who lost a loved one(victim’s and suspect’s). But going online to write about how people should rot in hell or how one should know better is simply wrong. We’re human, we make mistakes. But most of all im pretty sure all those who said it was wrong to drink and drive, HAS driven drunk before, so stop the ignorance you’re only making yourself look like a moron.

  46. Suzanne Bailey says:

    I am in tears as I write this and I would love for her family to reach out to me. I am sorry you lost your daughter at such a young age 😦 At the same time my father was in a coma needing a liver, she was a match and he got her liver. My father is here today because your angel of a daughter was a donor and I cannot thank her enough. I think of her every single day. I will think of her every single day that I take a breath, she saved my dad. I am so sorry you lost your daughter though,.

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