3 Shot Outside Bloomington IHOP

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO/AP) — Three people were shot outside of an International House of Pancakes restaurant in Bloomington, Minn.

Bloomington police say the shooting happened after a party bus carrying 20 to 25 people pulled into the parking lot of the IHOP restaurant near the Mall of America about 3 a.m.

Police Cmdr. Mark Stehlik says the group had rented the bus and was returning from visiting Karma Nightclub in downtown Minneapolis. While at the nightclub, there was some kind of fight.

The group then left the restaurant and ended up at IHOP in Bloomington where some were standing outside talking to other friends in vehicle, when a car pulled up and multiple gunshots were fired.

“There was some brief conversation with some of the people in the parking lot and then there were multiple shots fired in the direction of some of the people standing there,” said Stehlik.

Stehlik says one man was shot multiple times in his lower body and another man was shot in the leg. Those two were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, one of them reportedly in critical condition.

A third man suffered a superficial wound and was not transported.

“The shots were fired from inside the vehicle. We’re still trying to identify who the occupants of that vehicle are and where it went,” said Stehlik.

Witnesses were able to give police a description of that vehicle and surveillance video may also help the investigation, but so far no arrests have been made.

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  • fitswell

    maybe one of them stoled the other one’s pancakes.

    • Further proof that nothing good happens at 3 in the morning

      These guys were really Charlie Sheening it.

      • kimd

        Couldn’t agree with you more. Important to all parents of teens and young adults especially. Cut out these clippings and the times they happen and plaster them all over the house. I’d even move it back to midnight!

  • Mike Hunt

    Very poor reporting. There’s no info on suspects or anything here.

    • Son Nguyen

      If you read the last line in the article, you would understand. “Police haven’t released any descriptions of potential suspects.” Next time if you’re going to complain about an article, read the whole thing first.

    • Samantha Villagomez

      This is ture ver,very poor reporting.Cleariy this a case of we are only informed what they want us to know

  • bubba136

    At least they didnt have to eat the food there,lucky people.

  • Hey there bangbro's

    guess at 3:00am , when a group shows up to satisfy the late night booze breakfast munch one cannot expect much more

    sad they couldn’t have left it at the club downtown – maybe done their OK Corral there instead of where innocent vics may have been hurt.
    reports of 20 plus witnesses. Of course those whom best may help are the ones who police say are doing the least.
    watch out for the banger war retaliation.
    quality stuff huh.

  • Take 'em down one by one

    hey …. cool.
    hip-hop party non-stop. shoot and hoot
    pure class

  • justice fleeting

    Were is the skinny? Details please. This is really getting bad, with the cryptic reporting.

  • MarkD

    3 AM Monday morning a party bus chased from downtown to Bloomington by a mad-as-a-hornet gang car loaded with shooters? What kind of sick world do we live in?

  • Wrinkles

    Probably those missing Wisconsin Senators or maybe some Minnesota Teacher on the way to Wisconsin to protest. Who else could just leave their job at will?

    • GreatRedAyeJunk

      Hmmm – I think they working. You and I aren’t. Nice try anyhoots

  • Leavonne

    We have become the society of Upper Class, Middle Class and No Class.

    • Shawn

      Middle Class?? Never seen it

  • BigTodd

    Middle class — say what?

  • helper

    We need… Gun Control Gun Control Gun Control

    • Tucker

      yea gun control will stop gang bangers at 3am from carrying guns.

    • insignificant

      yeah control the gun with sights pointed at gang-bangers so’s you can shoot ’em right between the eyes,eh?

    • bubba136

      Gun control hasnt got squat to do with it you do gooder, do you think any of these clowns legally owned the guns ??? Wake up to the real world for christ. sake.

    • jc's not unboard

      I really starting to think we needs guns vs control. :-(

    • Eric

      I am pretty sure the young gentlemen in the car did not have permits to carry, have ever had firearm safety training, or purchased and possessed their firearms legally. We need criminal control, not gun control.

      • Bob

        Well said…..

    • ten

      It’s not the guns moron..it’s those idiots holding them. Give them a baseball bat and they’ll probably do just as much damage to human life if they feel the urge.

    • Bob

      Yes, gun control has worked so well in Australia and Great Britain. The criminals don’t turn in their guns.so now you have unarmed citizens who can’t protect themselves…… Whos side are you really on ???

      • Bob

        Todd you are a special individual…..

      • Todd

        Actually they have a small fraction of gun incedents of what the US has. I own guns, but usually the guns these thugs use are Tec 9’s, Mac 10’s, AK 47s, etc. Nobody needs an assult weapon. If you can’t protect your house with a revolver, i.e. you need 36 rounds to kill the idiot who breaks into your house, I don’t want to live accross the street from you because your probably going to be sending a few rounds into my house. Trust me, the person who kicks my door down will go down with 1 or two rounds. I don’t need a banana clip to do the job.

  • Steve Hartman

    there in a bus??? the shooter,s in a car ???good thing for the shootist,, that i wasnt the bus driver,, they wouldnt have made the ihop,, only the ditch or a bridge pillar.

    • Benon

      I was really confused, and this asnewred all my questions.

  • Stephanie Dusenburry

    Witnesses less than helpful. Imagine that
    Being a cop has to be the most frustrating job in the world. IMO anyway.

  • goldenferi

    So sad. I grew up close by and was going to buy my childhood home. When I was at work one night my kids heard gunshots. This added on top of homes occupied by drug dealers and the general downturn of the area prompted us to move.

  • bubba136

    We need car control,car control,,car control, no car and they cant follow the bus..roflmao You are a genius helper

  • Grizz spits 'em out

    But we had our share of Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian and I bet some I missed too all in the past couple weeks. All are full of trash and also have good folk hiding amongst them too.
    That said – I’d be inclined to to guess they were >>>animals

    • Ugottabe kidding

      maybe these nice young boys also were at Gustavus o’er the weekend too spreading more of their brand of cheer

  • the noggin' needs knockin

    true class like this gets taught from early on in life at home.
    ’nuff said

  • Glad i lve in West Bloomington

    Yeah, I agree with goldenferi. I grew up in east bloomington, it has been in steady decline for a while now. With all the dirtbags over there there are a ton of houses for sale, because of all the forclosures, CHEAP. I resisted temptation to buy one, funny the worst area over there is right off American Blvd and 12th ave. I know these clowns followed them from Mpls, but just sayin’…..

  • Flinstone Fred wonders

    just thinking that the shooters did follow them from Mpls … so were they goin’ home? Might mean they then from the Blmgt ‘hood …. just thinking aloud.
    Are we in Libya?

  • scotty

    bet they were black

  • insignificant

    “the eestablishment” the bus came from in Minneapolis holds the key as to whom the shooters were…one o the partiers shoot his mouth off p.o.d someone off,bigtime,eh?

  • Michele

    There is nothing in this story that indicates a path to the conclusions being reached here. A “party” bus visited an establishment in Minneapolis and then stopped at the IHOP in Bloomington. For all you know, the establishment could have been a senior center (Okay, I admit, unlikely; they tend to sleep early.) There is no indication that the vehicle followed the bus, or who was driving the vehicle, or if the people on the bus were the intended targets, although it is certainly implied. If we demand good journalistic standards, then we need to expect ourselves to be critical readers.

    • Ben O.

      Forget the reading Michele – it was all covered, fairly well I will add, on the early news on TV. Fox was top dog, the rest okay….suspect some here took the info mainly from there as they seem to know alot too.
      I take this site at best as starter food and then look for more. lol

      • Michele

        Thank you, Ben O. I checked it out at the 9 new site. Actually, since many of news stories seem to read the same – and almost verbatim – I suspect they ALL get their news from the same source. Saves on reporter salaries, lol.

        It’s definitely a good idea to check out more than one source for news. : )

  • Sandi

    Out of sheer curiosity – WHO rents a party bus on a Sunday and party’s it up until 3 am ON A SUNDAY???

    • Abby

      The same crazies that go to IHOP!

    • Ralph bets

      guess it’s those that can lol

      • Sandi

        Maybe, be interesting to see how this unravels

  • AttitudeAdjuster

    The promoters for Sunday night at Karma get 2 buses. 1 that runs from Bloomington to the club, and 1 that runs from Robbinsdale to the club. Police should check into Karma and the activities that take place down there Thurs-Sun. Enough said.

    • Ralphy

      why? out to ruin their fun?
      pop pop

      Yep – no need for the party bus crowds to be out at 3am. Waht they actually promoting is the question.

  • Sally

    Ok, so then nuff said above, people without jobsto go to on Monday on a party bus till 3 am doing er up at Karma on a Sunday! Nice!

    • AttitudeAdjuster

      How can you just assume people on a party bus that go out on a Sunday don’t have jobs? Maybe they work 2nd shift. Maybe they go to school. C’mon now, ignorance will only get you comments on WCCO.

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