EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WCCO) — Police say a 13-year-old boy took his mother’s vehicle, without her knowledge, and drove to get gas on Monday.

The Wisconsin State Patrol says a trooper spotted the vehicle just after midnight on Highway 95, near Berg Road in Jackson County, and attempted to pull the car over for speed and equipment violations.

After following the vehicle for about two miles, it finally stopped.

The only occupant in the car was a 13-year-old boy, who said he took the vehicle without his mother’s knowledge.

The driver was returned to his mother and reports were filed for possible charges.

Comments (29)
  1. Atta Boy says:

    What a thoughtful son.

  2. Roger Wilson says:

    My goodness, is the little guy going to be punished for just trying to be helpful?

  3. m says:

    umm while the child may have been trying to be helpful and I’m all for kids helping their parents the fact that his parent did not know makes me nervous, why did the parents not know were they not watching:

    Quote from a song that i immediately think of
    But don’t blame me when lil’ Eric jumps off of the terrace
    You should of been watchin’ him, apparently you ain’t parents

    1. Big Captain Walter says:

      Weird, creepy song? If my 13 year old wants to go get gas, I’ll give him the keys as long as he has not been drinking.

    2. P says:

      You’re making an assumption when you say “parents” plural. Likely there is only one these days and that’s probably the case here. Of course we don’t know for sure but I’d say it was a very educated guess

    3. tonya says:

      @ m… why did the parents not know, that is probably because they were in bed, why was he out at midnight getting gas?

  4. Ed says:

    Zero tolerance is just that, treat his as if he brought a butter knife to school in his lunch bag.
    Take the kid away from the unfit parent and the kid gets 10 years in prison for threatening everyone in americas lives.

  5. Tammy says:

    @ ED. are you serious.? Society has gone so far to the right, that the slightes infraction means you have the book thrown at you. Lets do a reality check…This is a 13 year old boy; he took a parents car without permission child was taken back to parent no harm done. Are you tellling me you never did anything irresponsible when you were a child? I hightly dought that; it is time we start seeing children as they are children…stop trying to force them into adulthood.

    1. Bob says:

      what color is the sky in your world ??? This has top be a joke…..

    2. Sandy says:

      The kid is 13 and shouldn’t even be out of bed at midnight! What is going on here? And saying he was getting gas? Give me a break!

    3. Ed Too says:

      Hey Tammy, I think Ed was kidding.

  6. ThomasY says:

    I’m 58. I grew up in SW Minnesota, at the age of 12 I was cited for driving the ’63 Ford I borrowed from the parents (plural folks, plural) at around midnight. The officer hauled me home, woke up Dad and took us to get the car. I got spanked good when we got back. Dad was miltary man – he made real sure I understood he was mad I can assure you.
    The following year I again borrowed the car – a Chrysler this time, couldn’t see above the steering wheel on that beast so I took 2 pillows to help me out. Got a whole county over to Redwood County – same result when a HWY Patrol man saw me. Same sore behind (for weeks) and I mostly learned to never do again. Mostly.
    I was young, craved independence and freedom to be “grown up”. My career path was as an EE, I retired 6 years ago and feel I was a pretty solid citizen. Still do. At that young age I was a kid – my folks, pretty strict, full of discilpline and love, also were great parents and better parents than I ever could be.
    I was a foolish kid….that’s all I can say. No reflection on them – just me stretching my wings

  7. Dave L says:

    why is this on the front page?? do these journalist even have a clue?

    1. ThomasY says:

      Nope — that’s why it is on the front page.
      Mighty sad isn’t it. 😦

  8. sjk says:

    Was he on the way to see the GOV..

  9. MAJ says:

    I raised my family on a farm in a rural area and after the kids grew up they all had stories to tell of taking the car (or truck) for a spin after I had gone to bed.

  10. PFG says:

    Time to hide/lock the keys when you go to bed a night. I’d say sleep with them under the pillow but knowing how sound my husband sleeps that’s no guarantee keys won’t find its way into kids hands. Parents should be MORE creative than their kids

  11. MM says:

    I let my daughter drive down our road as she sat on my lap. We live on a dead end in the country. No one was around and we weren’t going more then 5 mph. She was around 5 or 6. She ran into the house and told her dad that she drove down the road. He is a cop. She is now only allowed to drive up and down the driveway. But I grew up on a farm and you were taught to drive at an early age. I never borrowed the car without my parents knowledge, but there are many times I drove tractors and other equipment down the country roads.

    1. tonya says:

      @MM well weren’t you just a special person. Who cares..

      1. tanya needs a pass says:

        still no license huh
        don’t fret tanya – you’ll get it someday I bet. lmao

      2. tonya says:

        I will have to know, I’m 38 years old, I have had my license for 23 years, and no accidents. So there. I have two children, my son is now 15 who is also driving and accident free. So there.

    2. bigboss says:

      how did your cop husband respond to what you did? i think there was no problem what you did. but there are different opinions in everything.

      1. MM says:

        He gave me a lecture on how unsafe it could have been and told me not to do it again. I still let her drive and that is just up and down the driveway. I think it is great practice for them for when they do get their license. I felt he over reacted.

  12. Dave says:

    When my kids were 13 I slept with the keys

    1. Gary says:

      I slept with shotgun but I guess keys work too. =P

      1. great way to not fret says:

        I just left them on the table knowing full well they likely would find them or maybe even had made copies already. Kids are kids

  13. Bob says:

    @MM I’m not surprised your child ran into the house, adults run into houses and other objects all the time. I agree with what your doing if your child behaves as i’m sure she does and will in the future.

  14. hoover says:

    I’m impressed he can afford to get gas, with the prices the way they are!!!!

  15. Mike says:

    Funny thing…I sit back and read the comments… And here is what I am hearing from most of you….
    It’s OK to break the law as long as no one gets hurt or no serious damage is done… Really??
    The next this is….Was he REALLY going out to get gas? Why is this child up yet on a school nite at Midnight? Gee, I know when I was his age, there were very few reasons why a 13 yo would be up that late at night AND cruizing the town.

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