Wis. Dems File Ethics Complaint Against Walker

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has filed an ethics complaint against Gov. Scott Walker for statements made during a recorded prank phone call.

The complaint that’s been filed with the Government Accountability Board claims Walker violated ethics regulations, including those prohibiting use of state offices for political purposes.

Monday’s complaint says Walker’s statements asking campaign contributors for support constituted “illegal third-party coordination” in violation of campaign finance regulations.

Walker made the statements during a call with a blogger posing as David Koch, a Walker campaign contributor.

Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie says the allegations are baseless.

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said last week that he’d found nothing about Walker’s statements to merit a criminal investigation. Ozanne said he hadn’t looked into allegations of campaign finance violations.

  • Jason

    You cannot use recorded video or voice in court as evidence without knowledge of all parties involved. In this case I wouldnt stop short of calling this entrapment.

    • Ron McKeever

      Having the Democratic investigate ethics is like Jack the Ripper conducting a prayer meeting…what a farce.

    • Jason

      MJ is right. Wisconsin, as most states, have one party consent when it comes to recording.

      • Taro

        Doesn’t matter if the consenting party is committing fraud by misrepresenting who he is. Furthermore, the call did not originate in Wisconsin, so Wisconsin’s law does not apply. MJ remains wrong.

      • TIRM

        Unless the person doing the recording is impersonating a living person, which is this case, thus not admissable.

      • B-Boy

        I saw a discussion on this by some lawyers and they agreed on the following. The caller initiated the call from New York . NY also only has a one party consent. However, they have a law about inpersonating someone. It is a minor felony, but none the less, a felony. Whether or not the NY AG follows up with it remains to be scene, but a crime was committed.

    • ByteRider

      It’s all hyperbole. The Dems are scared. They fighting as hard as they can to do whatever they can. Call it the last “death throws” of a desperate, dying party.

      • Andrew

        The party is dying, I suppose, in the sense that we are all dying before we are even born. But don’t be in a rush for the burial. Political parties have a much greater mean lifespan than a human like you or me.

      • Steve Cornish

        It’s “death throes”…. but spelling aside, you’re right. The sooner the dem party of con artists dies, the better.

      • Garrett

        lol “throes”. Dems are making us libs look bad, but this is one case where it’s nice to see us not being pushed over by corporate bullies. Stop playing politics, this isn’t libs v dems, it’s the super-rich against us all.

      • TheBruce

        Incorrect. They, the Democrats, aren’t fighting, they’re cowering. They’ve halted the democratic process.

        If Walker caves to them he’s doomed.

    • Phid

      Did a judge issue a warrant to the prankster prior to his prank call? For crying out loud, your analogy is not even close.

    • JackWI

      The smell of democrat’s fear is strong. If Walker just dropped that one provision about union dues they would be back in an hour. What a bunch of dupes to believe these people are standing up for the little guy. I am embarrassed for them.

      • Andrew

        It’s almost like they’re politicians. At least their conservative counterparts have some integrity.

    • Vince

      Idiot, I guess you weren’t there that day at law school…..wait, I’m guessing you didn’t graduate high school and are now a union member. Pathetic LOSERS doesn’t even begin to describe you people

      • Wilbur

        Vince. You would be the name caller here. From the grade school days kind of behavior that would make your words a description of yourself.

        • fthomas cain

          All one has to do is read these posts to see what is wrong with this country, and why we are spiraling downward as a society. We are so divided on every issue that we are incapapble of governing ourselves anymore. Whatever happened to that which once made us great has long since disappeared. Now we are just a bunch of contrarian hyphenated individuals divided along racial, ethnic, economic and partisan political lines. We are sewing the seeds of our own destruction-each group claiming to have a lock on “truth”. As Cicero stated during the collapse of the Roman Empire, “The enemy is within the gates, and the enemy is us” there is no fixing our problems-that would take unanimity of thought and vision-something we no longer have-thanks to the the diveristy of our very make-up. As Lincoln said “No house can stand that is divided”-and we are as divided as is humanly possible!!!

    • Jim

      The difference… the Mafia wiretaps were Court Approved “PRIOR” to the actually taping… dahhhhd you dummy.

    • Jim

      wow… le’s see the State Legislatores refuse to show up for work… several thousand employees call in with bogus excusses to work… the State Legistators run an hide like cowards and someone has the nerve to attack the Governer… what a bunch of trashy people.

      • CrazyHungarian

        Add to that using campaign and other questionable funds for personal use while enjoying a “vacation” in Illinois.

      • K

        exactly…people who live in glass houses and all that…

    • Paul Solinger

      Wrong, Jason. As long as one party is aware the recording is taking place, it’s perfectly legal.

      • Paul

        Not entirely true. If a call is recorded and one party is out of state and only one party is aware it is violation of federal wire tapping laws. Both parites need to be aware. Additionally, in some states, both parties need to be aware. Have to check state by state. Bad advice can get someone jailed.

      • Wrightclick

        That statement is absurd. One party would ALWAYS be aware of the recording; the guy doing the recording. Duh.

    • J

      Don’t ever listen to anyone who ever says “expecially”

    • How About Them Apples

      Sorry Paul,
      I jumped the gun on that one.

    • Billv

      You must be Wisconsin educated. The best resource you could locate was wikipedia. Obviously the most reliable resource on the internet.

    • Dan

      Hey MJ. The word is especially, not expecially. Don’t use the big words if you don’t know what they are.

    • Lee

      Uh, MJ…that sort of thing is done when you have an official criminal investigation and a WARRANT.

      Slight, slight difference.

    • jared

      without a warrant, you moron

    • Vern Simms

      You’re focusing on the wrong issue. The “one consent” rule is applicable to whether or not the person recording the phone call can be prosecuted for wiretapping. In this case, he cannot.

      That does not, however, make the recording admissible in court, which is what would be needed here.

    • Troy

      Funny how certain people flip flop on their values and beliefs. When this was done to ACORN, the repubs were screaming and looking for heads to roll while the dems defended them. On this issue, just take the ACORN issue and replace the two parties and they sound the same

      • Tom in NY

        Actually, no. The Republican here did nothing illegal or even remotely unseemly. If anything the recording proves Walker walks the walk as he talks the talk. It’s the Democrats who have their panties tied up in a wad. They acted illegally in the ACORN case and here they’re screaming about supposed illegality only because they seek to criminalize dissent.

      • MA Weimer

        If you are referring to the ACORN workers caught on camera helping a pimp and his underage prostitute, there is nothing legally problematic – the tape was recorded with one party’s consent and it was not done across state lines. This is hardly the same thing.

      • fltchptch

        Are you seriously equating a jokingly made reference regarding campaign contributions to a publicly funded organization working to help establish brothels of illegals on American soil? Wow; if you think other peoples’ moral codes are “funny” what does that make yours? Apples and oranges in both content and tone but nice try libby.

      • Andrew

        I think you missed Troy’s point, which you have each in turn reiterated as if in argument. I will say, however, that it is rare to find anyone in either of our major parties (or amongst their supporters) who won’t sell their soul up the creek to find their side in the right. It’s a fundamental part of bandwagon politics – doesn’t really matter if you’re the pot or the kettle.

      • KipNoxzema

        No, the Republicans have never wimped out and ran out of the state. These Libs have gall talking about “ethics”.

      • Paul

        Troy is wrong, it’s not the same thing with ACORN. ACORN is supporting unlawful pratices. The Governor was suppose to be talking to a “supporter”. Nothing unlawful about that, or anything he said.

    • Harold

      It may be legal, i.e. the prankster will not be charged with wiretapping, but it’s not admissible as evidence in a civil matter, unless the person recording the call advices the other expressly that it could be used as evidence in a court. The statute is Wis. Stat. 885.365.

    • Bob

      The bigger question is, was the recording against the law state or federal? If so, prosecute.

    • Allen

      You can almost always use video as evidence. Audio obtained illegally may in certain cases be used to impeach testimony, and there are exceptions to the general rule. You can for instance, record telephonic threats or extortion without violating the civil rights of the criminal. Only Law Enforcement Agencies or Agents can “entrap” for the rest, its roping, or “journalism”.

    • Dan

      Try telling that to a left-winger.

      • Andrew

        Try telling what to a left-winger, Dan?

    • Minu Ramsey

      Maybe it would be a good idea for all of you wisconsian to find out the funding for the get away. If these Democrats are being supported in any way, shape or form by the union or by the DNC then they are legally in a lot of trouble.
      Find out the crumb and follow it. How are they paying for their food, shelter, gas, and all other on the road expenses, if there is a collection for them to be on the lamb and it leads to any conflict of interest institutions. they are in a whole lot of trouble.
      Aside from that, I agree, their childish behavior is a disgrace.

      • Stan

        @Minu Ramsey, Good comment…. Sen. Jon Erpenbach has stated today that their not coming back home today and that they the Senator’s will pay the daily fines. You know one thing for sure there not using their own money in IL and from what I have investigated, some of the Local Union Stewards have made trips to IL with funds. Jon Erpenbach has been noted calling our State of Wisconsin the ” Promised Land” sure wished he could have been more specific.

      • KenWis

        It was reported that Howard Dean’s PAC has donated $100,000 to “help” the cowards get by in IL.
        If this is true it is a direct violation of Wisconsin’s election laws.
        It never ceases to amaze me about the level of hypocrisy. Sue Scott Walker over legal remarks he made to a fraudulent caller but look the other way when you illegally get $100,000.

  • Greg

    Dems forget the lawsuits and get back to work

    • Deb

      Dems need to go to jail if they collect their pay, even after returning to work, for the period they were AWOL!

  • Stan

    Democratic Distraction ? Wisconsin should fire the fourteen that fled accross the border, in a private business the owner doesn’t have time for politics. After watching the past month of politics I can sure see why people choose the State,County assistance programs, the government said it best, fight for entitlements.

    • Andrew

      These are career politicians, not your employees.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Ethics don’t apply to Union paying Senators to go missing while the State Senate is in session eh?

    It was a fake prank phone call, so what did he get busted for?

    • Ralph

      Did you read the article or do you just go right to the comments? There are statements prank call or joke in conversation a politician should not make. It is called ethics. How quickly the ex governor of Illinois is forgotten (Blago something or other)

      • Bob Cootz

        Yeah, Blago . . . did you even listen to what Walker said?


        You Dem’s are just Morons. (Yes, with a capital M)

  • shwiehl

    More distraction for all of us to focus on. In the meantime, the real issue of balancing the budget in a way that is fair for everyone continues to be in limbo. Governor Walker is not doing any of this in the spirit of compromise or balance, and everyone is starting to see it. He is not a leader; he is a masochist that is looking to Wisconsin to make him the”it” man. Compromise already and get to work for everyone in Wisconsin. We will all share the burden of the budget. Just make it fair and equitable.

    • Heidi

      You know what??? Mpst states need someone to come in a kick a little behind and be the ugly duckilng, whether they be democrat or republican. Our entire counrty is in budget deficit hell and everyone just wants to turn the other cheek or just keep raising taxes, Everyone complains about everything…they want to increase taxes so lets complain, they want to make state workers contribute more, everyone complains, if they cut out out assistance programs everyone complains!!! Complain, complain, complain that is all anyone does now-a-days!! WAKE UP AMERICA!! We have gotten far to used to having things NOW and having it OUR WAY and when that doesn’t happen its evil, horrible and bad. This Generation and the past are the biggest bunch of whiners in the entire United States history. Everyone wants everything given to them, but everyone doesn’t want to help work hard for it. They all want someone or something to do it for them so they can sit on their butts and do nothing but complain when it doesn’t go their way or interferes with their plan of complete and utter lack of responsiblity and laziness!! Its amazing we get anything done as a country with how incredibly selfish EVERYONE ( I mean that generally) is on both ends of the political party and everyone just wants to always point fingers and put the blame on everyone else. Children behave better than most adults now-a-days!! Its sickening!!

      • ByteRider

        You know what, Heidi? This may give pause to people who think entitlement spending is good for the nation. Once you turn it on, it’s very hard to turn off.

      • ladysforest

        Excellent rant Heidi! Well said.

      • freddyzz

        Right on Heidi there are too many whiners and not enough people that are out there working. No ONE OWES YOU A PENSION OR RETIREMENT, NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR RETIREMENT! You want to get mad get mad at legislators in Wash that have not fixed Social Security. In the end most will have 401ks and social security for retirement that is why we must fix social security NOW! Pensions are going away like the Dodo bird.
        Unions killed the steel industry and the auto industry, are we going to let them ruin the educational system? That is where we are heading.

      • Dave

        I stand and salute you for your rant!.

    • steve

      We need a PRESIDENT like this one. Go in and slash the spending down to 1970 levels. Government employees have no business having a union. The US is doomed. unless we can cut the fat INCLUDING entitlements.

    • stevens

      It is so obvious, if, in any situation, the rules as written allow one side or the other to gain a lopsided advantage then the rules must be changed. Simple philosophy,

    • paul

      Here’s fair and equitable: market-driven employment. Cut public employee’s salaries and benefits until you can’t get enough good workers at that level, then work up from there. If public sector employees don’t turn over as frequently as private-sector employees, we’re paying them too much.

    • Andy

      It’s nice to see that one party works to make it fair and balanced with the other party…kinda like the democratic congress did with Obamacare….not…

  • rons dad

    Wow! You must have an awesome amount of brain power to come up with such a witty post. Now go tell mommy you were a bad boy.

    • Rons Mom

      Honey, come get your snacky and go to bed.

    • slc

      You epitomize everything that is wrong with todays electorate!


    Walker said nothing bad in the call, This is just a union push to waste more tax payers money!

  • Goob

    Ron is partially correct…even though he beats around the bush a bit. Rich business people vote for republicans cuz they’re an easy wheel to grease…

    • Len Frank

      And unions vote Democrat because they are an easy wheel to grease, right?

      • Robin Hunter

        Actually, Len, unions don’t vote, union members do. While about 30 percent of union members vote Republican, those who vote Democrat understand which party values workers and their families. The Republicans use fear and hot-button issues to con some workers into voting for them. The Republican core, however, would prefer that workers be underpaid, overworked and unrepresented so as to maximize profits. That’s why the GOP stands for “Grease Our Palms, Grab Our Profits and Give Others Poverty.”

      • ladysforest

        I noticed that the unions “allowed” the -workers- to concede on each point EXCEPT those which affected the union proper.

      • Terri

        Robin, “companies” don’t vote, just as “unions” don’t vote. As a WI taxpayer, I help pay the union dues of these state employees. The union then runs ads on TV for any elected positions in the state. In reality, I am forced to contribute to the dems when I adamantly oppose their socialistic agenda. That is BS.

      • NAs

        To bad for the demoncrats the GOP was laready taken. They wanted “Give Others Property”.

    • Taro

      How do you explain the very richest people in America (Bill Gates, George Soros, Teresa Hines, The Rockefeller family, 95% of Hollywood, etc.) voting for and actively supporting the most liberal of Democrats? By the way, Wall Street has given more to Democrats in the last two elections than to Republicans. In most years, it is about even. Republicans tend to be the middle class from middle America. They are America.

      • Mark

        …and most of them have been duped into believing their party fights for them. After all, as the republican influence increases in strength, the middle class just gets smaller, and smaller, and smaller…

      • BD

        You have that backwards Mark. The stronger democrats get the more people turn into welfare leeching zombies. If the Dems had there way we would be told what to do, where to work, how much we’d get paid, who to vote for and on and on. They think they know best for everyone when all they’ve done is dig a deeper hole for all of us.

    • Mark Newlin

      You seem to forget that the Democrats last presidential election corporations gave more money to Democrats than Republicans. Democrats get 90% of union money and they are in the bag for the unions and union leaders which get rich off the workers. Both parties get too much money from corporations and unions so they are out of touch of what we want.

    • Matt

      No they vote for republicans because typically it’s not the right supporting bills that kill the economy. A free enterprise is best for anyone who is willing to go out and earn their money and that’s why business owners support the GOP.

  • Henry

    If you dig dirt, you have to eat it.

  • jondos

    Democrat Senators who are beholden to the Unions rather than their constituents. This is what I would be more concerned about. These are PUBLIC employees folks. For every penny they put into their pensions, we pay a dollar toward endless sick days, holidays, vacations, and the like. They have been on the PUBLIC dole long enough. If Democrats can’t get elected without UNION money, perhaps they shouldn’t be elected at all. Especially if this is how they think government should run. They cannot be entrusted with the people’s business, if this is how they believe government should run. UNIONS are the modern day MAFIA.

    • Deb

      Thank you! I am not paying for another Union Job. I’m so happy I moved out of there, you won’t get another dollar from me.

  • Pete S

    Hysterical. Baseless indeed. Why?

    Walker isn’t campaigning for anything.

    Desperation has a name . . . Democrat

  • Stan

    Ron, You made a good point, it’s all about what party is going to give me more. People who blame others usually have no idea how to fix a problem and the way Ron talks he has his tax return spent. Enjoy your welfare check and unemployment checks because they will last for ever, living in a bubble ?

  • tkay

    Listen, I don’t care if you are a democrat or a republican but this has got to make you angry. These people were elected fair and square. The longer this drags out the more ridiculous this whole thing looks. The place to debate and negotiate is in the chamber. Not on the border of another state!!!! If you lose, you lose. That’s how it goes in the USA. Just win the next election and then you can give the unions whatever the hell they want!

    • Mark

      If your elected officials are taking your rights away, it doesn’t matter if they were voted in. People’s lives and livelyhoods are not a game that you ‘win’ or ‘lose’ at.

      • Chad

        So when your democrat buddies at the federal level were ramming bills no one except the unions and democrats wanted down our throats, that was just a game right? Stop being a hypocrite.
        I see no where in the constitution the right to collectively bargin anyway. How about the rights of those who never wanted to be in a union and have their hard earned money taken from them and then used agaisnt them to elect democrat politicians?

      • ranroddeb

        Hey dimwit, collectve bargaining is not a right, itt was voted in by legislative action and can be removed by legislative action. Less than 6% of Wi are union. They have no special “Rights” applicable to them . You libs are so clueless.

  • Erin

    Wisconsin Dems look the fools! New political rule is: if you don’t like what is happening, run away or refuse to answer! Next headline will be “Obama disagrees with Republican budget cuts and therefor is refusing to return from vacation.” Cuts have to start somewhere. NO ONE seems to want to admit that we are in a crash and burn mode, and yet we refuse to give up our piece of the pie. It’s only the beginning folks. Dems are desperate in Wis. It takes nerve to run from your responsibilities as Senators, and then to accept the salaries that ALL the people of Wisconsin are paying. They work for ALL the people of Wisconsin but seem to have forgotten that the money they receive as a salary is not paid out via income tax received from only Democrats or union members’ tax payments.

  • WallyG

    The dems lost the election and the entire parfty has been in a revenge mode ever since. 2012 will be worse for desm and they know it. The party is being run by moonbats like Chcuk Schumer and they’re sending out the loons like Weiner, Wasserman-Schultz to keep the pot stirred, and the Prez is directing his drones to make noise! Do the dems remind you of Charlie Sheen? Or does Sheen remind you of the dems?

  • Hate Republicans

    @ JackWI, Get a clue or don’t post unless you know what is happening. Seriously! You think this is all about union dues? In the past few weeks this has been going on I haven’t heard ANYTHING about union dues! Gov. Walker wants to bust up the unions. What our parents and grandparents fought so hard to get he wants to break up overnight. The part that is ironic about this whole thing is that Wisconsin is the first state to introduce unions. Besides, the Dems are trying to meet to try to talk. Walker wants nothing to do with it. He is a baby and a dictator. It is his way or nothing. I will never vote Republican. Look at what he is doig and realize that they are all bad. They are not in it for the people

    • stan

      Hate Republicans, quit hiding in the “Fox Hole” your great State is broke and you talk like your educated, maybe you missed the election deadline. Your very Union educated the way you write, tell me what the Union dues are used for ? I’m sick of paying the dues after thirty years and I’m sure it will be hard for you to except but you have a choice, face reality.

      • rickw11403@aol.com

        Hi :) just to let you know it is illegal for a Unnion to use dues for political purposes like lobbying or giving to politicians or for contributing to campaigns.Theyt must use a different pot or money given “voluntarily” by memnership suchas a “PAC” contribution which is copmpletely voluntary,


    • steve

      You are an idiot. He does not want to bust up unions. He wants to let the PUBLIC have a fair shake in union dealings. they can bargain on wages and a few other things but not LUMP everything together in one pot. You really need to get your facts straight. Government employees should have never had the right to unionize in the first place. but since they are there they need to understand that they are the PUBLIC’S servants not the other way around.

    • Taro

      You don’t actually think being a union thug is a right, do you? You think you have a RIGHT to hold the public hostage while delivering third rate services? Governor Walker is not busting a union. He is simply scaling back the inordinate power that the Wisconsin public employee union has to something on par with what federal employee unions have. But let’s indulge your nightmare. What would be so awful about breaking up a criminal organization of thugs who have no interest in serving the public? Walker is not going far enough. Every one of those ignorant thugs in Madison should be fired and many of them imprisoned for committing the fraud of pretending to educate children while collecting a salary from taxpayers.

    • ladysforest

      Did you agree to make all the concessions yet your union refused to make any that would affect the union itself? Insisted you protest?

      That is usury.

    • JDoe

      Why should ANYONE be FORCED to pay union dues if they want to be a

      firefighter or teacher ?

      I am FORCED to pay taxes> which go to pay public servant > who are

      REQUIRED to pay union dues > who give MILLIONS of MY/OUR tax dollars to

      union bosses and their thugs > then in turn give it to Democratic candidates.

      It’s an unholy alliance !

      The tax payer has no say on how the money is spent…I don’t want to support

      Pro-Abortion democrats….but am FORCED to via my money to pay the public


      WAKE UP……It’s ALL and ONLY about the MONEY !

      IF people are given a CHOICE to join a union ~ 50% of the people will NOT

      join…and there go BILLIONS from the Unions to give to Democratic officials.

      THAT is the ONLY thing those “caring” union bosses are worried about!

      • Mark Newlin

        That was the exact problem when I was a teacher. My dues went to union bosses and politicians I didn’t like. When lay-offs came fellow teachers wouldn’t give up one year of increment pay increase to save the jobs for their fellow teachers. So don’t talk about solidarity in the union as it is all about what I get. Only a few of us really cared about the kids.

      • Mark

        Teachers are not required to pay union dues. Every year I have the option of rejoining if I want. If I do, then I pay. If I don’t, I don’t. That’s been the case every year at the school I work at. I’d say that about 90% of the staff joins to keep contracts reasonable and to provide legal counsel if need be. For the most part, I don’t have a problem with them, unless it’s tenure we’re talking about. Something there needs to be fixed.

    • chuck in st paul

      HR you are soooooo besoted with the Kool Aid of unionism. Public employees unionizing and then sending part of their paycheck to the same politicians that decide their paychecks is prima facie collusion to commit a fraud. In proper law they would have to recuse themselves from voting and be forbidden to give anything of value to a politician who held sway over their jobs.

      Otherwise you get what we have now… a bunch of spoiled rotten pocket picking prima donnas. No thanks. Oh yeah, BTW, your parents and grandparents did NOT fight to unionize the government employees. Even FDR, amongst others, was adamantly against it.

    • Jeremy

      This argument has nothing to do with labor unions in the private sector. That’s a fight for another day. Public unions remain accountable to nobody. They make their deals with a revolving door of administrations who want nothing more than to look good for a few more years. Teachers’ unions have nothing positive to point to in the way of success. My only problem with Gov. Walker is that he’s not attacking all public sector unions equally.

      The only way to ensure that you’re not being screwed by a public union is to make sure they cease to exist.

  • Rich C

    The media does the country a huge huge disservice in it’s reporting of the Wisconsin news. This issue is really about taxpayers nationally being forced to pay the entire pay of government workers.. When are government workers going to realize this fact?. They do not produce anything. They take private citizen taxpayers production away. The real issue here is when is taxing the country’s private citizens ever going to end? When will a government worker be laid off, as many many private workers have been? Government ruins lives and enough is enough, and the Wisconsin situation is just the beginning of the private citizen getting his freedom, ie, money back. My word to government workers is.. if what you do is so important, start a business and provide the service/product.. You will then be a productive American instead of a drain on the initiative of our country.

    • Mark

      Would you go tell a teacher that to their face?

      • Rich C

        Why does a teacher have to work for the government? Where in the Constituiton is that? And yes, I’d tell them that, rght after I enroll my kid in the private school they started up.

      • JDoe

        Alrready did and was smart enough to get my kids OUT of public school!

        It’s GREAT being treated like I am in charge and the teachers WORK for the

        parents (as WE are their employers) and NOT the other way around !

      • Stan

        Mark, Yes I would and I’m married to a family of them. I hate to tell you they think being a state employee they should be protected. For years I have watched them get their voice/way and now the times have changed and they (teachers) feel cheated. Tenure, what a security blanket and when I ask my family why only 79% of Wisconsin seniors graduate they blame the parents or lack of State funding. (It’s alway’s someone else)

    • Dennis Clouser

      In Detroit, only 25% of freshmen actually graduate!! What’s happening to the 75% – that’s the really scary part!!!


    Where do we go to file an ethics complaint against Al Gore? http://www.M4GW.com

  • Progressive Ed

    It’s remarkable how stupid Republicans are. Didn’t Palin also get pranked? And it didn’t occur to Walker the phone call might be tape? Unbelievable. Hopefully a staffer or two got canned.

    • TIRM

      Republicans just assume people to be honest. I guess if Walker was a Democrat he would assume the other person to be dishonest…..probably because they assume others are like themselves.

  • allhaileris

    Pay for the Dem legislators should be frozen for the days they were awol. An investigation needs to be launched into how they all paid for hotel rooms, food, etc., for the weeks they’ve been away.

  • So they do nothing??????

    Rich C: So they do not produce anything. Really? How about taking care of the snow, roads, your choldren, your licenses, parks, fish and wildlife, fire protection, law enforcement just ot name a few!!!!! Do you really think that these people do not deserve a living wage, just because they do nothing but take care of your welfare?????

    • Gov't is not the answer

      All of those services could easily be provided in the private sector in a more efficient manner.

    • RichC

      Mark, In a free country you need to be responsible.. Mr. Crannick’s, I think it was, irresponsibly in forgetting to pay his $75 yearly fee for fire protection ought to be mentioned don’t you think? .. $75 a year?????? The article did meniton he had some insurance against loss. I’d like to see yearly figures on how many times that happens.. However, that is not the point of all this.. The point again is the taxing away and redistribution of the productive private citizen’s money, ie freedom, and when is enought enough. I say again, government workers do not produce. As was mentioned by someone else, most everything government does could be done by a business. Regards

      • Mark

        Yeah, you’re right. He was irresponsible. Let it burn to the ground.

  • Bronx Native

    This complaint is pretty lame. Not as lame as elected officials making a mockery of democracy by fleeing their state because they are in the minority and can’t have their way; but still pretty lame.

  • mcw1142

    Go for it. Bring the lawyers in. Americans hate greedy lawyers even more than greedy public unions. Bury yourselves even deeper in the American psyche you pathetic dems.

    What wussies these dems are. Next they’ll try holding their breath until they get their way.

  • Peter the Australian

    In Westminster style democracy the leader of the Majority party could go to the Queen and ask for a dissolution of Parliament and fresh elections on the grounds that government cannot be carried on without full attendance. The Queen would generally follow that advice and dissolve Parliament.

    IIsn’t there any way the Governor of Wisconsin can dissolve the Senate and give the people the chance to settle the issue at the ballot box?

    • Kevin

      No, Peter. The only way to remove and replace the fleeing Democrats is for the people of Wisconsin to get enough signatures on a recall petition, and then hold an election. It takes many months – I think it can take as many as 18.

  • tonydbaker

    So what’s so wrong with busting up government unions? It’s not like the evil rich guy is keeping the poor people down with low wages. Government unions are no longer affordable. Look at how they react when they are asked to contribute just a few percentage points towards their own healthcare and retirement? FIRE THEM ALL. I guarantee people would be lined up to take those jobs, and likely do it better and with more gratitude.

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