Baby Born On Interstate 94

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — One baby just couldn’t wait for mom to get to the hospital and was born in a vehicle on Interstate 94 in Wisconsin.

Early Tuesday morning, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department got a call that a woman was going into labor near Milepost 125 on I-94.

A trooper arrived minutes later and learned that the baby was born and doing fine. The trooper helped out until an ambulance arrived.

Both the mom and newborn were brought to Black River Falls Hospital and are said to be doing well.

  • Gloria

    Thank goodness everything worked out well, but the story doesn’t indicate who helped this Mother deliver her baby. Was the husband/father with her, or did the Mom deliver the baby by herself?

    • Rachel

      Does it really matter? they are both happy and healthy. It is really none of our business who was with her, how long it took, how much blood she lost, etc. Congradulations to mom and baby!

  • Gloria

    I wasn’t asking because I was curious in a morbid way; I just think many articles are written hurriedly to be the first to press. The 5 Ws, which everyone has been taught to answer, are most often missed lately. “Who”, “What”, “Why”, “When”, “Where” are important details if one is going to offer a newsworthy story. It is easier to jump to incorrect conclusions, etc., when not given enough information, than when answering these simple questions. Granted, law enforcement, or the hospital/family, perhaps didn’t release that information yet, but don’t blame me for just being interested in knowing more about an interesting, thankfully, happy occasion.

  • us

    She should be named I-94 milepost 125!

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