DeBlog: Are Facebook And Twitter Killing The Blog?

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

My blogging has been a bit pathetic lately. I can make a lot of excuses — but the biggest one is that I feel like I’m already sharing everything interesting in the form of 140 character updates.

I’m a constant Tweeter, writing @DeRushaJ and @DeRushaEats. I post updates on Facebook and a Facebook fan page (Like me!).

So if you follow me there, you already know that a valet crashed my car on Saturday night, after I emceed a fundraiser gala for Restart, Inc.

jason derusha accident DeBlog: Are Facebook And Twitter Killing The Blog?

(credit: CBS)

You already know that I gave the keynote address at the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association in Madison.

You already know that last night’s Good Question was about whether Mexico is safe.

You know that I’ve been filling in on the morning anchor desk with Angela Davis.

So what’s left for me to blog about here? I do write about food at once a week. There are comments enabled on all of the Good Question stories, so you can share thoughts there.

If you’re a blogger — has Facebook and Twitter changed the way you blog? How do you stay motivated to write? Do you save stuff from your social media networks so you have good material to blog about? Help me!

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  • gtV

    I don’t usually read or use facebook or twitter. This old school person would rather read your blog and your writing that read 140 character tweets or general milquetoast facebook social commentary. Your blog is truly you and not some homogenized version of your character or personality and what you have to communicate.

    Blogs take an unique position in letting people open up and show themselves more, if they so wish to do so, on who they really are or how they really think. Unless the world is immediately coming to an end, a blog gives you the time and freedom to be more concise, expressive, funny, poignant, or whatever exposing your true feelings in your communication.

    If you are truly a writer, a blog is truly an outlet, like writers of the old school with pen, ink, or typewriter, to say what you wish. A 140 character tweet only ‘headlines’ what you can say more eloquently or detailed in a blog.

    Keep writing the “DeBlog”, Jason. This fan will read it. Besides I do not have time for facebook or twitter. Life is too short to playing or texting with/on a PDA or cell phone.

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