AUSTIN, Minn. (AP) — A Stewartville man is charged with felony theft by swindle after allegedly promising to cure people by using laser beams from satellites.

Sixty-six-year-old Ronald Renken is scheduled to enter his plea in Mower County Court March 17.

According to the complaint, Renken allegedly talked two people into believing one of them, who is diabetic, could be cured of his illnesses through a satellite using laser beams.

The Austin Daily Herald reports Renken allegedly told the couple he works with doctors in Germany who use the beams to eliminate toxins in the body. The couple paid Renken $2,316 for the man’s treatment

The couple apparently became suspicious when they told their daughter the man was cured of diabetes and their daughter said she had never heard of satellites using lasers to cure people.

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Comments (8)
  1. Good Luck! says:

    One born every minute!

  2. Look at all the stupidity!!! says:

    This should not be illegal if you are dumb enough to believe this. Really????? You are going to cure diabetes from space? Have I got a bridge for you, and you are in luck, it is on sale right now!!!!

  3. John says:

    The daughter must be adopted.

  4. Maria says:

    peopole will belive anything these days, it blows my mind

  5. doc says:

    Are churches not swindling people then, by having everyone donate to them for false hopes!!?? I guess the guy with the laser should have done it for a small donation then!!

    1. Vandy says:

      And the government too for taking taxes and telling us it will be spent wisely.

  6. Kally says:

    They should have to pay the guy double for being so stupid. The wrong person is going to court. …kidding…

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