MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Some graduate students at the University of Minnesota are trying their hand at redesigning downtown Minneapolis’ historic Nicollet Mall.

The students are working on their master’s degrees at the College of Design’s School of Architecture. This week they are taking part in a workshop to give the city of Minneapolis a new vision for the mall.

The “catalyst” workshop runs daily through Friday at the IDS Center’s Crystal Court in Minneapolis. Participants will present and discuss their ideas starting at noon Friday.

The goal of the workshop is to envision Nicollet Mall as a public space for people to congregate. Members of Minneapolis city governments plan to attend the workshop to provide feedback.

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Comments (2)
  1. Charles Clifford says:

    Nicollet remains in good shape; why not work on fixing up other streets. if it aint broke why fix it? How about a city square? The northern end by the Library is run down and has too many parking lots. Why not concentrate on that? How about housing near the Library?

  2. Cherm says:

    Saurday morning my husband and walked from the lite rail to the Home and Garden Show at the Convention Center. On our way, I tripped and fell on a raised slab of sidewalk! I hope at least they fix the sidewalks!!!

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