Wet, Heavy Snow Expected In Twin Cities

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The brunt of Wednesday’s expected snowstorm should move through the area southeast of the Twin Cities, but that doesn’t mean the metro area will be dodging this winter bullet completely.

There is already a line of moderate snow activity hovering along the state’s western border with South Dakota. Places like Worthington and Redwood Falls could see some flurries on and off throughout Tuesday.

But the snow isn’t expected to reach the Twin Cities and parts southeast until overnight into Wednesday. The heaviest snow should move more into Wisconsin and even over the Chicagoland area.

The southeastern corner of Minnesota could see between 5 and 9 inches of snow.

The Twin Cities, however, could end up skirting a line of snow-rain mix, and the snow that does fall will likely be more heavy and wet than previous winter storms, owing to the warmer temperatures, which should be somewhere just above freezing.

More rain-snow showers are expected on Friday into Saturday, but again, with the temperatures sitting above freezing, it’s not likely that there will be major accumulations.

  • BobJ.

    Bring it on !!!,I make money when it snows

    • dz

      Let’s go for 100, we’re already at 80 inches

  • Who Cares

    Thanks Bob thats good to know

  • peter

    Really again?

  • Julie

    Me too Bob lol
    I want 3 feet xD

  • anon

    It is being overhyped. It always is to attract web/tv viewers. I would guess maybe 2 inches at the most which doesn’t need to be plowed but will be anyways because people think you need to drive on dry roads in the winter.

    • Tom Willard

      Impressive. And you are a meteorologist for who??



  • THC

    Get it over with already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live west of the cities and cannot see beyond or above the snow banks. :(

  • ponyboy

    I’m with you bob bring it on! I also make money when it snows! This winter makes up for winters of past!

  • red

    I am tired of the snow I with you Markie!

  • DS

    The grass is not always greener people! I moved from Minnesota 12 years ago to a tropical climate. It is Hot 365 days a year. You can’t get out of it. It’s just HOT like MN in August all the time! There are very few moments of relief. I remember how horrible it was to drive to work in a snow storm. I used to curse it and beg to be somewhere else but right now it would be so sweet to just feel that cold, fresh air. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to live in Minnesota. It is a wonderful state with wonderful hardy people!

    • M

      There was only one perfect place, the Garden of Eden. Unfortunately we got kicked out by the landlord.

      • pasta monster

        That landlord was such a jerk for not wanting to share!!

  • cord

    bring it on money falling from the sky

  • red

    Thank you for keeping the snow fall so light

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