NEW YORK (AP) — Lady Gaga’s deal to sell a special edition of her upcoming album at Target is now out of range.

A representative for the singer said Wednesday the two sides “came to a mutual decision to end their overall exclusive partnership a few weeks ago.”

Last month, it was announced that Minneapolis-based Target Corp. would be selling a deluxe edition of the album, to be released May 23, with bonus content.

But gay advocates were concerned about the partnership, citing Target’s donations to a political candidate who was against gay marriage. Gaga told Billboard that her relationship with the retail giant was tied to their “reform,” supporting the gay community and making up for past “mistakes.”

The Advocate reported Tuesday that Gaga wasn’t comfortable with the deal and ended it.

Target released the following statement regarding Gaga’s decision:

“We were very surprised and disappointed by the statements made by Lady Gaga’s organization related to her partnership with Target. Target remains committed to the LGBT community as demonstrated by our contributions to various LGBT organizations, our recently established Policy Committee to review our political giving and our respectful, inclusive workplace environment.”

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Comments (19)
  1. V says:

    good for her, I am not a big fan of Lady Gaga… But this is just the right thing to do!

  2. Shane G says:

    And what happens if I already pre-ordered a digital copy of it at Target? I lose my money?

  3. Ginger Shepla says:

    I wonder if anyone is up in arms when companies donate to groups that support abortions? Too many double standards.

    1. Bridget says:

      what does that have to do with this?

  4. George says:

    Way to back out AFTER ALL THE FACTS HAVE BEEN OUT THERE FOR MONTHS, Lady Gaga! You should be ashamed. Good riddance.

  5. Liz Bart says:

    Who the hell cares! CD’s aren’t selling much these days anyway. Target is not going to lose anything if this freak refuses to have her music sold there!!
    WGASAGAGA!!!!!!! Gaga who????

  6. Lisa W says:

    That’s the beauty of our great country: it’s all about having the freedom to choose.

  7. Jere Powers says:

    This is how sad our country is. A rock star has has higher moral standards than a corporation that bills itself as being gay friendly when it clearly is not.

  8. Victim Du Jour says:

    Target reported an increase in sales when gay activists started in on Target.

    Target makes more when they do things against liberal activists.

    1. Lisa W says:

      That’s not true and you are an idiot. Go back home under your rock.

  9. Victim Du Jour says:

    Lady Gaga is part of a corporate run media establishment.

    It’s called liberal media fascism, and Lady Gaga targets children with graphic sexual images to promote her political beliefs.

    Dressing up like a nun and having sex for children in music videos is hate too.

    1. Victim Du Juor says:

      Gawd almighty dude – it’s been around for 50 years and she’s not the parent, you are. No likey – no listeny. Got it.

      She a very successful corporation. So is Target.
      Like Microsoft and Apple – you get to pick a side. They do to. Done

  10. rj says:

    See what happens when Target and other PC corporations try to appease the masses with their charitable giving?? Don’t hurt yourself straddling the fence!

  11. Clarence says:

    lady gaga?? Who’s that? Couldn’t the parents of this disgusting human come up with a name for it? I guess not, so goo-goo- GAGA?? What’s her REAL name anyways? She or “it’s” a no-talent, know-nothing, “flash in the pan” punk who thinks she speaks for the gays any other stupid fool who’ll listen to her/it’s/ or whatever the GAGA is!! Take a stand, TARGET, and don’t back down!!!

  12. Kevin says:

    I just started to shop at Target again……white trash….

    1. Tim P says:

      I stopped shopping there 8-9 years ago……. red trash ……

  13. Clint thinks they not bright says:

    You kooks are making her and the Kings and Bachmanns and idiots larger than life by even ranting here.

    She can take her product wherever she wants and market it there. Target can do what they want too.
    I find this hillarious to no end. She’ll make her gazillions regardless and Target will make a bit less. Big deal
    That said – I like she’s taken a stand for her beliefs and it’s her product. I wouldn’t buy it, don’t really listen to this stuff either.
    Good for Gaga – Good for Target. Now move on people to real issues in life huh

  14. Victim Du Jour says:

    Who shops at Target for music CD’s, if anything it hurts old ladies who don’t know how to use ITunes.

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