Report: Excessive Nutrients Damaging Great Lakes

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — A U.S.-Canadian report says parts of the Great Lakes are suffering from excessive nutrients such as phosphorus, which promote growth of algae blooms that can damage ecosystems and human health.

In a biennial report on the lakes released Wednesday, The International Joint Commission calls for stepped-up research and monitoring to deal with eutrophication, or over-abundant plant growth in nearshore areas.

It may be caused by substandard wastewater and septic systems, manure and fertilizer runoff from farms and climate change, which causes more intense storms. The report urges governments to promote restoration of wetlands that filter out pollutants before they enter the lakes.

It also says urban runoff is degrading water quality at many beaches and calls for improved methods of determining when beaches should be closed to protect human health.

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  • married to the truth

    Is the water still safe to drink? Lol. Just another resource that we will destroy. I am at blame you are at blame and at the end of the day we would not have all the great things we love if something else didn’t loose. We all gain and the great lakes loose. Hate to say it but that is true for the rest of our earth too. The more we gain the more earth looses. And that is the truth!

    • K.

      The word is “lose” not “loose”………..there is a difference.

  • anon

    Well this report was probably funded by people against keeping Asian carp out of the great lakes. I am sure they eat all these excessive nutrients right up don’t they.

  • Todd

    Well the Earth looses too! But the truth is that in 1957 there were 2.8 billion people on this planet. I believe that in 2000 the number was 6 billion people, more than doubled in less than 50 years. How long can the Earth sustain all these people, not much longer. Kiss your behind goodbye in the next 50 years because this planet is not made for 6 billion people and there will be twice that many by 2050.

    • Todd

      By the way the “looses” was being sarcastic for those editors out there.

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