Wis. Lawmakers Cut Public Worker Bargaining Rights

By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

MADISON, Wis. (WCCO/AP) — Wisconsin lawmakers voted Thursday to strip nearly all collective bargaining rights from the state’s public workers, ending a heated standoff over labor rights and delivering a key victory to Republicans who have targeted unions in efforts to slash government spending nationwide.

The state’s Assembly passed Gov. Scott Walker’s explosive proposal 53-42 without any Democratic support and four no votes from the GOP. Protesters in the gallery erupted into screams of “Shame! Shame! Shame!” as Republican lawmakers filed out of the chamber and into the speaker’s office.

The state’s Senate used a procedural move to bypass missing Democrats and move the measure forward Wednesday night, meaning the plan that delivers one of the strongest blows to union power in years now requires only Walker’s signature to take effect.

He says he’ll sign the measure, which he introduced to plug a $137 million budget shortfall, as quickly as possible — which could be as early as Thursday.

“We were willing to talk, we were willing to work, but in the end at some point the public wants us to move forward,” Walker said before the Assembly’s vote.

Walker’s plan has touched off a national debate over labor rights for public employees and its implementation would be a key victory for Republicans, many of whom have targeted unions amid efforts to slash government spending. Similar bargaining restrictions are making their way through Ohio’s Legislature and several other states are debating measures to curb union rights in smaller doses.

In Wisconsin, the proposal has drawn tens of thousands of protesters to the state Capitol for weeks of demonstrations and led 14 Senate Democrats to flee to Illinois to prevent that chamber from having enough members present to pass a plan containing spending provisions.

But a special committee of lawmakers from the Senate and Assembly voted Wednesday to take all spending measures out of the legislation and the full Senate approved it minutes later, setting up Thursday’s vote in the Assembly.

Walker has repeatedly argued that collective bargaining is a budget issue, because his proposed changes would give local governments the flexibility to confront the budget cuts needed to close the state’s $3.6 billion deficit. He has said without the changes, he may have needed to lay off 1,500 state workers and make other cuts to balance the budget.

The measure forbids most government workers from collectively bargaining for wage increases beyond the rate of inflation unless approved by referendum. It also requires public workers to pay more toward their pensions and double their health insurance contribution, a combination equivalent to an 8 percent pay cut for the average worker.

Police and firefighters are exempt.

Union leaders across the county, including here in Minnesota, are expressing outrage.

Eliot Seide, the executive director of AFSCME Council 5, said, “our members are absolutely angry. This act of deceit, in the middle of the night over in Wisconsin, is shameful. It’s unprecedented and it’s probably illegal.”

The offices of AFSCME Council 5, the largest state employee union in Minnesota, are decorated with signs supporting Wisconsin workers.

The phone is ringing constantly with workers asking how they can help. And the union’s website is calling on workers to join protests in Wisconsin this weekend including one in Hudson on Sunday.

Gov. Mark Dayton said what happened in Wisconsin will not happen here.

“I don’t want that in Minnesota. We are better than that in Minnesota and we are proving that by all being together in a responsible way,” said Dayton.

There are a number of measures moving through the Minnesota legislature that would strip away union powers. Dayton has been careful not to throw around the word “veto,” but he’s made it clear he will act to prevent measures like this from becoming law here in Minnesota.

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  • Steven Levy

    Outrageous! The great state of Wisconsin has moved from a Democracy to a Dictatorship. Shame on the Governor, Shame on the Republicans and all those who have betrayed those they are supposed to represent, protect and defend.

    • Brook Mueller

      they have not betrayed us who elected them, they are only doing what we, the majority of the voters want. This is how democracy works.

      • Bill

        Brook, Ron, you both know that’s complete BS. Government is supposed to do what is RIGHT for ALL the people, not simply what the majority of voters WANTS. If government only did what the majority of voters WANTS, they never would have abolished slavery or given women the right to vote. The Republicans who voted for this bill in Wisconsin have betrayed their oath.

      • Not BS

        Brook is correct. The people have spoken. Now leave it at that, wake up and accept the peoples voice.

      • PAUL


    • Ron

      neither the state of Wisconsin nor the US is a democracy. It is a republic and we are governed by laws with democratic processes. You only show your ignorance when you make these kind of posts.

      • PSS

        Ron you an JA so or republic state and country with democratic processes is in shambles because of the rebublican politicians and now WISCONSIN IS NO LONGER A REPUBLIC PROCESS IT’S A DICTATORSHIP !!!!!!!!!!!!………………………IMPEACH WALKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ok

      The protesters need to be beat down qdaffy style! Stop crying! The 14 dems you should be mad at they ran away!

  • Mare

    And they wonder why people talk badly about Republicans!!

    • HaHa

      Hey Mare,
      Your NightMare is my Dream

  • Rachel Heatherington

    Scott Walker——-soon to be history, like the rest of the Republicans who did this act of stripping lowly state workers of their right to collectively bargain. This mostly affects women and others who always got the shaft, never got pay raises, etc. This won’t affect the budge one iota! Wisconsin is going backwards!

    • mouse12555@yahoo.com

      i am personally satisfied that this will finally get done . I am 62, lost my full time position 2 years ago . Working part time without any heath insurance at all . I have to pay cash for my doctors visits . Why must I continue to pay for the benefits that I was never able to get in the corporate world . I can’t afford it . I think paying 50% of their retirement and 50 % of their health coverage is adequate under these difficult times .

      • just8

        Well said mouse! Get real helper, do you know how many people are unemployed with bachelors as well as master degrees. Take a look at your next bartender, there is a good possibility he/she has a college degree. The last guy that painted my house had masters. Take a look around, you will be shocked to find how many cashiers and sales clerks have degrees. A real eye opener is your kids bus driver. Tons of advanced degrees there. Stop feeling sorry for public sector employees. They should have no more rights than the rest of us.

      • steve

        Ya your tax will go down now that he busted the union HA HA HA HA

      • Bill

        just8, when you said “Stop feeling sorry for public sector employees. They should have no more rights than the rest of us.”, you’re absolutely right. But they also should have no FEWER rights than the rest of us either!!! You have the right to unionize if you desire. Why shouldn’t these people???

      • Bill

        Mouse, if you didn’t like your job and benefits, at least you had the right to unionize to try to do something about it. (And if you had done so, maybe you wouldn’t be in the situation you now are!) That right was just unethically stripped away from these people.

        You think paying 50% of retirement and health coverage is adequate–well, so do the Wisconsin unions!!! They completely agreed to such a proposal! This whole discussion therefore has nothing to do with that. It’s all about whether people should have the right to unionize in an effort to improve or maintain proper treatment in the workplace, both financial and otherwise. The fact that you failed to use that right doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t have it.

      • helper

        Yeah, but teachers and other public sector employees usually have a college degree they spent years and lots of $$ to earn. These are not your typical bartenders and construction employees.

        I’ll give you my shoulder to cry on though…

      • shirley

        mouse1255@yahoo.com, You should have been able to negotiate ,a health plan, and a respectable wage, you couldn’t do this alone therefore , you organize a union who will negotiate for you and your coworkers. But forget that now, with walkers law in place , you have no negotiating power on anything. These union employees paid taxes just like everyone else did ,paid into their pensions, and insisted on a decent wage.I would like to say ,be glad your 62 and close to retirement and social security and medicare but the republicans will be chipping away at that also. Good Luck.

      • How About Them Apples

        Mouse, those of you who are non-union won’t be able to cry me-too for a raise anymore, you’ll have to go it alone, good luck with that.

    • he won election

      LOWLY, I bet most make MORE than I do.

    • Helper lies

      The State called your food stamps are in

  • Are you still crying


  • Pony

    Can you site your source please?

    • Deb

      wikileaks, are you slow???

      • ok

        Deb more lies, put down the stupid pills you will overdose!

    • pablopayne

      Look it up Pony. It’s old news. 2.5 GPA. Expelled for cheating.

  • Victim Du Jour

    I think this will make the State of Wisconsin free to put people to work during hard times, and it bothers Democrats.

    You won’t have to sit around on extended unemployment.

    • Mike

      Walkers actions will have the same effect it does in southern states without collective bargaining, the quality of education will suffer. It’s that simple. The states with collective bargaining have the best test scores and college placement in the country. Republicans are short sighted, but greed does that to you.

      • Patrick

        Are you for real! It don’t matter how much money we spend. Teachers should teach and not worry about becoming the next millionare and retiring at 55 yrs old.

    • PSS


      • Walker

        Hey PMS
        Would you like a little cheese with that Whine. Perhaps some of those (benifits) should be looked at next. Thank You for the heads up.

    • Deb

      hahahhahahahhahah you very funny!

      • Charlie

        Deb, Make a point already or go away…

    • shirley

      And Victum Du Jour, you will be working for minimum wage and forget about negotiating any thing better. With walkers law in place , they will tell you how much your wage will be and minimum benefits. good luck with that.

      • Come around goes around

        Hey Shirley
        Why should the rest us us at Minimum wage pay for your great benifits and we pay thru the nose for them if they are even offered. You seem to forget about all of us that pay your wage and great benits package and we don’t have a choice. Time to buck up and take it like the rest of us. You libs seem to like things equal, take away from you and I still pay more for the same. Not quite equal yet either.

  • Deb

    BYE BYE Republicans

  • Darren

    Congrats to the Govenor on starting something that will and needs to happen in other states. I applaud you for making the hard but right decision. Our government has gotten too big, local,city,county,state and federal governemtn is out of control. The majority of expense is payroll and beneftis. Health Insurance ,Welfare all need to be reformed,.We all have had it too good for too long. Here is what I have known as a taxpayer in the private sector. I did not have a cost of living raise in 5 years, I did not have a merit raise in 5 years. I work for an excellent company. They continue to pay for the majority of my health insurance instead of giving me a pay raise and I can surely understand that in these hard times. When the public sector on average gets more benefits (notice I didn’t say pay) a better pension then the private sector and when the government has hired 40% more workers then the private sector that means the government is getting bigger, not the private sector. And who is is that pays the public sector?? It is the private sector. I used to belong to a union when I was younger, they took my first 2 paychecks as a 16 year old kid to be a member of the union. I was making $3.35 an hour back then. Kind of stinks when I have to do a months worth of labor before I can even start collecting a paycheck. So how much does your union cost you? How many weeks of pay each year goes to your union?

    • Mike

      Darren- When I worked as a union Machinist in 1978 I made $13.50 an hour.
      Today, thirty years later the fortune 500 company I work for with no union starts a Machinist at $15.00 and hour! Kind of stinks, doesn’t it?

    • Deb

      I hope it hits you in the gut, and it will!

    • Dano

      Your a Moron. Ya we all make to much money. We all have it too good.
      Keep supporting the rich. And just so you have a clue, this is 2011, not 1968

      • Ron

        Hi Dano,

        can you define “rich”?

  • Randax

    On Wisconsin! I’m glad to see this anti-government union pro-taxpayer bill on its way to becoming law.

    Private sector unions are great, but government employee unions contain an inherent conflict of interest and should be outlawed.

    The Repubs played by the rules and did what needed to be done for the future of the state. The Dems broke the rules and attempted to block the rule of law by hiding out in Illinois so their supporters could continue to enrich themselves at the taxpayers’ expense. I’m glad the right team one.

    • Mike

      Randax-The Democrats in WIsconsin have not broken any rules or laws, they are supporting the interest of their constituents. Republicans, including Walker now face a very angry electorate that will start the collection of signatures for their recall. This isn’t over, it is just the begininnig of the largest disenfranchised group of public and private workers this country has ever seen. This weekend will bring the largest group of protestors to Madison, Wisconsin to date.

    • PAUL

      the rebublican play by their own rules and if they need to they just make up rules as they go so they always win well they bought the rope made the noose now LET THEM ALL HANG IN THERE OWN NOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL DEMOCRATES!!!!!!

    • Deb

      not they didn’t, what they did was unAmerican and illegal!

      • just8

        Define illegal. Shouldn’t it be illegal to require public employees to pay into a democratic union? Yes, the unions distribute voting material to it’s public sector employees. It’s like members are cattle or something. Weird.

      • Bill

        The Dems broke no rules. All the rule breaking in this case was, and continues to be, on the Republican side. Illegally held meetings, passing fiscal bills without a quorum present, illegally locking doors to meetings required by law to be open to the public, etc. etc. etc.

      • Ron

        you are a typical, ill informed democrat. I pray our republic will survive the impact of idiots like you.

      • Chris

        Deb, Just stop it already!

        So you do not like it… so what?

        That doesn’t make it unamerican or illegal…

        But there should be something done about you saying things that are not true!

      • Go back

        Hey Deb! Go back to school and learn how to do a sentence correctly! Duh!

  • scott

    No matter what side you may take on this –you’re next. If you are employed (union or not) be guaranteed that your employer is watching this and will use this ideology to level or lower the field for you. Granted that it may not be immediate or as obvious, but it will come.

  • Dano

    If you want to see communism in action, just watch the Republicans of Wisconsin.

    • Chuck

      Dano, Stop the BS… you are so over the top… what color is the sky in your world?

  • Vic

    Your democrats caused this foreclosure mill by deregulating the lenders back in 1997. This in turn affected the entire economy, no spending, no making products, no jobs. It took republican to regulate the lenders in 2007, but it was already too late.

    • Tea and peas

      Vic – this rates right up there with the BS Greats of All Time.
      The GOP was as much a party to this all as the DFL. That said now we get the GOP wanting to continue to remove every frickem oversight committee out there so the Big Money can reap and hord even more.
      And I’m a friggen Republican too – but this stuff is reaching to far up the food chain for me to stomache it any longer.
      Will I vote for the Lib’s in days ahead???? That’s now a bonafide question

      • MNTP

        Shame on you, Tea! Slick Willie and Obammy created this problem. You should be helping the GOP, not bad mouthing it! We won a great victory today!

      • HappyWanderer

        Thank you for one of the more logical answers to this forum. It was Both Republican and Democrats that caused the housing market mess. BUT, it was the Greedy large banking industry and Wall Street Hedge funds that made it all possible. The Republicans relaxed oversight and the Banks made bad loans that they then sold, knowing that they no longer would be responsible for those loans.
        The Teachers Union in Wisconsin Agreed to ALL of the Governors’ requests for pay cuts, pension and health care cuts, and All they wanted to keep was their right to Collective Bargaining. Walker’s sole purpose was to break the Unions. NOT balancing the budget.

  • American

    I’m a Mechanical Engineer for a small private company, public union workers losing their collective bargaining rights will not affect my wage and in fact those rights have never affected my wage except maybe lower it. The alternative to removing these rights is raising taxes on the successful businesses like the one I work for and me since I too am successful, thus reducing my wage. By the way I don’t have a pension plan and pay a good share of my insurance cost and I’m doing just fine and have no problem paying my fair share. O no, they’re going to base workers pay and benefits on THEIR PERSONAL PERFORMANCE, it’s going to be the end of the world…..Give me a break!

    • Mke

      Mechanical Engineers are a dime a dozen if the Republicans open up those work visa’s as happened under Ronald Reagan. Your really naive if you truly believe that this will not eventually effect you.

    • Slim

      Deb, Are you slow? BTW, what was your point?

    • lisa

      Union workers DO pay their fair share. We pay taxes just like you. We pay into our pensions. We pay union dues. We are in no way spoiled. We just have someone protecting our rights. You could form a union too, so quit crying…

  • Charlie


    • Sorry Charlie, You're a Tuna

      You’re okay with the fact that he didn’t get expelled, he just cheated. That’s pretty sad.

  • Are you still crying

    more lie from helper

    • Blue Dog

      Reading most of the posts lately they fall mostly into 2 categories
      1. Half accurate information twisted about to fit one’s viewpoint that do nothing to help the world at large.
      2. Half thought out responses to the first.
      Anything that would appear to be thought out gets the first kind of comments followed by more half thoughts

      • Thad Erickson

        Couldn’t agree more!

  • disturbed citizen of America

    Don’t you realize thtat this is revoking acontract with the state employees that his representative okayed and the legislature okayed? By conceling this contract what other contract will he decide doesn’t need to be honored? Aid for poor families, health care for the poor, a roads project he doesn’t like even though there is a signed contract for the work.
    He doesn’t approve of his empoloyees not paying into their retirement and health care. HOWMUCH DOES THE GOVENOR AND STATE LEGISLATURE PAY INTO THEIR OWN RETIREMENT AND HEALTH CARE? Maybe he should think about that. It seems to me that whats good for the goose should be good for the gander..

    • Rebecca in Wisconsin

      Actually this bill requires the governor and those in the state legislature to pony up as well… they are going to have to pay into their health care and pensions, and actually will have to pay a slightly higher percentage into their pensions than what is being asked of the rest of the state workers….I guess you are just one of the many that did not actually read the bill yourself.

      • Annoyed

        @ Rebecca: I guess you didn’t read the bill as well, these “changes” for the state legislature don’t actually go into effect until their next term. Do a little research before you speak…

  • BS

    I can’t wait for this to happen in Minnesota.

    • kg

      I really hope it happens in MN too! Won’t happen with Dayton in office though. I almost enrolled in grad school this spring to become a teacher. The biggest reason I changed my mind? Unions. Fortunately for me I escaped further brainwashing of “higher education” and saw the light at the young age of 23. I’ll keep working for the big private corporation that I work for now that gave me health, dental, life, LTD, and STD insurance as well as 401k and a pension starting day one of my employment. Evil private sector corporation, huh?

    • Mike

      This will not happen here in MInnesota. We have a Democratic Gov. who supports “WE THE PEOPLE”, not the me society, Republcans want.

    • Not BS

      If this happens in Minnesota I will believe again in Government of the people for the people. Not for niave Liberal dreams of Government vs Taxpayers, which until now the people and not libs have voted and I believe again.

    • Stan

      News Alert, Union Members in Wisconsin can move to Minnesota, Gov. Mark Dayton is reporting he will NOT do what is happening in Wisconsin today. Oh, please tell me what I want to hear, Dayton won’t have a choice down the road, looks like he will be cutting cost too but he is planning to do it behind closed doors.

    • pss

      It will NEVER happen our Gov. Dayton is Pro-Union …………………..ONE MORE FOR THE GOOD GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so bs your full of BS

    • Patrick PatPat Lilja

      Not happening here. Why not move away then if you want it to happen so badly?

      • scott

        Really? Well here’s the start-https://www.revisor.mn.gov/bin/bldbill.php?bill=H0192.0.html&session=ls87

  • fred

    Get this guy out before he takes all of us down and take that pin off the front of your jacket your no american!!!!!!!

    • lim from wbl

      Dear right agreeing with gov walker is not unamerican. He relies on people like you who vote against their own interests

      • lisa

        very tue lim!

    • Right Wing

      I forgot to add I served 4yrs Iraq and Afgan, I fought for your right to protest and free speech.atleast he is doing his part as a Gov. what are you doing!

  • pablopayne lies

    @pablopayne site the source I think your just a lier

  • Right Wing

    I am still waiting for you to say something smart!

  • Pro Union- Pro American

    Vic, pull your head out. Big business (republicans) move all manufacturing jobs to third world countries in the name of profits, leaving Americans with little or no decent jobs. How can a economy like ours survive? We just get trickled on. Now we send our money to Japan and Korea for cars, leaving small towns across this country with empty car part factories. Change has to come from big business, supplying good jobs and benefits in THIS country.

    • Patriot

      More like Pro Socialism. Why do you hate America so much? Unions destroy Freedom and Liberty!is it because you are envious of your betters ? Somebody has to dig the ditches

      • M B

        Ahh yes, the old “It’s socialist because I don’t agree with it” mentality.

        Do you forget that the Unions are the reason that we have most of the workplace rights and benefits. Forty hour work weeks? Not if the unions go away. Holidays? Not for much longer. Paid time off? Nope. Benefits in general? Hope you didn’t want any of that, because if the unions go away, so will they.

        It’s not being envious of your better is they are using their position to take advantage of and dominate others. When you say, “take it or else” to people who have no other alternative, you’re nothing but an domineering abuser.
        “We were willing to talk, we were willing to work, but in the end at some point the public wants us to move forward,” Walker said before the Assembly’s vote.
        This is an outright lie. It’s convenient that he’s already trying to rewrite history. The unions were willing to take the benefits cuts, but WALKER refused to stop there. He HAD to have his Union Castration as well..

      • Patriot

        MB, paid holidays are for those who have MADE something of themselves and DESERVE it. 40 hour weeks and overtime and all of that other nonsense are just extortion. Workers in this country are spoiled, overpaid and pampered. They need to learn their place and accept a fair wage instead of shaking down entrepreneurs like common gangsters.

        • HappyWanderer

          Patriot, Maybe you could say that to the Upper Management of those companies, as THEY are the ones that have been making exorbitant wages while the lower down employees are not advancing at nearly the same rate. Check it out, 30 years ago, Upper Management made 40 times what the average worker made, NOW, Upper Management makes Over 400 Times what the average worker makes!!!

      • paul

        YOU ARE SO RIGHT DANO COMMUNISM AND A DICTATOR…………next comes the stale bread and soup lines for the POOR PEOPLE of Wisconsin

      • pss

        YOUR NO PATRIOT MAYBE AN IDIOT UNION DIDN’T DESTROY FREEDOM. Do you thing corporations would pay good wages and your working conditions would be this good , or only haveing to work only 40 hour per week NO THE UNIONS WORKED WITH THE GOVERNMENT TO GET THE …………FAIR LABOR AND STANDARDS ACT !!! maybe you should read it sometime and LEARN something . but if you honestly want to work for little or nothing and have poor working conditions and work 70 or 80 hour per week BE MY GUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lower Middle Class man

      Pro union – Pro american

      Do you realize that is is high union wages that made the cost of a american made cars so high that made most american look to foreign cars in the 1st place.

      • Bill

        Lower Middle Class man, you clearly haven’t a clue as to what caused the tumble of the American auto industry. It wasn’t the so-called “high union wages”. It was poor quality, lazy design, and overconfidence that brought that industry down. Yes, the unions were participants in those faults–but their existence played very little role in it, and the unions have actually played a major role in keeping the auto industry from collapsing completely.

        Next time, learn a bit before you post.

      • paul

        do you realize that most of these foreign cars are put together in the ………………….UNITED STATES and they receive goverment subsadies also and goverment kickbacks that the BIG THREE don’t get !!!

  • Stan

    @Helper, Your comment is dated reference the Unions setting the wages for employee’s, I grew up a Teamster and been through it all. The good days are gone and the so called jobs that the states can’t fire poor performing employee’s are gone to. You must have voted for your President, he too talks out of both sides of his mouth, Jesse is there today maybe Nancy and Mr Moore can come and tell you what you want to here. You should see how much the State is in debt……

    • How About Them Apples

      Stan you couldn’t make a pimple on a Teamsters behind.

      • Stan

        @How about them apples, Your correct and what happened to Jimmy Hoffa in July of 1975 ???? See you on welfare, I might beat you to the Social Security………Oh by the way I was paying my Union dues as Teamster in 1975….

        • How About Them Apples

          Paying union dues does not by itself make you a good union member.
          Example: Ronald Reagan
          Unions are only as strong as their members. People like yourself are the reason
          union have declined. As soon as the going gets rough they turn tail and run, or want to give back everything they joined the union to get.

    • stace34

      There are just as many states in debt who don’t allow collective bargining for public employees as there are that do. The problem isn’t the unions or collective bargining. It is easy to pick a bad guy, unions, big business.

      The truth is our own greed caused the debt. We knew what big business was doing was shadey, yet we did nothing to stop it because the stock market was doing well. We knew that housing prices couldn’t continue to rise and mortgages were too easy to get. We did nothing because we wanted that new house, toys ect. Putting the mirror up to the actual problem isn’t fun or pleasent. So we choose a boggyman to blame for the problems.

      • MARK from mntaxwaste.com

        well said stace34

      • Fred

        Well put stace except the unions are not the evil ones here. The leadership of the unions like the leadership of corporations all have large faults. The fallout from the crash has not done damage to the upper class near as much as the middle and lower class have felt it. Pitting worker versus worker solves nothing for the workers.So it becomes easy to blame union workers for all of the problems of deficits. The venom is being felt by the people going to work trying to do a job, not the ones who do the spending. Why are they not telling the contractors that they have to take a cut from their bids for highway construction and rehabilitation. It is a 3 billion dollar industry? They should feel the pain, too.

      • HappyWanderer

        What about those of us who played by the rules. Only bought a house we could afford, paid our bills on time, didn’t get all the new toys for ourselves, or go on extravagant trips, etc. AND STILL lost a ton in the Stock market because there were no checks and balances in it. Many of those checks were taken away by Republican administrations who favored BIG Business. Anybody see any of the heads of AIG, etc going to jail for all they did to cause this??

    • Blue Dog

      If the state can get rid of under performing employees, then what is the big deal to try to get rid of the union? The Wisconsin Democrats were holding a line against the union in negotiations. The Republican Governor could have done the same. It comes down to politics.
      Please, what politician, political talking head is not talking out both sides of their mouths?
      Spend less many of you say. Most of medicaid goes to nursing homes. Walk into one, especially out state. They are not palaces. You should not cut the prisons. A case could be made for more death penalties, but that is a different argument.Time limits for welfare now. Roads are poor enough as it is. There are wasteful things money is spent on, but the Republican party that has access to such information obviously has not found much or you would have heard about it

      You give a good case for cutting education. Your ability to proofread what you wrote looks like it ended at the sixth grade level. Perhaps we could cut the cost of education in half with no ill effects.

  • Gary

    you get what you vote for. Think next time before voting a republican in if you don’t like the results.

  • Bob

    Way to go mr. Walker , about time someone shows leadership! Gov. Slugs

  • Ed

    Too bad the Dems didn’t show up for work to do their job.

    Someone did their job and moved 4 Reps, maybe if they had more Dems show up to do their job They would of had a chance to vote it down.

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