MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Department of Justice is investigating an e-mail threatening the lives of some Republican state senators.

DOJ spokesman William Cosh says the agency is investigating threats from several sources.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says all threatening messages have been forwarded to Capitol police.

The majority leader’s spokesman, Andrew Welhouse, says the address of the person who sent one of the threatening e-mails was apparent, but police told him not to disclose it.

The e-mail said Fitzgerald and his “Republican dictators” must die because of their actions, presumably referring to GOP senators passing a bill removing most public employees’ collective bargaining rights.

Fitzgerald says a protester was arrested this week for trespassing at his Dodge County home after she walked onto his porch and banged on the window.

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Comments (52)
  1. Eva says:

    you are so way off base here it is not even funny. We have just started on this. these republican senators will get recalled as will Scott Walker. Walker and his cronies are the traitors, they betrayed the people and everybody in the country is watching. Whether you like it or not

    1. MNJD says:

      I missed something here. The people voted. The Republicans and Gov Walker were elected – fairly. They campaigned on taking such action. They get into office and do what they said they would do. Now the people who lost abandon their post as Senators, have protesters shipped in who destroy public property and make death threats. Who betrayed who? Yes, the country is watching. They are watching a violent bunch of people who can’t stand that they lost and election and are being called out for years of greed. And yes, the country is going to support more actions. The country pays these people and they can’t afford them any longer.

      1. Real says:

        tidal waves coming… Ohio, Idaho, New Jersey, wisconsin, Tennessee, next good old Indiana.

      2. Fred says:

        You are correct that they were elected. Everything else you say is so distorted our outright lies it only proves the difficulty in having a reasonable discussion of issues.

        1. real says:

          In the next election cycle the union will have to raise it dues so they can help get some more democrats ellected to reverse this decision.

          1. william says:

            And the boss man gonna cut your wages so he can have a big party to get more republicans elected.

          2. How About Them Apples says:

            …….and businesses will have to raise the price of their goods to raise money for the republicans to stay in office.

    2. Jen says:

      @Eva, If you go back and look at what Walker campaigned on, this is it. There will be no recall, no one is a cronie or traitor. Walker is following through with something he said he was going to do.

  2. David J. Conklin says:

    >The Democrats are now engaged in treason.

    Only a democrat has actually been shot by one of the anti-gov’t nuts.

  3. Andrew says:

    The era of unions has come to it’s end. We have laws now that protect workers. Unions are now a hinderance to getting the best people into those jobs because of forcing them into the union to take the position and the realization that their performance would no longer dictate their career or pay.

    1. Ralph says:

      I hope you discover how little those laws protect you. Basically open shops means they can fire you without cause. The only laws that protect workers are OSHA and protected class.

      1. Andrew says:

        Yep, Ralph. I keep my job because I do it well. If I didn’t I would expect them to fire me. If the company is about to fail, I realize they may either cut employees or pay. It’s how things work.

  4. Vic says:

    Eva, your wrong. The deregulation of the lenders started under Clinton rule. Obama help to deregulate the lender also so people that did not qualify to buy home could. That was stated loans that really no one could afford, this caused the financial crisis. Bush tried to regulat the lenders back in 2002 and 2004 and fiunally got passed when it was too late. It passed in 2006 and was put into action in 2007, but it was already too late. This caused our whole economic down turn and no one has the answer. They both republicans and democrates need to work together and we need to get back to small government. The government is creating more jobs therefore we have no say in any matter concerning our country. We are forced to live by what they do wether right or wrong.

    1. Reality Check says:

      VIc, Vic, Vic…
      No. Deregulation was accomplished by the Graham Leach Bliley Act. It repealed Glass-Steagle which were protections put into place after the Great Depression. The repeal of this act permitted banks to act like investment houses and investment banks to act like banks.

      You are thinking of the Community Reinvestment Act which Clinton did not pass (Carter did) and it had NOTHING to do with our economic meltdown. Former Federal Reserve Governor Randall Kroshner wrote an excellently researched review on CRA and found the banks which got into trouble were NOT CRA-mandated institutions.

      Your poorly misinformed opinion is what you get when you listen only to Fox Noise.

  5. Bill says:

    It’s the GOP who is committing treason. Passing laws taking away basic worker rights. Next, they’ll pass laws making it illegal for them to vote as well. “The time has come: they, all of them, should be arrested, their property confiscated, and their offices closed. Until the rule of law is restored, these traitors lose their rights.” Absolutely.

    1. SW MN Guy says:

      Treason, traitors, arrested, property confiscated? This sounds to me like comrade Lenin talking! You might want to check behind you and see if other Bolsheviks are following you in your obvious anger. It must be a great burden being so obviously intellectually superior to the majority.

      1. Deb says:


  6. George Sommer says:

    The Goverment of the People, By the people, for the People. Has been violated by Scott Walker and his GOP cohearts. Should be delt with, in the legal manner.

    1. MNJD says:

      How was ti violated? Did Gov. Walker and the GOP take over Wisconsin by force? No, they were elected by the people on a campaign to do exactly what they are doing. Don’t you get it – things need to change, we can’t afford this ridiculous unlimited spending being held hostage by a group that was supposed to be “for the children” but is proving to be for no one but themselves

      1. Patrick PatPat Lilja says:

        Scott Walker did not say ONE. THING. about doing anything this extreme. And judging by the backlash, had he said he was going to do something this crazy, he would have lost the election. This is not the will of the voters. This is going far beyond what he said he was going to do.

    2. Real says:

      Yes and in this casse the legal manner is in 2012 if the people decide that Gov Walker’s policies are not working then they should vote him out, or if they decide that his policies are working then they can vote out the 14 deomcrats that went AWOL.

  7. Jen says:

    Ummm seriously? People who are sending these threats are completely crazy. Do you think any of them understand that death threats are now considered terroristic threats which mean JAIL TIME?

    1. Real says:

      maybe they can get sent to GITMO???

      1. Jen says:

        Oh yes! Send them to Gitmo! Perfect place!

  8. rick says:

    Agents Provocatuer. Walker has already admitted that he has considered this strategy to stir up sentiment against the pro-union demostrators.

  9. Victim Du Jour says:

    You don’t see Tea Party people shooting up military bases, wearing underwear bombs, planting explosive devices in times square and Christmas tree lightings, slamming planes into IRS buildings, or making bombs for the RNC.

    But according to an NPR executive, Tea Party people are extreme radicals, while real news
    says it all.

    1. MNTP says:

      If it looks lilke a duck and walks like a duck. It is time to have ALL of the Democrats and anyone who voted for them rounded up. We know who the enemy is now.

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        They do catch college students staging hoax hate crimes too.

    2. max says:

      Death threats are deplorable and have no place in the democratic process. But don’t act for a second like they’re exclusive to the left. Is it people on the left who kill abortion providers?

    3. max says:

      And to clarify my statement, many of the examples you cited have no ties to the left.

    4. Wilbur says:

      This was an article about the death threats to the Wisconsin senators Give it time with the Tea Party people. When voters realize the $2.97 or so savings they got on their taxes combined with decreased care for their parents in the nursing home or with no hopes to send their kids to college, the Tea Party people will be thrown out. Then one of the fanatical supporters will then do something stupid

    5. Tied of radical politics says:

      I believe the Tea Party is made up of a bunch of racist individuals. These individuals are angry white men and woman who have nothing better to do than listen to the filth coming out of the mouth of those who speak on it”s behalf. I also believe that this filth is coming from both sides of the spectrum-Fox, CNN, etc.

      1. MNTP says:

        Why shouldn’t we be angry? Our country has been stolen from us by liberals and their “diverse” minions. And since when was it a crime in ths country to be white?

      2. Victim Du Jour says:

        Based on what? A pretend Make believe narrative by schizo-liberals.

        Watching the real news says it’s not Tea Party people doing bad things.

        Nerdy white liberals are brown nosed racists or “Brownie-nosed Racists” who accuse white people of being racist to scare minorities for political gain.

        Race baiters!

  10. Steve says:

    You sound a little bit like Hitler. He was quoted saying almost the same thing. Take their possesions, close their offices and arrest them. Way to be an AMERICAN. Havent the republicans STOLEN or CHEATED the people enough?

  11. Workers against Tierany says:

    The emails will be traced back to GOP thugs purposely stirring up trouble to cover up what they are pulling. The GOP of “less govt” tying the hands of all local municipalities to handle their own affairs. No-bid sales of WI’s infrastructure – power and utility plants, state parks, state buildings – covered up as a means to bring in money to cover the deficit.

    Walker and the GOP cut the pie into 8 pieces and take 7 of them away for themselves and backers. With 1 piece left on the table – they tell WI citizens that the unions are trying to steal that piece from you. Hoping no one will ever notice that the GOP has run off with the other 7. All they want is a class war where the middle-class feeds on itself – but has been convinced that voting GOP is in their best interest. WAKE UP!!!

    The KATO institute had to make a statement saying that Karl Rove completely mis-represented the facts of a Union/non-Union pay study that was used in an attack ad in the state. Even the conservatives are lying about their own studies. WAKE UP!!!

    1. Deb says:


  12. Tc Radiodj says:

    I am glad that someone is putting these greedy no good unions in their place. You can only get so much money before it is gone. Well, they did it and now the unions need to be gone. They are only looking out for themselves and their pockets. Now that the big unions are put in their place, it’s time for the government to be put in their place as well!.

    1. Worried says:

      I belong to a government union and do you know what? While private industry
      employees were getting big raises, government employees were not. Government always state they have no money. If it was not for the union, government workes would be working for minimum wage. Maybe the government should just shut down. There would not be any decent roads, roads would not be plowed, people would be drinking bad water, eating bugs in restaurants, taxes would not be collected. I have alwasy been proud to be an American until today, when Scott Walker became king of Wisconsin. If I lived in Wisconsin I would have packed my bags today and gotten out of Walker land. My grandfather worked hard and sacrificed to help implement unions. Shame on the people that destroyed this right. This is the beginning of the end of the middle class. The rich will rule everbody.

      1. Deb says:

        I hear ya!!! Your absolutely right!

  13. real says:

    In Right-To-Work states employees have the right to choose whether they are unionized or not. In NON-Right-To-Work states If you want to do a typically union job you MUST join the union, and may not decline.


    1. william says:

      Legally you have to pay all people the same. So the union workers work to better the work conditions and pay. Freeloader gets all of the benefits of the other person’s work. I thought the more conservatives were against freeloaders.

      1. real says:

        well if the unions are doing so much good for them these extremely intelligent folk will have no reason to choose to not be with it right??? Unless the stronger sentiment amongst them is that the union really doesn’t do that much for them except line the pockets of a few fat cats on top, and their political allies.


      2. william says:

        @ real Read a little history to see what the world was like before unions. You want to go to earning minimal wage, that is fine. You want no overtime, fine, No health benefits,, your problem. Don’t get sick or be a female, or have children. Get rid of OSHA, get rid of the safety laws. Yes a lawyer can sue for you pr your heirs, but it is going to take a long time.
        Pass a law that says the hospitals can reject taking patients, too.

    2. MNTP says:

      Because they are a small minority of elitist know it alls, that’s why. They don’t have a significant political base in and of themsellves and they know that they can’t hold power without bribing the population with unions, welfare and wage controls. They need the unions to act as muscle in their class war. The sooner we are rid of the treasonous Democrats and their criminal unions, the better.

      1. Daniel W says:

        Because most of the unions are some of the largest backers of the left. I have nothing against the idea of a union. Unions have their time and their place. I do have a problem with their parasitic leaders

        I’ve personally received threats for refusing to sign a check card- sorta turns you off from unions, as it happens- and know of as three others that have as well, two were death threats. I don’t care who or why, or even if the republicans are in the wrong or not. Death threats cross a line that has no place in this great nation. period. If I had the power, I’d deport just about anybody that resorts to the use of violence or the threat of violence… lets say Somalia? (There’s a reason I don’t have that power….)

        The antics of both sides of the Wi. Leadership has been repugnant. Walker is an ass, his advisors should get canned (or listened to…if they’re telling him to knock it off, I rather doubt that, though) and the democrats should be given one chance to come back, and then fired. That’s what happens when normal people don’t show up for work. Everybody else should grow up and stop acting like imbeciles. perhaps then, a piece of legislation that solves the problem fairly might get worked out.

  14. Susie says:

    ITs the democratic senators that should be recieving the threats, They left. they walked away.

  15. Patriot says:

    Typical liberal socialist! Keep your hands out of my pocket and stifle your tired old commie pitch. No one believes it anymore. And get a job and off of welfare.

  16. Deb says:

    Man, are all republicans that naive?? Elected for what they said they were gonna do?? No way! They were gonna help bail out Wisconsin… when did they say “Break Unions?” Sweeties, honey, darlins” they did this for one thing.. to break unions so Democrats would loose support in elections!! Thing is, they have started an American war, right here in the USA!! But they are digging their own holes! I disagree with threats like death, but poverty? YOU BET it should happen to each and everyone!! You that support them, you will soon feel them choking you and yours, they have YET to cut anything from their wages, benefits, insurance… HAVE THEY? NOPE!! I can’t wait to smell your shame!

  17. G says:

    I remember when everyone used to get along. Nowadays, I wake up in the morning wondering how this county is still in one piece. With the democrats and the left in one corner and the GOP and the Tea Party in the other corner, it’s a miracle that the fights hasn’t erupted into full fledged battles.

  18. dutchman says:

    Well, it looks like the GOP and the stupid crony Tea Party must have seen this coming, they allowed this turmoil to impede upon themselves like this, so therefore these death threats that they received is a good example of “what comes around shall go around.” So if Walker is that fearful of a situation like this, well his proposals got him to where this would trigger off some danger that could possibly lie ahead of him and the GOP in Wisconsin. Therefore they all should learn to accept what they had coming to them.

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