Expert Says Minn. Sex Offender Still A Psychopath

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — An expert hired by the state says a Minnesota sex offender seeking greater freedom isn’t ready for it.

Forensic psychologist Harry Hoberman testified Friday that John Rydberg (RIDE’-berg) is still a psychopath.
He says he drew that conclusion from a review of records of Rydberg’s treatment in prison, and he was even more convinced after hearing Rydberg’s testimony last week.

Rydberg has disputed his diagnosis as a sexual sadist. He acknowledged his victims suffered, but said his motivation was his own pleasure not to inflict pain.

A special three-judge panel is considering whether Rydberg deserves a provisional release from the Minnesota Sex Offender program into a Twin Cities halfway house.

Nobody has been permanently released from the program since it began in 1995, and critics question its costs and constitutionality.

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  • Bonnie Meacham

    ask these people (critics) if they would like this man to live next to them or their grandchildren??? Get real,

  • csh

    This man deserves to be in hell. He destroyed an innocent couples lives and they don’t deserve to have to look over their shoulder any more than they probably already do. I think it is an insult to the victims to even consider letting this monster out. I completely agree with Bonnie, if they let him out they should make sure he can live next door to them!

    • George

      I have a friend names Bonnie, very nice name sir!

  • Jeff Willprecht

    he should not be let out not even to ahalf wayhouse he will never change

    • Lanny

      Hi Jeff, do you sometimes spell your name ‘Geoff’. Different way in spelling it…

    • Ashley

      I agree with Lanny, I think Geoff is a better name in spelling it! Much better!

  • MNBrant

    What is going on with this program? Every year it gets trotted out, nobody has ever been released from it. Last I heard they took their flat screen and gave it to some school. What is it’s purpose? It probably needs to be investigated hard and reported on. No way theses guys deserve the ultimate free lunch for life for commiting one crime.

  • BoredSilly

    These people did commit a crime, they should pay the price and then be released. But…released with supervision 24/7 to deter any repeat crimes. Good idea? YES SIR!!!

    • WT?

      Released with supervision 24/7–isn’t that kind of like keeping him locked up? Who’s going to pay all the people it would take to be with him 24/7-You?

  • mnbrant

    Someone needs to donate a flat screen to these sex offenders. I currenly am unemployed and broke but if I lose my apt I may just donate my old flat screen rather than sell it.

  • John Skolte

    I don’t know any details about what this man did, so I cannot comment about the crime he committed. However, having seen the disastrous results, in the news, of more than one seriously flawed release of this type of individual, and being less than 100% stable myself, I am not at all forgiving in these situations. I will certainly side with the experts when they judge these individuals unfit for release and dismiss the critics’ claims about constitutionality. We, the people, the public, all have the right to be free of fear from these individuals. No one has the right to inflict harm on someone else for their own pleasure, whether the harm was intended or not, and if they do they forfeit their own constitutional rights to the extent that they deprived any other individuals of their rights.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Mental health is 1990’s pop culture junk science.

    His criminal record speaks for itself, you don’t need permission from an “expert” to make that “opinion”

  • Mark

    So wait, what? Because he didn’t want to hurt them for the sake of causing them pain something is different?? It doesn’t matter if he got off on it or not, he is still an individual who likes to cause pain against the will of his victims. Explain how a guy like that can function in society? He is a predator and cannot be released safely.

  • d

    100% sure, I’m sure he’s white.

  • d

    race police : )

  • Melissa A

    Once a Sex Offender Always a Sex Offender.

    Lets face it people, bad people have to suffer so good people can walk this earth!

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