MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he is certain support will grow for the new law that eliminates nearly all collective bargaining rights for public employees.

The governor signed the measure Friday. In an interview with The Associated Press, he said he has “no doubt” that support will build as the government becomes more efficient. He said public employees would still have civil-service protections.

Walker spoke about the law even as dozens of protesters shouted outside his Capitol office in opposition to it. The proposal passed the state senate and Assembly earlier this week.

The governor also said he is confident the law will withstand legal challenges.

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Comments (88)
  1. mark from says:

    Way to go Walker!! Yes it will grow right here in Minnesota. Time for the Public Unions to make some concessions. #24.00 an hour to drive a plow, no freaking way!! $14.00 an hour for a Laborer, no freaking way.

    1. jimmy says:

      Of course you can hire someone with a mexican drivers license. That’s what conservatives are all about right.

      1. Craig says:

        You might want to check your facts, I believe it’s the left that is all for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens, I believe the right (Conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party supporters) who would like to close the borders and stop illegal immigration, not the left

      2. jimmy says:

        Craig how stupid are you? It’s not the left that are hiring illegals, it is the Target’s the Wal-Mart’s the Super value’s. The tea baggers are just a bunch of stupid people controlled by the Koch brothers money and you know it.

      3. Ralph says:

        @craig The when Texas was proposing a law to punish those who hire illegal aliens they were going to exclude domestic and yard work. That was the Republicans. The Chipotle guy is not a liberal either. Please do not use selective memory.

    2. the crux of the biscuit says:

      Mark is an idiot. Mark, man up and put your address in here so those snow plow drivers can pay your driveway extra special attention. Chicken Sh it..

    3. Working for Nothing says:

      Never Mark. From my cold dead hands will the wealthy deny my ability toi fend for my family.

      1. Drae says:

        Is Bill Gates somehow denying you that ability now?

    4. jmac says:

      Mark, if it is such a sweet deal then why are you not jumping at the opportunity to also work for those wages? A good reason is that these people place their life on the line each day. You drive what…30 minutes to work, these guys drive 12 hours a day, taking 12 times the chances you are taking on the road, until the snow is cleared and you can drive your tired a** to work after they have done the grueling work for you. You don’t stand next to a busy road flagging traffic, taking a chance of getting killed because some driver, like you maybe Mark, talking on his cell and not paying attention to the road. These people deserve more than the megar pay they are making in my book.

      1. How's life at Lake Minnetonka? says:

        Mark doesn’t work. He’s retired, living on Lake Minnetonka and writes some silly blog that he thinks makes him a political expert. He was a “businessman” who made his money off the backs of poor slobs that needed jobs that he paid little or nothing to do alll his work for him, while he took all the credit. He is the most selfish, self-righteous, arrogant man you never want to meet.

    5. brad says:

      414.00 is not a living wage

    6. Praying for you Mark says:

      Dear Mark,
      I am a pubic employee. I have a Master’s Degree that I paid for entirely by myself–no grants, no loans. I started with nothing and I made something of myself just like you did. I am a public employee because the private sector does not offer the job/career that I wanted. I work very hard, I don’t get paid a whole lot and I get average benefits. I’m in a union, but I don’t agree with everything that unions do. I agree there need to be some changes. My question is, why do you hate me so much? You know absolutely nothing about me, my job, or what it takes to do it. I am so disappointed by your posts I don’t even know what to say anymore. I know you had one bad experience with unions. But your attitude is such that every union member is evil. That would be like saying you advocate pedophiles because you’re Catholic and all priests are the same and therefore all Catholics are the same. What did I ever do to you??

      1. Dan says:

        You wasted my time reading your sob story….and for that I don’t like you.

      2. Get the facts says:

        Dan, who cares? You wasted our time with your silly, childish post and for that we think you’re an idiot.

      3. Wilbur says:

        Notice Mark did not reply

    7. Irv says:

      Mark are you truly that ignorant. You think that those people keeping you safe in the winter don’t deserve their pay. You’re right, lets hire a WalMart teller to plow our roads, teach our kids, run our prisons, and care for our sick. Hope you never need any of those people. Question, did you ever ask Walker or any of his legislative minions if they are going to take the same deal. Will Walker pay for his bennies. Nope!.

  2. Jesse James says:

    Unions have bankrupt Wisconsin, New Jersey and other states as well. Unions and their overpaid workers and sweetheart pensions need to make serious concessions. I don’t think they realize we’re in a recession.

    1. jimmy says:

      The top 1% now take 22% of all income when will you be happy Jesse james when they take (steal) 40,50,60 percent?

      1. Drae says:

        It’s called “earning.” Your economic theories are based on a fallacy.

      2. jimmy says:

        Drae really you call it earnings? You call the top employee of Target taking millions of dollars out of the company earnings. Who controls how much he TAKES. Is it the CEO of Wells Fargo?

    2. PSS says:


      1. Drae says:

        Actually – our government spends more on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid than it does for the military.

        You can look it up – this comes from the Washington Post and the Office of Management and Budget, so it’s not some wingnut talking point. Our fiscal problems are due to projected growth in these three programs that are unsustainable.

    3. Union1 says:

      Jesse James, I can just hear your grandparents trying to rise from their graves to give you a thrashing that you deserve. The ONLY way you have what you have is because of the work the unions have put for you over the years without you even knowing it. You are one stupid, dumb ___ . You fill in the blanks if you know how.

  3. HELPER says:

    When asked to comment on the protests in Wisconsin Sarah Palin stated that she really didn’t understand why there was such big deal over Onions

  4. gup says:

    And slavery really wasn’t that bad! Governor Walker grossly misread the Wisconsin citizenry, and just how badly will show in 2012.

    1. OK says:

      Only a bone head could relate the two

      1. Walker says:

        OK Slaves worked for a substance and had no control over their work situation, the same thing Governor Walker is doing to the public workforce in Wisconsin. Sorry someone had to explain it to you.

  5. Are they still crying? says:

    Why dont McDonalds employees have a union give them 30$ an hour all the bennies.

    1. Drae says:

      You want to pay $10 for 6 chicken nuggets?

    2. PSS says:

      If you have ever worked for McDonalds you would know that if you even mention Union you will be FIRED . Almost every McDonald are privetely owned by rich people who could afford to pay a hefty franchise fee to Mcdonald Corporation.and because there employees are ALL part-time they don’t and won’t give them any benifits. I know I’ve been there

    3. Fred says:

      I don’t believe there was ever an attempt to unionize a workforce that was until recently made up of people that were not old enough to drink legally.
      You could have even been reasonable in your stupidity an said $15 an hour

  6. Recount says:

    “These are the values inspiring those brave workers in Poland. They remind us that where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost.”
    ~~~Ronald Reagan; Labor Day Address at Liberty State Park, 1980~~~

    1. NoPU says:

      Recount, Reagan was also the president that did not allow the air traffic controllers union to strike. He was not for public-sector unions. To pull a quote out and make people think Reagan actually would be siding with the unions is ridiculous and misinformed…exactly what we expect from unions I guess. It is nice to know you are all for recounting and recalling the 14 democrat senators who shirked their duty though!

    2. Drae says:

      “But we cannot compare labor management relations in the private sector with government. Government cannot close down the assembly line. It has to provide, without interruption, the protective services which are governments’ reason for being.”

      Ronald Reagan, 1981

      1. the crux of the biscuit says:

        Raygun thought ketchup was a vegetable……

      2. jmac says:

        Yet Gov. Palenty can close down his office to fly around the country, giving speaches, trying to ascend his political power instead of staying in MN taking care of the deficit and by putting people to work. So you see, the Government can close down.

      3. Drae says:

        When you can’t bring facts to a debate, reduce yourself to cheap shots and name calling, eh Crux?

      4. Drae says:

        jmac – if you think I’m going to say one word in defense or support of Pawlenty, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

        You might be surprised to learn this, but there are some people on the right who are capable of thinking for themselves. They don’t watch Fox news or listen to Rush. They like some republicans and not others. They don’t walk in lock step.

        Additionally – if you think the Governor taking trips is “shutting down the government” you have a highly flawed notion of what government is. You might be trying too hard to “win.”

      5. PSS says:


      6. Drae says:

        PSS – Caps Lock doesn’t make your comments more true.

        So – you want the government to balance the budget (not that they have a choice) but they are not allowed to confront employment costs… okay.

  7. jmac says:

    I find it facinating that the Republicans/Walker blame all of the states problems, along with other states in tow, on the Unions. It reminds me of Hitler blaming all of Germany’s problems on the Jews. Wake up people!!

    The Union is not the enemy here! If it were not for Organized Union there would be no safety, no lunch breaks and no insurance for any of you, not just Union workers. WIth collective barganing dead in Wisconsin do you think any of you non-Union contract employees will have any barganing at your next contract. No! You will be force fed what the company thnks you are worth, no negotiation. The more division between workers in all facets of the job market, the less we all have to take home on our paychecks.

    1. Drae says:

      Are you aware that union bosses in Wisconsin take $68 million away from education? FOr a union health plan. The schools could save that money by switching to the state health plan. So, yeah. The unions are the problem.

      1. jmac says:

        And just how do they take that money away? Union bosses are paid by the Union workers, not the state. You really don’t have a clue about things do you?

      2. Drae says:

        jmac – you are the one asking questions, so it seems you are the one lacking information.

        The union collectively bargains for school districts to be on the union health plan because it benefits the unions. The schools would save $68 million switching to the state plan.

        Golly – this might be enough details for you to reconsider your point, maybe even google around to see if I’m pulling your leg.

      3. jmac says:

        Now that’s funny, a Union health plan that bennifits the Union. I thought health care bennifited the workers. Maybe the Union Health Plan is just better than the others. You know Drae, I am not here to change your closed mind, you have a bone to pick and that is note worthy, but someone who has to quote others thoughts and ideas maybe doesn’t have any of his own.

      4. Drae says:

        jmac – you think union bosses don’t get kick backs or something? Look up what the LA Times found the Los Angels teachers unions doing with retirement plans.

        Unions also protect bad teachers, sometimes criminal teachers, so really folks – you might want to reconsider that there are the actual drawbacks to public unions. Education is a prime example, because it takes little research to discover they are the one who stop merit pay for good teachers and a host of other education reforms BOTH Republicans and Democrats want!

  8. the crux of the biscuit says:

    Walker will be a one term govenor. I bet this is the last republican elected govenor in Wisc. for at least the next twenty years…..

  9. marge says:

    Its not the unions bankrupting this country. That is what all the fat cats want us to believe—the old divide and conquer strategy. We union workers have consistently taken less, agreeing to divert those extra funds to a pension for a secure retirement. Then the states rob from it when they can’t balance their books and the tax payers are holding the bag. The corporations plant the idea that all the union workers are getting more than the private workers and then the sheeple go nuts. While we are all fighting over the leftovers, they laugh all the way to the bank. They will not be happy until they have all the wealth and the workers, they could care less about them.

    1. Drae says:

      Actually – it’s government and unions and Americans demanding big benefits that are bankrupting this country.

      Do you have any idea what the future tax burden is for today’s little children because of TODAY’S spending?

      When you’re cashing your government benefit checks – thank a toddler.

      1. PSS says:

        Do public workers get HUGE bonuses NO do private businesses get bonuses YES do CEO’s get even BIGGER bonuses YES who receiv ed a bigger bonus the CEO of WELL FARGO or the director of Public Safety for the state of Minnesota……………………………………..try the CEO of Wells Fargo they are the real crooks and thugs when will you MORON REBUBLICAN SYMPATHIZERS WAKE THE %$#^ UP

  10. So far so good Walker says:

    May 2, 1933 in History
    In Germany, Adolf Hitler bans trade unions

  11. jmac1089 says:

    One more thing for you narrow viewed people. Isn’t it funny that Governor Walker and the rest of his cronies don’t also give themselves a 8% pay cut, after all their salary, insurance and pensions are also are paid with your tax dollars. I think it would be fitting for them to not ask for another part of the states employees to take a cut if they are not wiilling to also take one. I do believe that instead they will find a way to quietly give themselves a pay increase though.

    1. Drae says:

      Did you know this law actually applies to the lawmakers too? D’oh!

  12. Drae says:

    “The process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service,” Roosevelt wrote in 1937 to the National Federation of Federal Employees. Yes, public workers may demand fair treatment, wrote Roosevelt. But, he wrote, “I want to emphasize my conviction that militant tactics have no place” in the public sector. “A strike of public employees manifests nothing less than an intent on their part to prevent or obstruct the operations of Government.”

    That FDR – what a wingnut!

    1. jmac says:

      I would imagine that if anyone were to take money away from you, for whatever reason, you might have something to say or do about it, right? Is a Government worker less able to exorcise their right to strike just because they work as a public employee? And why don’t you have quote markes around the words “in the public sector”? Is that because he didn’t say those words….you did?

      1. Drae says:

        jmac – You caught me quoting Patrick McIlheran quoting FDR. I’m so ashamed.

        Again – you could look this up yourself and see what FDR had to say about public unions. Not even the first president of the AFL-CIO thought public unions were a good idea. Sorry to burst your little bubble, or make you think or something, but there are legitimate reasons to curtail public union power, like – gee – education reform. Go look at who has been opposing the new MN teacher licensing law Dayton just signed. Even the White House wanted this, but the UNIONS opposed it. The unions oppose almost every education reform you can shake a stick at, so if you want to support the educational status quo – you’ve got yer baby!

    2. Get the facts says:

      Excellent point Drae! And it also explains why police and fire fighters were exempt from the WI bill. It is NOT because they supported Walker, although some did, it is because they CANNOT STRIKE and do NOT have the same bargaining rights as the other public unions anyway. (That question keeps getting asked on other articles here, so you know it’s coming to this one.)

      1. Drae says:

        Thank you!

        Notice how the union supports don’t have facts to back up their position? They have name calling, and that’s about it.

        Also notice how when I give them some facts, they don’t look into what I’m saying? Nope – just more name calling and dismissing me without even looking at the facts.

        The truth is Governor Walker is exactly right. As this continues to unfold, more people WILL get the facts and come to understand the trouble with public sector unions.

        This is not to say our public workers don’t deserve a fair wage – it’s just their unions maintain wasteful spending and prevent reform. I want teachers paid well – not a public union boss.

      2. Walker says:

        The police and fire can still bargain for wage and benefit increases and have a say in the work rules. If the no strike was the issue then the law should be that the public employees cannot strike.

  13. Drae says:

    Northeastern University economist Barry Bluestone has shown that, between 2000 and 2008, the price of state and local public services has increased by 41% nationally, compared with 27% for private services.

    Now – tell me again which sector is out of whack?

    1. pss says:

      please explaine what you are calling public sevices ……………so we can know exactly what you are talking about ?

  14. holocaust survivor says:


    Huge German American population.

    Nazi leadership a heritage.


    I think not.

  15. Drae says:

    Man – this thread went Godwin in a heartbeat.

    You know – instead of name calling, how about a merit based argument?

    Anyone? Bueller?

    1. jimmy says:

      Were still waiting to see your merit bases argument. When you have one you’all come back hear.

      1. Drae says:

        You’re funny. I’ve left a number of comments pointing out the merits of Governor Walker’s position. People will get to the bottom of this thread and see you as a fool. Or blindly agree with you.

  16. Dave says:

    You’d think pro-union posters could be more original, but instead they all parrot the same things–almost they same words–that their unions program them with. “Fascists! Koch brothers! Slave drivers! Tea-baggers!” Good grief. Give it a rest morons.

    The unionists are angry that the Japanese quake has relegated their coverage to the back of the sports section.

    1. some anti-union posters are morons too says:

      Yet you’re still here making inane comments. Take some of your moldy money that you avoid paying taxes with because you’re rich and send it to Tokyo instead of making stupid comments here.

      1. Drae says:

        Wow! So, you know for a fact Dave is rich and avoids paying his taxes? All from him leaving a few sentences having nothing to do with his income or tax status. Amazing! With deductive powers like that, you could could far – at making an a$$ of yourself.

    2. PSS says:


      1. PSSS says:

        Go Haliburton Go! Make billions off the backs of people suffering in Japan! Maybe the Koch Brothers could help!

      2. Dave says:

        Go cry in your green AFSCME beer. And come up with some original comments—for once.

      3. PSSS says:

        Better go buy stock in Rosetta Stone, Cheney and his Haliburton toadies need to learn Japanese fast! Arigato, Mr Vice President!

      4. some anti-union posters are morons too says:

        Yeah, because slamming AFSCME is REAL original.

      5. PSS says:

        PSSS People like you and your A– friends are what is wrong with some Americans ……………………….just kick someone when there down well I hope you get to experiance the feeling of getting your guts kicked out sometime real soon !………………………… just proved my point the rebublican and ulta rich are all leeches on society

      6. PSSS says:

        It’s called sarcasm PSS, look it up in the dictionary. You totally missed the point of the posts. I’m not a republican, and you’re probably richer than I am.

      7. Does PSS have PMS? says:

        Wow, are all democrats as stupid as PSS? Someone was attempting to support your comments PSS and you totally blasted off on them because you apparently don’t have a sense of humor–and before you get all whiny about not making jokes about a tragedy, look up the definition of dark humor. It’s real and necessary. Ever watch MASH?? And I have the same question as a previous poster-DOES PUTTING YOUR COMMENT IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS MAKE IT MORE TRUE?!?!?!

      8. Gripweed says:

        What does this even mean? Take a few deep breaths and try to have an actual discussion without resorting to the CAPS LOCK key and conspiracy theories about the right that one can find in the lower reaches of the blogosphere.

        States have to address their spending now. It can’t wait and a number of programs and interest groups will have to see their budgets and salaries reduced if we are even going to make a dent in our state’s growing deficit. Sometimes it will be hard. Sometimes it will seem unfair. But public unions are not a magical protected class that is exempt from the belt tightening that those of us in the private sector have had to endure for several years now. That’s not necessarily an anti-union position. It’s just that we can’t afford the status quo.

        Disagree with that position all you want. But for goodness sake calm down and have a discussion and drop the “OTHER SIDE IS TEH EVIL!!11!” inflammatory rubbish. It gets us nowhere.

  17. KDL says:

    Rather curious rhetoric that fills these posts. Does this bill affect a private union in any way? Are public unions now illegel? Diminishing collective bargaining rights for public unions hardly qualifies any politicain as the reincarnation of Hitler. Such casual throwing out of hyperbolic and vituperative terms adds little to the discussion. In addition, it’s difficutl to dodge the probelm caused by publis unions (not private). Who is looking out for the average tax payer when there is often a cozy relationship between union and the politicians? Often public unions are able to negotiate with politicians they financially support for electons (not to mention tax payer money ends up being funneled to Decmocratic coffers by means of public worker wages). This quid pro quo relationship is not a healthy situation for the tax payers. Such a relationship is normally not found in the private sector. In the private secton, each party has its own competing interests. This is why private unions and public unions are not quite the same animal.

    1. Drae says:

      Thank you! Well stated.

  18. mark from says:

    Another day, another log on the fire, another time to read about the whining Liberals and all the entitlements they think they deserve for doing next to nothing.

    1. Wonder about you sometimes Mark says:

      Or you could go out and have decent conversations with “liberals” and both sides could open their minds a little bit and learn something about each other. You had the first post on this article yesterday. it was nothing but inflammatory so you got exactly what you wanted with the rest of the posts. Were you just bored and trying to pick fights to amuse yourself, or do you really care about any of it? You know as well as everybody that there are decent hard working “liberals” out there, just as there are bad ones. Just as there are good and bad conservatives and good and bad public union members. It’s too bad you have to act like this on an anonymous blog. Wonder what you’re really like in person–I bet not that awful. I hope you and everybody else on this website have a great day!

    2. Get Real says:

      Hmm, Liberals get entitlements for doing nothing. Let’s see, Bill Gates is a “Liberal”. Did he do nothing? I guess not, otherwise we woudn’t be sitting at our home computers doing nothing but snipe at each other. I understand from previous posts that you are retired–you may be old, but you need to grow up.

  19. Murph says:

    Nero fiddled to stoke the fire. Now Scrotus Vaginitis Walker is yodeling to the Devil to keep his job! Sorry Scrotus,the recalls will be on their way and you and your legion generals will be swept away by a sea of retaliation.Take that to the bank with your Koch checks buddy!

    1. Gripweed says:

      How interesting that democratically elected representatives who stayed in the state to do the jobs they were elected to do are “on their way out,” while Senators that fled their responsibility and attempted to halt the legislative process are lauded as heroes. Behold the political climate of 2012!

      When your temper tantrum is over please readjust your mask, Murph. Your disdain for the democratic process is showing. Win an election first. Until then please let those that were elected do the job they were asked to do by the voters. If it is your side that wins then our side will watch as you pass your agenda. We’ll even promise to stay in the correct state while you do it. Isn’t this fun? It’s called gov-ern-ment. Can you say gov-ern-ment? I know that you can.

      1. Silly Gripweed says:

        So your going to sit back and watch as the Obama Administration does whatever they want? You promise you won’t say a word? How Gov Dayton? Do you promise not to say a word about him? After all, they were elected by the majority, so I guess you have to sit back and shut up. Please!

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