CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Speaking in New Hampshire, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann says she’s “in for 2012,” but that doesn’t mean she’s running for president.

Bachmann wrapped up her speech at a New Hampshire GOP fundraiser Saturday by proclaiming that she’s “in for 2012” and asking the crowd to join her. She later clarified that she is committed to denying President Barack Obama a second term, not necessarily running herself. She said that decision won’t come until early summer.

Bachmann’s speech was briefly interrupted by a group of young people who were welcomed in as civic-minded college students and then proceeded to march across the room calling for increased funding for AIDS treatment programs.

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Comments (19)
  1. Get Real says:

    Can she take Mark from MNTAXWASTE with her and leave him there?!?!

    1. BUZZCUT says:

      Don’t ever get posters credit they seek on these boards. It feeds an evil beast of banter. This is not healthy as some take this stuff very serious. People really get worked up and lose sleep and don’t spend time with family that they should.

      We all are just posters sharing opinions.

  2. Patriot says:

    Mark is a true patriot, unlike you, you socialist traitor.Once Bachmann and the Tea Party take control in 2012, there will be some changes…

    1. Get Real says:

      Congratulationa Mark! You learned how to change your name on the same comment site! What makes you think I’m a socialist or even a “liberal”? Remember what happens when you assume…
      What is your definition of a “patriot” anyway? Can’t wait to hear this answer…

    2. the crux of the biscuit says:

      With any luck she won’t find her way back home. And you, “patriot”, are an idiot. I have more patriotism in my toe-nail clippings than the tp’ers have in their entire er, ah, ‘movement’…….

      1. Patriot says:

        Typical treasonous blather. Shouldn’t you be reading Das Kapital down at the Womyn’s Shelter right now?

      2. Fred says:

        @ Patriot, or mark or whatever other name you post by.
        Is it so hard for you to be civil? Is there some sort of gain for you to be so hateful? Do you have a religion that preaches hatred for others?

      3. Victim Du Jour says:

        Socialism is a religion of hate and the gospel of envy.

    3. ollie says:

      the first of which will be no taxes on the brooms they fly

  3. Blue Dog says:

    Once again a conservative resorts to name calling.
    Rep Bachman’s handlers will pick a better audience than Pawlenty’s handlers did.

    1. ollie says:

      if bachman is so great, why would she need a handler?

  4. jamesgang says:

    bachman is a bad waste of good oxygen

  5. Bob says:

    Good luck mrs.bachman

  6. Bob - liberal as they come says:

    Bachmann the originator of the absentee politician. Will Bachmann run on her record? She has been in congress now almost 6 years and has done nothing put take salary from the taxpayers. Doesn’t she spend any time in her home district in St. Cloud? Maybe she will stay in NH with all the teabaggers.

    1. Hi Bob says:

      Isn’t her home district in Hastings?

    2. ollie says:

      she doesn’t need to spend time in her home district. as her constituants don’t have electricity. they don’t know what she’s doing. they just keep re-electing her, because they don’t want her flying around their neighborhoods after sundown.

  7. BUZZCUT says:

    Why is she spending time in NH raising money? She was elected to do a job to represent Minnesota. She’s wasting my tax dollars and why does she need to raise money. Isn’t she paid enough as a member of Congress.

    She’s just another career politican that Jesse Ventura warned about.

  8. sad but true says:

    Total toss-up on whos the bigger rearend, Bachmann or Ellison what a disgrace to ur state.

  9. tom commerford says:

    There is a song by Cat Stevens and the lyrics go they move so smooth and have no answers. Thinking of you Michelle.

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