ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A new plan from Republicans in the Minnesota House would cut $746 million from money the state sends to local governments, with much of it coming from Minneapolis, St. Paul, and their suburbs.

The plan would end local government aid for Twin Cities suburbs after two years.

Republicans have said cuts in local aid are needed to help close Minnesota’s budget deficit. The plan’s chances for becoming law are dim, since Gov. Mark Dayton has been a strong supporter of state aid to local governments.

In addition, the Republican plan would also cut $118.7 million from a program that gives low- and middle-income renters a tax refund to offset property taxes.

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Comments (12)
  1. BUZZCUT says:

    “renters a tax refund to offset property taxes.” Renters play property taxes…don’t property owners pay the property taxes?

    If this is the case, I’ll sned my renters the statements to pay.

    1. Republican's Need Our Money says:

      I get it … All the Democrat districts get to pay for the Republican proposals. I love it. And we can thank you in the 2012 elections. I will get the KY Jelly. You guys are a real joy.

  2. BUZZCUT says:

    “renters a tax refund to offset property taxes.” Renters pay property taxes…don’t property owners pay the property taxes?

    If this is the case, I’ll send my renters the statements to pay.

  3. Not a Lib. says:

    Can you please title this article…..”Republicans trying to get Government spending in control”??

    1. Joshua says:

      The problem is this would not get government spending in control, it would just force local governments to raise property taxes or city sales tax. If the state isn’t giving them the money to fix the pot holes, where do you think the cities are going to get it from?

    2. jimmy says:

      How about stupid Republicans to force property taxes higher.

  4. M B says:

    I mean this in all seriousness… I wonder how many more bridges are going to have to collapse from neglect before the republicans stop slashing the necessary parts of the bugdet?

    Funny, I don’t see them stepping up to take a pay cut like they expect everyone else to do…

    I wonder what kind of government they are really aiming for? One that can’t function and an infrastructure that’s falling apart? The legacy of Pothole Pawlenty is continuing on.

  5. Tc Radiodj says:

    Of course the republicans are going after the working and low class yet again! Heaven forbid they go after the upper class. Hey like the people that make over $100.000. Those that make for example $500.000 pay the same taxes as those that earn $100.000. How about we fix that MAJOR tax issue which would easily take a big chunk out of the Pawlenty debt

  6. TypingFromHome says:

    No LGA? Then the real estate taxes will be raised so much that the low and middle income people will be taxed out of their homes! And who will buy those homes? The high income people, of course, to rent to the low and middle income people. And no renter’s refunds for low and middle income renters? — which renters will eventually be renting properties ONLY owned by the wealthy who bought their homes and whose taxes were never raised to help balance the budget! It sounds like the Republicans want to balance the budget on the behinds of the low and middle income people. Nay! That couldn’t be — could it? (Trying not to get any of that dripping sarcasm on my shirt.)

  7. Murph says:

    No use trying to figure it all out. Just wait until they get all your money and hope they are finally done you! Smaller government should mean less legislators and that would help get rid of some of the freeloaders. Just like the last GOP power cycle,soon we will have to turn to the crime section to see what our lawmakers are doing.Hopefully they’ll be doing 5 to 10 in the federal pen!

  8. HELPER says:

    Why are all republicans such morons? Why do they keep voting for higher CEO pay and huge corporate profits…?

    The richest people now own 4.5 TRILLION dolalrs up from 3.6 TRILLION last year?

    Such pathetic morons, all of them!

  9. Jon R says:

    Right on helper! It’s true they would rather believe lies and mistruths than actual facts.

    But then again remember these are people who also think jesus is coming back to save them…LOL!

    Wait until 2012 Dems wil have total control and we can rule!

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