MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A St. Paul man was arrested Saturday accused of driving under the influence — his seventh offense.

Daniel Allen Pfiffner, 40, was arrested around 7:30 p.m. Saturday by the Wisconsin State Patrol, after they received a call from a motorist that Pfiffner hit his rear bumper and was speeding past him on Interstate 94.

Pfiffner was pulled over near Eau Claire, Wis. and was taken into custody.

He faces possible charges including a seventh OWI, open intoxicants, operating without a valid license and hit-and-run.

Comments (30)
  1. TypingFromHome says:

    If this doesn’t get him some jail time or stay-at-home-with-a-bracelet-around-your-ankle time, I don’t know what will!! He’s had 6 OWI’s already — and he’s only 40 years old? I wonder if treatment has ever been tried. If so, try again — until he “gets” it! It took my Dad over 10 times but he FINALLY “got it” and stayed sober for 15 years before he died from a non-alcohol related disease. Just let’s get him off the road before he kills someone!

    1. Ron Alden says:

      Yes, a seriously long stay in prison will help this person dry out!

      1. Puck says:

        Or will he learn to make pruno, pronto?

    2. maggie says:

      I agree with you 100%. Try, try, again.
      Also, are you really typing from home and how does one get started doing that?

  2. Neil says:

    Give him ten years minimum. Dirtbag, loser.

  3. Seriously says:

    I really hope somebody in the Pfiffner family is reading these comments so they can let this guy know that the rest of the world views him as a public menace. This guy should have been doing serious time after the 1st offense.

    1. Deb says:

      How can he own a car?? And if someone borrowed him their car, they should be held accountable also. Use some common sense people, wake up, it could be your family member that he kills. And to the court system, if he is not dangerous, let him drive your loved ones to school, work, etc., that’s a different story, RIGHT????

  4. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    That’s scary. I am very relieved he didn’t kill someone.

  5. Keeping it real in Minnesota says:

    What does the state consider to be a danger to the general public??….someone driving drunk in a 4000 pound piece of sheet metal?…….how many people were killed by drunk drivers in comparison to sex offenders last year?……do the math…..its all about what the public is passionate about……right?…..its not really about public safety at all…..the state proves it over and over…..

    1. smitty says:

      unfortunatly you are misguided the state patrol,sheriff deputies and local police are making lots of arrest for alcohol and when they get to court the judges slap them on the hand say don’t do it again and lets them pled to a carrless driving our law enforcement are doing there jobs the court system is not doing there job

    2. Snavely says:

      I Can’t believe you can compare Sex Offenders to drunk driving…I hope u dont have any childern! Weirdo

  6. steven says:

    he’ll get off cuz the cops gave him a black eye !

    1. DS says:

      Get off, he’ll probably get a $250K settlement because his rights were violated.

  7. Draco says:


    Glock. Bullet. Cranium.


    1. doneanddone says:

      very well said… i am more partial to a sig thgouh

  8. smitty says:

    well he will be required to put ignition interlock in ALL of his vehicles . and yes we know that it won’t stop him but we can hope for the best new state law requires anyone convicted with a bac over .15 to have IIL into all there vehicles hopefully this will help stop or slowdown drinking and driving and repeat offenders

  9. Maxwell says:

    Everyone makes mistakes, I’m sure he’s learned his lesson now. Give him back his license today and move on!

  10. common sense says:

    We are wasting our law enforcement and court resources going after offenders who are at .08%, and don’t deal with the real risks to public safety. I would rather see my tax dollars spent to deal with the cronic offenders like this guy.

    1. Bobby D says:

      agreed. .08% is not the problem. Guys like this .15% and over, repeat offenders are the problem

    2. You there >> says:

      I’d rather see them spent on .08 and above EVERY DAY of the year.
      Of course I now reside in a fricken wheelchair too – thanks to a drunken SOB. Spare me the weeping for a moderately under the influence person – she was 0.09%
      I’m at 100% – disabled. Fricggen spare me folks, spare me your bleeding heart mistake stories

      1. swerver says:

        100% disabled would be dead, so im guessing your partialy disabled, listen toolbag sorry this happened to you but i could brive a school bus at .10% so opinions vary

  11. Bobby D says:

    This guy needs to go away for a long time. This isn’t much different than attempted murder is it?

  12. What dat? says:

    Sorry, I’m neither a professional drinker nor a law enforcement officer … what’s an OWI?

    1. Bobby D says:

      Operating while intoxicated? generic term for DUI or DWI

  13. Bill Dikant says:

    Maxwell, D.W.I.,O.U.I. is not nor will ever be a “MISTAKE”.Keeping it real, you hit the nail SOLID, people have to get real “PASSIONATE” about this serious crime.
    Bobby, your sadly mistaken, .08 is serious,
    Common sense, Please show some!.
    Smitty, Prison(lengthy term) will stop the driving drunk, ‘cuz one can not drive in a prison exersize yard.

    “D.W.I. is Americas only socially acceptable crime of violence”.

    Bill Dikant, D.W.I. Victim Advocate,
    Castleton, N.Y. 12033-1604

    1. Ed says:

      A little over the top there Bill,
      I understand your passion for this issue but “acceptable crime of violence” tells me your more about the propaganda to exact some type of revenge for something in your past.
      It costs money to lock people up, I’m not willing to help foot the bill and I’m OK with taking my chances with him on the road, especially if the first six were .08.
      I was behind DWI laws till they lowered it to .08, now it’s just used to generate $$$ and assets for cities.

      1. Snavely says:

        Finally, someone that knows what he’s talking about!!! Common sense isn’t to common on this bolg. Some guy said, ” charge him with attempted murder for a fender-bender”. Another guy was compairing drinking and driving to sexuallly assaulting someone, Wow! Leave the guy alone, do something constructive with your time; Like look up how many “sex offenders” live in ur neighborhoods ( i guarantee) ” Keeping it Real in Minnesota” is on that list!

  14. David P says:

    i am his brother and he has been to treatment several times as well as prison, and he is aware that he has a disease, but he TRUELY is powerless over it!!! We have all tried to help him, myself to the point of enabling.We love him very much and we understand that prison is best hope for him and others on the roads. I can only hope and pray that he hit his bottom and seaks serious help befoer he kills himself or someone else,god forbid!! He sure took an ass whooping though!!!!

    1. State Patr. says:

      greatly deserved one, he better not get a lick of sincerity, beligurant resisting drunks get handled but im sure he forgot to mention that

      1. Concerned Citizen says:

        Im sure there is a fine line between being handled and being jumped, out numbered and beaten by armed men…Our police force is the LARGEST GANG in America!!! Lets see those cruiser tapes, who do you think through the first punch!

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