Man Accused Of Beating Step Kids With Extension Cord

BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn. (WCCO) — A 60-year-old man is accused of beating his step-children with an extension cord.

Vernon Dutell Webster, of Brooklyn Center, has been charged with three counts of malicious punishment of a child after Brooklyn Center Police say they received an anonymous report last week that an 8-year-old girl had been beaten with an extension cord.

A Hennepin County Child Protection worker spoke with the child, who showed her welts on her body, consistent with being whipped by a cord.

The girl told the child protection worker that she and her seven siblings live with Webster and their mother. She said a week ago, Webster whipped her with the cord on her arm, back and leg.

A 6-year-old and a 10-year-old sibling reported similar incidents, where they were “whooped” with a cord by their stepfather.

Webster is currently in custody.

  • ts

    I think you said it all kathy.

  • Easy on the animals maybe?

    not gonna stoop to that kathy

    he’s one sick pup if it’s fact and deserves some serious time but …. you a bit over the top. Nice artwork tho

  • Tad G

    lmao – she got zapped before I could reply by the local SS it seems

  • tom

    Sad as it is, i wonder where these social service workers were in lets say 1960 to 1970. back then you could beat your kids with anything you could reach and nothing was ever done. Now a days if a kid says dad or mom looked at me funny you have social services involved. beating a kid with a cord is wrong, open hand on the butt, ok.

  • GomersPile in MPLS

    open hand to butt mighty right if deserved. Never a belt or cord or such – this brute is likley 10x bigger and heavier.
    He likes mamma – mamma has baggage. That is the deal dudue – momma has has the baggage.
    Baggage is good – you just can’t handle it. So move on when out and leave them be

  • What a LOSER!

    I was beaten by my dad when I was young. He had no reason to hit me with an extension cord either. If he felt you weren’t listening to him, he would beat you silly for no reason. One time he beat me with a cord because I found a quarter and bought some candy from a candy truck. I wished someone woulda came to my aid back then. Now that I am an adult, I don’t even talk to him no more. The guy is sic and needs help. One good thing did come from all that torture he put me thru. I know how to really love my kids. If you are being abused as a kid. Please speak up. Tell someone at your school. No child should have to live with being abused. Adults who do, should be tied up and whipped with the same punishment so they know how it feels. He should be locked up for what he did. Beating a kid who can’t defend themselves.

  • Cache

    Take a look at this derelict…would you expect anything else from this neanderthal?

    • Feeling mighty sick about this vision

      Let me guess – you are skinny, pimply and a wimpy white. Cache? -maybe a nerd too?
      And not getting any of the dudes gals goodies and mad about it.
      I got it all right there dude?

  • Valerie

    And mama has EIGHT kids- why? Wonder if she was working while he’s alone with HER kids.

  • ts

    No welfare was apying for her to shop

    • FlippIn crazy adults

      Hmmmm …. she is white. So then is she white trash or just a undeducated white gal who ….. does this in in excess?

  • Sheila

    Wonder if he ever had his ass beat with extension cords? If not, they should try it out on him! How dare you treat a human being, let alone a child like that!

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