WCCO Radio meteorologist Mike Lynch writes, “There’s a nice conjunction between two bright planets between Jupiter and Mercury in the low western sky in the late evening twilight.”

celestial hugging between jupiter and mercury More Celestial Conjunctions

(credit: CBS)

  1. Joe Sherman says:

    I’ve noticed in the south sky what looks to be a star, but is multiple flashing colors. It does not move. The first time i saw it was last summer, out of my bed room window, but i just ignored it thinking it was a star or plnae. Then, last week, i saw it again. I looked more closely and notice it never moved. I thought it was weird, but again, didnt say a thing. But the next night, i saw it again, and told my mom i saw a U.F.O.. She, being skeptical like always, just told me it was a star and to go back to bed. But, then tonight , i saw it again, in the same spot, not moving, at all. My mom told me to ask you about it, becuase she listens to you every day on WCCO. Thanks, Joe Sherman

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