MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minneapolis and St. Paul firefighters are bringing some heat to their food drive challenge with a hot wings eating contest.

Firefighters will face off Tuesday at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Minneapolis to see who can eat the most chicken wings in six minutes or be the first to finish 20 wings.

The wings will be covered in hot sauce.

For each wing eaten, Kowalski’s Markets will donate 10 pounds of food. The winner’s department gets an extra 100 pounds of food donations.

The two departments are competing to see which can raise the most food donations for The Salvation Army in March during Minnesota FoodShare Month.

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Comments (3)
  1. AllieDog says:

    When on Tuesday? Which Buffalo Wild Wings?

  2. Annette Bauer says:

    The Minneapolis Firefighters won the contest – St Paul got 200 pounds of food and Minneapolis got 300 pounds – all for Salvation Army food shelves. Minneapolis finished 20 winds in 4:35 minutes and St Paul finished 20 wings in 5:27 minutes.

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