Stephen King Calls Gov. Walker A ‘Stooge’

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Stephen King is calling the governors of Wisconsin, Florida and his home state of Maine the three stooges and is wondering why he isn’t taxed more.

In a rally last week in Sarasota, Fla., supporting education, unions and veterans, the horror author and outspoken Democrat compared Maine Gov. Paul LePage, Florida’s Rick Scott and Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, all Republicans, to “Larry, Curly and Moe. That’s what we’ve got here.”

All three governors have drawn fire from unions over pensions and, in Wisconsin, state worker union rights.

In a video of the speech posted on YouTube, King also asked why, “as a rich person,” he doesn’t have to pay more in taxes. He said the explanation by Republican leaders that it will discourage jobs is “bull. It’s total bull.”

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  • TypesFromHome

    Why are you mean to someone who is willing to pay more taxes? Could it be that you, too, can afford to pay more, but unlike Mr. King, you’re not willing to do your part to help the nation out of the economic mess it’s in?

    As to celebs having a free political platform, — well, they earned it through their “hard work”! It’s one of the perks of celebrity, you know. Jealous, maybe? Perhaps you just got out on the wrong side of the bed this Monday morning, or are you PMSing?

    Mr. King, I applaud your honesty in acknowledging that you can pay more taxes, and by inference, your rich friends can, too. Other than Calliegirl here, I doubt very much that there are many people who will fault you for calling these governors out. Thank you for publicly stating what many of us low and middle income Americans have believed all along: Raising taxes is not going to stop a wealthy person from creating jobs — IF that person actually wants to do so!

    Have a great week, Sir.

    • justathinkin

      Calliegirl is right. Mr. King can write checks to the IRS til the cows come home. Maybe Calliegirl feels she already pays enough tax. Caliegirl didn’t get this country into this financial mess. King should put his money where his mouth is. Maybe TypesFromHome should pay more taxes, start a company and provide high paying entitlement rich jobs.

      “…through all the generations of political extortion, it was not the looting bureaucrats who had taken the blame, but the chained industrialists, not the men who peddled legal favors, but the men who were forced to buy them; and through all those generations of crusades against corruption, the remedy had always been, not the liberating of the victims, but the granting of wider powers for extortion to the extortionists. The only guilt of the victims, he thought, had been that they accepted it as guilt.”
      — Hank Rearden
      Atlas Shrugged (Part 3, Chapter 5, Page 933)

      • TypesFromHome

        You quote a work of fiction to make your argument? Whew! Kind of reaching for something to say, aren’t you??!!

    • mkj350

      Gullible. Let’s see, if this guy is volunteering to pay more taxes, let’s ask him to put his money where his mouth is. If he owes $20,000 in taxes this year, see if he’ll volunteer to pay say, $40,000. I doubt it. Did you every hear Michael Moore in any of his rants offer to give his money to the government???? No way – but he sure is quick to recommend “donation” of everyone else’s money “for the common good”. Get real – talk’s cheap.

      • jc's been there

        mjk – you gotta be unemployed huh?

        • Stien

          I think MJK has much bigger issues!

      • KracktKrocker

        Read above mkj350 – seems he puts out more than that.
        Now climb back under the covers and get some sleep

      • Joseph Andersen

        Your jealousy of S.K.’s success is obvious. Why inject Michael Moore into this? Nobody on the left or right likes that fat slob

  • Murph

    Read more about Walker and all your Stooge heros in the cimes and trials section.That is where phase two is heading!

    • Scott Walker Rocks!

      WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Cant you people stop crying!

      • dphilips

        We will see who cries in 2012

  • TypesFromHome

    Another rich person heard from! Why are you people so against someone who will pay more taxes? It doesn’t make sense at all!!! The only thing I can think of is that Mr. King has made alot of other rich people uncomfortable by debunking one of the Republican’s favorite taxing myths, i.e. tax the rich and they can’t create jobs. I guess if I were in the rich category and had that feeling of entitlement that many of them have, then I, too, wouldn’t want to consider anyone other than myself — including the economic health of the country I live in. Sorry, guys, but now the genie is out of the bottle. You’ll just have to get used to being embarrassed by the rich who are willing to do more, or pull that cashmere turtleneck sweater up higher.

  • jjmiller

    Richter on Walker, courage is something so rare in politics

  • Joseph Andersen

    Are you a politician? Didn’t think so. So why don’t you “shut up” and go back to your day job? LOGIC FAIL

  • JR

    He’s welcome to send in a check if he thinks he’s not taxed enough.

  • Sara

    Actually, Mr. King makes up for his 28% tax rate (which he personally believes should be 50% for someone as wealthy as himself) by making charitable donations to schools, libraries, local police dept., etc.

    • Celebrities aren't Politicians

      Sounds like assumptive speculation Sara……. can you provide any proof of this or are you just trying to make the situation support your view?

    • sick and tired

      Yes Celebbrities aren’t politicians anyone can look up that information next question? Sounds like you made an ASS(umption) out of yourself. Below is just one link that comes up if you google Stephen King Charities.

  • fw

    Yay Uncle Stevie!

  • Reagonomicsistoblame?

    The political divide in this state does not make sense to me. I am one of the working poor, surrounded by additional working poor in my cubicle as I type this reply. The fact is that there is a gigantic income differential in this country; yet the majority of the population is more concerned with who advances on American Idol, or filling out a bracket for the NCAA tournament. Bread and Circus is how the Romans referred to it.

    Most of the citizens who consider themselves to be on the “right” calling for reduced taxation to the upper 15-20% of the nation who control 85% of the wealth are under the severe illusion that they too will be able to climb into that income bracket someday. I have some bad news for you sunshine, unless you win the powerball ( another opiate for the oppressed) you should consider yourselves fortunate enough to live in the suburbs, own two vehicles, and keep up the illusion that you are in the so called middle class. You are just one excel spreadsheet away from losing one of your duel income jobs that allow you to beleive you are better than the rest.

    • oh

      Cute. Why don’t you just start a civil war while you’re at it.

    • A current Teacher

      I agree completely. All these so called republicans can’t afford a plate at one of their hero’s fund raiser!

      • dphilips

        RIGHT ON!

    • Really?

      The fact that you’re commenting on this on your employer’s dime completely negates anything you might have to say. /facepalm

      • Joseph Andersen

        Riiiiiiight. I’m sure teachers have a lunch break every single day. /facepalm

    • dphilips

      Great comment! We wholeheartedly agree!!

  • Anisha

    Hey Stephen King, author of truly horror books, if you are so passionate about immoral legalized stealing, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden are great places for you to live!

    Taxation on ones’ wealth, labor and property here in America is an immoral abomination just like your ‘horror’ books!

    • ESP

      Why are you so angry? What are you afraid of? Who, and what, are you so fiercely protecting?

    • Todd

      OK Anisha, live in your dreamworld. Actually all 3 of these countrys have higher taxes but you get what you pay for there; good healthcare, a retirement that doesn’t involve being put into a warehouse so you can wait to die, good roads, etc. The fact that 85% of large corporations pay no taxes at all is bull. They pay for lobbyist, not for taxes. The trickle down affect does not work, check the Reagen era if you think I am wrong.

    • Walker

      You may have some education, you may need the police, have elderly parents who have run out of money to pay for care, you might need military to protect you, and so forth. Sorry, no taxes is not an option. Your attitude is the abomination

  • sick and tired

    I’m tired of people telling other people to shut up when they dissagree with their views yet have no problem blabbing themselves. Why don’t YOU shut up.

  • Karen

    The wealthy have been paying less in taxes for almost 30 years. It is not working, the economy will never be healthy without a middle class that is financially stable. Wealthy copropations and individuals are more able to step up to the plate and pay a little more. They are not worried about choosing between health care, food or filling the gas tank. The past 10 years is a perfect example. All these tax cuts to the top 2% were supposed to create jobs, the country was supposed to prosper, well IT HAS NOT !! The top 2% can not support the entire enonomy of the United States. With out the middle class tax base, the federal, state, city and county tax revenues have dried up. Lets try giving all the tax breaks to the middle class, taxing the wealthy their fair share, and tax the daylights out of every import that comes into this country, like every other nation does. All of a sudden, everything we are forced to buy from China et al won’t be so cheap, well let me rephrase, it’s all cheap stuff made to fall apart, it wont be so inexpensive to purchase. That will give American business, large and small, a level platform to compete. JOBS WILL SPRING UP ALL OVER THE COUNTRY !! The middle class will go back to work, with decent paying jobs, pay taxes and guess what ??? Tax revenue will be created. And, all the import taxes and new tax revenue from the wealthy could go directly to paying down the debt. Americans would be buying AMERICAN products, made by AMERICANS that last longer and indeed are a better value. Once everyone realizes everything we buy is lasting longer than the 30 or 90 day warranty, this country will never go back to buying inferior imported products. And I would like to point out, the reason we are in this financial crisis, the reason the states have no money is because of wealthy Wall Street greed. The Wall Streeters drove the economy of the entire world into the ground. Everyone lost money. Except the Wall Street money changers, who are still receiving millions in bonus and salaries. And still no meaningful regulation to keep this from happening again. Don’t we want to tax thses people a little extra ????

    • Ralph

      Spot on. To any future naysayer read the book Freakonomics for what people will do having the unrealistic thought of moving up economically.

    • mike

      Karen, I agree with much of what you write about, but I think along with adding more taxes to the the wealthy, give them an incentive to get a break if that break is spent on actually creating jobs and business in this country. I think too that since we’ve seen that deregulation has not worked this should be looked at as probably going back to regulation. We should all be for creating an excise tax on incoming products even if those products are shipped in from American companies that have left the nation to manufacture elsewhere.

      • great way to not fret

        Wow Mike – I been using the current tax code and things like Jobz for some time now. Take a look and do some research – the government has lots of incentives out there. The difference is many want the kind they get to keep the money, not receive a credit to create.

        One massive difference my friend and why there is no need to rewrite tax codes to benefit the few. The statement you make is full of holes which is exactly how the wealthy want it to be. No transparency allowed as they say. Nice try tho

    • oh

      Karen, are you also ready to fight side by side with Mr. Reagonomicsistoblame above in a civil war for your ideals?

    • Todd

      Thank you Karen, you hit it right on the nose. I wish everyone in this country could figure it out like you (and I) did

  • Fred

    The people who are on the anti tax side are posting uncivilly today.There is no need for that.

  • Cope with it folks

    Small minds Karen, small minds. They look at the $11.01 tax savings they may get every 2 weeks and think GREAT. They don’t care to think that this equates to a saving of $7,000,000.01 at the same rate for those making $100,000,000.
    Yet when their car falls into a sink hole the size of Stillwater they’ll be screaming “why don’t you fix these ^%$#@ things”
    Kinda odd way some think. Oh yeah – I forgot. It’s that ME thing. LMAO

  • mkj350

    And this is his business why? He’s not from Wisconsin for Florida. Mind your own business and deal with your own state. Nobody here in WI is interested in your 2 cents worth.

    • A current Teacher

      Does that mean your folks will keep your sad forced threats to unions in WI?
      No it does not. And since FLA is already a right to work state, why is there a state deficit there also? Republicans started a least two wars we cannot win unless you own a no bid contract company that is piling up the cash!

      • Your Big Daddy!

        Shouldnt you be Teaching our kids, not playing on the net!

      • TypesFromHome

        Your Big Daddy, if you’d notice the time like I did, I’d say this teacher was probably on a lunch break. Note, I didn’t say “lunch hour”. Teacher’s don’t get a lunch “hour”. In fact, in many school districts, the elementary teachers eat WITH their kids! How’d you like to eat YOUR lunch with a bunch of children every day? You wouldn’t? I didn’t think so! LOL

    • Royce Irvin

      I am.

  • Always looking for proof :(

    Here is a linkt that details the charitable donations and causes that certain celebreties support.

  • justathinkin

    “You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.
    What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

    The government cannot give to anybody anything that the
    government does not first take from somebody else.
    When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is the beginning of the end of any nation.
    You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

    Adrian Rogers, 1931

    • ESP

      The problem with your quote posted is that the numbers are skewed. People who are against taxing the rich somehow believe that 50% of Americans aren’t working and that’s just not the case. We may have a lot of issues to resolve, amongst them, welfare, but they should not be holding up the economy when there is a perfectly legitimate way of putting this country back on track. Stop being selfish.

    • Mark

      You can however maximize quality of life. There is such a thing as diminishing returns. Over about $75k a year, people report no real increase in happiness due to increased income. So what is the benefit of taking a leer jet from one to feed a thousand? Stability. Civilization and money are based on a social contract. Disparity is a violation of the contract. What you have today is more and more people deciding it’s no good to work because the rich get all the profits. You cannot “work hard” into prosperity or even a living wage. Stand your ideology on it’s head and you have a much more accurate portrayal of reality. Do you really think a CEO will stop collecting his $3 million a year if it was only $750k?? Would you stop going to work in that case? The argument is ridiculous.

  • Paul

    Someone who makes 45k and pays 11+ K in overall taxes vs. someone who makes 100Million and somehow can end up paying less in taxes than the person making 45K is FRAUD..

    We bailed out billionaires/Millionaires….. It’s the people that aren’t bright because we let liars walk all over us as a whole.

    We allow companies to force you to work more than 40hours a week but you only get paid for 40.. That’s stealing in my book..

    The problem is clearly with both sides and their nananabooboo tactics towards each other..

    I just wish people would wake up and realize that no politician or mega-wealthy person gives a DAMN about the average american.. They care about keeping their lifestyles sepaarate from the AVERAGE person and our economy and laws do exactly just that..

    We already live in a fascist/socialist society towards the wealthy.. We give the wealthy interest free multi-million dollar loans and they can even DEFAULT on them and fear no reprucussion..

    State of America is sad and it’s not a GOP/DEM issue it’s a PEOPLE issue and general overall intelligence, which is sorely lacking everywhere I look..

  • John Sherman

    so he can write boolks,recieve large pay checks and shoot off his mouth as one person send in your check but then. Since he is a writer why does’nt read Aynn Rand and understand better yet learn about Atlas Schrugg and o by the why the first part ot trilogy is comming out April 1st of this tale of govt out of control and gee this was writted 50 years ago warning all of us to your local theaters you will be suprised that it is the play book for you know who.

  • Mariam Mpls

    I don’t need to be a well known person to echo it

    The 3 Stooges. They are the 3 Stooges.

    There … the idots are re-named. lol

  • Tom

    Personally, I think it is time to switch to a consumption tax, when you buy, you pay. It will get the rich, the crooks, and all of the unreported incomers back on the tax rolls.

    • Julie

      Hey Tom!!

      Bill Clinton (Slick Willie) signed the “Luxury Tax”, a tax on high price ticket items such as as yachts… Well Tom guess what happened, companies that manufactured the yachts went out of business because the upper class weren’t buying as many boats.

      Eventually, the “Luxury Tax” was repealled, sorry Tommy, nice try!! You would lay off the middle class buy doing that again!!

      • Tom

        this wouldn’t be a ‘luxury tax’, it would be more akin to a ‘sales tax’ and would replace the current effed up system.. It would be across the board on everything. People would have more of their income available due to no withholding by the Feds or states and would pay taxes on everything purchased. Nothing like slick willie’s luxury tax, so sorry, jules, recalculate…

    • Raise the Upper Brackets

      Since everyone’s jobs are based on people spending money to buy things, raising the sales tax would be a disaster. What you don’t want to do is make it prohibitive for people to spend money unless you want to go back to the dark ages.

  • Normality

    The left has lost their minds for so long that reality no longer exists in their feeble unintelligent minds. This was only one step for Walker. He still has a long ways to go to remove the deficit which the Democrats have caused over the past 10 years. Yes, the Democrats had control and completely blew it. Walker was elected with a mandate and this includes controlling the cost associated with public unions.

  • MARK

    Stephen King should run for office. He’s smarter and more moral than the majority of politicians out there. He’s absolutely right about these three governors–they’re a disgrace.

  • Civl War

    I think America is due for another civil war of our own. Politics aren’t working for us anymore. It’s time to fight.

  • Jake

    How is this news? Would it be a front-page story if a member of the Wisconsin Teacher’s Union agreed with Governor Walker (and I am sure a number of them do)?

    • william

      As are many republicans appalled by the governor also

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